Gilad Atzmon – War On Terror Within: The End of Jewish History

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The issue I am going to discuss today is probably the most important thing I’ve ever had to say about Israeli brutality and contemporary Jewish identity. I assume that I could have shaped my thought into a wide-ranging book or an analytical academic text but instead, I will do the very opposite, I will make it as short and as simple as possible.


In the weeks that have just passed we had been witness to an Israeli genocidal campaign against the Palestinian civilian population in Gaza. We had been witnessing one of the strongest armies in the world squashing women, elderly people and children. We saw blizzards of unconventional weapons bursting over schools, hospitals and refugee camps. We had seen and heard about war crimes committed before, but this time, the Israeli transgression was categorically different. It was supported by the total absolute majority of the Israeli Jewish population.  The IDF military campaign in Gaza enjoyed the support of 94% of the Israeli population. 94% of the Israelis apparently approved of the air raids against civilians. The Israeli people saw the carnage on their TV screens, they heard the voices, they saw hospitals and refugee camps in flames and yet, they weren’t really moved by it all. They didn’t do much to stop their “democratically elected” ruthless leaders. Instead, some of them grabbed a seat and settled on the hills overlooking the Gaza Strip to watch their army turning Gaza into modern Hebraic coliseum of blood. Even now when the campaign seems to be over and the scale of the carnage in Gaza has been revealed, the Israelis fail to show any signs of remorse. As if this is not enough, all throughout the war, Jews around the world rallied in support of their  “Jews-only state”. Such a popular support of outright war crimes is unheard of. Terrorist states do kill, yet they are slightly shy about it all.  Stalin’s USSR did it in some remote Gulags, Nazi Germany executed its victims in deep forests and behind barbed wire. In the Jewish state, the Israelis slaughter defenceless women, children and the old in broad daylight, using unconventional weapons targeting schools, hospitals and refugee camps.


This level of group barbarism cries for an explanation. The task ahead can be easily defined as the quest for a realisation of Israeli collective brutality. How is it that a society has managed to lose its grip of any sense of compassion and mercy? 


The Terror Within


More than anything else, the Israelis and their supportive Jewish communities are terrorised by the brutality they find in themselves. The more ruthless the Israelis are, the more frightened they become. The logic is simple. The more suffering one inflicts on the other, the more anxious one becomes of the possible potential deadly capacity around. In broad terms, the Israeli projects on the Palestinian, Arab, Muslim and Iranian the aggression which he finds in himself. Considering the fact that Israeli brutality is now proved to be with no limit and with no comparison, their anxiety is as at least as great.


Seemingly, the Israelis are fearful of themselves being the henchmen. They are engaged in a deadly battle with the terror within.  But the Israeli is not alone. The Diaspora Jew who rallies in support of a state that pours white phosphorous on civilians is caught in the exact same devastating trap. Being an enthusiastic backer of an overwhelming crime, he is horrified by the thought that the cruelty he happens to find in himself may manifest itself in others. The Diaspora Jew who supports Israel is devastated by the imaginary possibility that a brutal intent, similar to his own, may one day turn against him. This very concern is what the fear of anti-Semitism is all about. It is basically the projection of the collective Zio-centric tribal ruthlessness onto others.


There is no Israeli – Palestinian Conflict


What we see here is a clear formation of a vicious cycle in which the Israeli and his supporters are becoming an insular fireball of vengeance that is fuelled by some explosive internal aggression. The meaning of it all is pretty revealing.  Since Palestinians cannot militarily confront Israeli aggression and destructive capacity, we are entitled to argue that there is no Israeli-Palestinian conflict. All there is, is Israeli psychosis in which the Israeli is being shattered with anxiety by the reflection of his own ruthlessness. Being regarded as the Nazis of our time, the Israeli is thus doomed to seeing a Nazi in everyone.  Similarly, there is no rise in anti-Semitism either. The Diaspora Zionist Jew is simply devastated by the possibility that someone out there is as ethically corrupted and merciless as he himself proved to be. In short, Israeli politics and Zionist lobbying should be seen as no less than a lethal Zio-centric collective paranoia on the verge of total psychosis.


Is there a way to redeem the Zionist of his bloody expedition? Is there a way to change the course of history, to save the Israelis and their supporters from total depravity? Probably the best way to pose this question is to ask whether there is a way to save the Israeli and the Zionist from themselves. As one may gather, I am not exactly interested in saving Israelis or Zionists, however, I do grasp that redeeming Zionists of their transgression may bring a prospect of peace to Palestine, Iraq and probably the rest of us. For those who fail to see it, Israel is just the tip of the iceberg. At the end of the day, America, Britain and the West are now subject to some similar forms of “politics of fear” that are the direct outcome of Neocon deadly interventionist ideology and practices.


The Shrink from Nazareth


Many years ago, so we are told, there was an Israelite who lived amongst his brethren in the land of Canaan.  Like the contemporary Israelis, he was surrounded by hate, vengeance and fear.  At a certain stage he had decided to intervene and to bring a change about, he realised that there was no other way to fight ruthlessness than to search for grace. “Turn your other cheek” was his simple suggestion. Identifying the Israelite’s psychosis as “a war against terror within”, Jesus grasped that the only way to counter violence is to look in the mirror while searching for Goodness within.


It is rather apparent that Jesus’ lesson paved the way to the formation of western universal ethics. Modern political ideologies drew their lesson from the Christian prospect. Marx’s normative search for equality can be seen as a secular rewriting of Jesus’ notion of brotherhood. And yet, not a single political ideology has managed to integrate the deepest notion of Jesus’ grace. To seek peace is primarily to search for one within. While Israelis and their Neocon twins would aim at achieving peace by means of deterrence, true peace is achieved by the search for harmony within. As a Lacanian scholar may suggest, to love your neighbour is actually to love yourself loving your neighbour. The case of the Israeli is the complete opposite. As they manage to prove time after time, they are really loving themselves hating their neighbours or in short, they simply love themselves hating in general. They hate almost everything: the neighbour, the Arab, Chavez, the German, Islam, the Goy, Pork, the Pope, the Palestinian, the Church, Jesus, Hamas, calamari and Iran.  You name it, they hate it.  One may have to admit that hating so much must be a very consuming project unless it gives pleasure. And indeed the Israeli  “pleasure principle” could be articulated as follows: it continuously drives the Israeli to seek pleasure in hate while inflicting pain upon others.


It must be mentioned at this point that the ˜War Against Terror within” is not exactly a Jewish invention. Everyone, whether it is nations, peoples or individuals, are a potential subject to it. The consequences of American nuclear murderous slaughter in Hiroshima and Nagasaki made the American people into a terrorised collective. This collective anxiety is known as the “cold war”. America is yet to redeem itself of the fear that there maybe someone out there as merciless as America proved to be.  To a certain extent, operation Shock and Awe had a very similar effect on Britain and America.  It led to the creation of horrified masses easily manipulated by highly motivated elite.  This exact type of politics is called “politics of fear”.


And yet, within the western discourse a correction mechanism is in place. Unlike the Jewish state that is getting radicalised by its own self feeding paranoia, in the West, evil is somehow confronted and contained eventually. The murderer is denounced and hope for peace is somehow reinstated till further notice. Not that I hold my breath for President Obama bringing any change, one thing is rather clear, Obama was voted in to bring a change. Obama is a symbol of our genuine attempt to curtail evil. In the Jewish state, not only it doesn’t happen, it can never happen. The difference between Israel and the West is rather obvious. In the West, Christian heritage is providing us with a possibility of a wish grounded on belief in universal goodness. Though, we are under the constant danger of exposure to evil, we tend to believe that goodness will eventually prevail. On the other hand, in Hebraic tribal discourse, Goodness is the property of the chosen. The Israelis do not see goodness or kindness in their neighbors, they see them as savage and as a life-threatening entity. For the Israelis, kindness is their very own property, accidentally they are also innocent and victims.   Within the western universal discourse, goodness doesn’t belong to one people or a single nation, it belongs to all and to none at the same time.  Within the western universal heritage, Goodness is found in each of us. It doesn’t belong to a political party or an ideology. The elevating notion of grace and a Good God is there in each of us, it is always very close to home.  


What Kind Of Father Is That?


“Then when the Lord your God brings you to the land he promised your ancestors Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to give you –“ a land with large, fine cities you did not build, houses filled with choice things you did not accumulate, hewn out cisterns you did not dig, and vineyards and olive groves you did not plant – and you eat your fill.” (Deuteronomy:  6: 10 -11).


“When the Lord your God brings you into the land you are entering to possess and drives out before you many nations…then you must destroy them totally. Make no treaty with them and show them no mercy.”  (Deuteronomy 7:1-2)


At this point we may try to attempt and to grasp the root cause behind the severe lack of compassion within the Israeli discourse and its supportive lobbies.  I believe that an elaboration on the troubled relationships between the Jews and their different Gods may throw some light on the topic.  It is rather obvious that the ever growing list of Jewish “Gods”, “Idols” and “Father-figures” is slightly problematic at least as far as ethics and kindness are concerned. The very relationship between “the son” and the “non-ethical father” must be explored. The philosopher Ariella Atzmon (who happens to be my mother) defines the complexity of the false beginning as the “Fagin Syndrome”. Charles Dickens’ Fagin is a “kidsman”, an adult who recruits children and trains them as pickpockets and thieves, exchanging food and shelter for goods the children steal. Though the kids must be grateful towards their master, they must also despise him for turning them into thieves and pickpockets. The kids realise that Fagin’s goods are all stolen and his kindness is far from being genuinely honest or pure.  Sooner or later the kids will turn against their master Fagin in an attempt to liberate themselves of the immoral catch.  


From a father-son perspective, the Biblical Jewish God Jehovah is no different from what we might see in the Fagin syndrome.  The father of Israel leads his chosen people through the desert to the promised land so they can rob and plunder its indigenous habitants. This is not exactly what one may expect of an ethical father or a “kind God”. Consequently, as much as the sons of Israel love Jehovah, they must also be slightly suspicious of him for turning them into robbers and murderers. They might even be apprehensive regarding his kindness. Thus, it shouldn’t take us by a surprise that throughout Jewish history more than just a few Jews had turned against their heavenly father.


However, bearing in mind the common secularist perception that Gods are actually invented by people, one may wonder, what leads to the invention of such an “unethical God”? What makes people follow the rules of such a God? It would be also interesting to find out what kind of alternative Gods Jews happened to pick or invent once Jehovah has been shunned. 


Since emancipation, more than just a few Jews had been disassociating themselves from the traditional tribal setting and rabbinical Judaism. Many intermingled with their surrounding realities, dropped their chosen entitlement and turned into ordinary human beings. Many other Jews insisted upon dropping God yet maintaining their racially orientated tribal affiliation.  They decided to base their tribal belonging on ethnic, racial, political, cultural and ideological grounds rather than the Judaic precept. Though they noticeably dropped Jehovah they insisted upon adopting a secularist view that was soon shaped into a monolithic religious-like precept. All throughout the 20th century, the two religious-like political ideologies that had been found to be most appealing by the Jewish masses were Marxism and Zionism.


Marxism can be easily portrayed as a secular universal ethical ideology. However, within the process of transformation into a Jewish tribal precept, Marxism has managed to lose any traces of humanism or universalism. As we know, early Zionist ideology and practice was largely dominated by Jewish leftists who regarded themselves as true followers of Marx. They genuinely believed that celebrating their Jewish national revival at the expense of Palestinians was a legitimate socialist endeavour. 


Interestingly enough, their opponents, the anti-Zionist Bund of the East European Jewish Labour, didn’t really believe in the institutional robbery of the Palestinians, instead, they believed that taking from rich European is a great universal mitzvah on the path towards social justice.


The following are a few lines from The Bund’s anthem


We swear our stalwart hate persists,

Of those who rob and kill the poor:

The Tsar, the masters, capitalists.

Our vengeance will be swift and sure.

So swear together to live or die! 


Without engaging in questions having to do with ethics or political affiliation, it is rather obvious that the Jewish Marxist anthem is overwhelmingly saturated with “hate” and “vengeance”. As much as Jews were enthusiastic about Marx, Marxism, Bolshevism and equality, the end of the story is known. Jews en masse dropped Marx a long time ago. They somehow left the revolution to some enlightened Goyim such as Hugo Chavez and Evo Morales.   Leaders who truly internalised in the real meaning of universal equality and ethics.


Though in the late 19th century and the early 20th century, Marxism found many followers amongst European Jews, following the Holocaust, Zionism has gradually become the voice of world Jewry. Like Fagin, the Zionist Gods and Idols: Herzl, Ben Gurion, Nordau, Weizmann, promised their followers a new unethical beginning.   Robbing the Palestinians was their path towards a long overdue historical justice.  Zionism transformed the Old Testament from a spiritual text into a land registry.  But again as in the case of Jehovah, the Zio God transformed the Jew into a thief, it promised him someone else’s property. This in itself may explain the Israeli resentment towards Zionism and Zionist ideology. Israelis prefer to see themselves as the natural dwellers of the land rather than pioneers in a non-ethical Jewish Diaspora colonial project. The Israeli Jew furnishes his political stand by means of severe ethical escapism. This may explain the fact that as much as the Israelis love their wars, they really hate to fight them. They are not willing to die for a big abstract remote ideology such as the “Jewish nation” or “Zionism”. They overwhelmingly prefer to drop white phosphorous and cluster bombs from afar.


However, along the relatively short history of modern Jewish nationalism the Zio God made friends with some other Gods and kosher idols.  Back in 1917 Lord Balfour promised the Jews that they would erect their national home in Palestine. Needless to say, as in the case of Jehovah, Lord Balfour made the Jews into plunderers and robbers, he came up with an outright non-ethical promise. He promised the Jews someone else’s land.  This was basically a false beginning. Evidently, it didn’t take long before the Jews turned against the British Empire. In 1947 the UN made exactly the same foolish mistake, it gave birth to the “Jews-only State” again at the expense of the Palestinians. It legitimised the robbery of Palestine in the name of the nations. Like in the case of shunned Jehovah, it didn’t take long before the Jews turned against the UN. “It doesn’t matter what the Goyim say, all that matters is what the Jews do”, said Israeli PM David Ben Gurion. Recently Israelis had managed to even shun their best subservient friends in the White House. On the eve of the last American presidential election Israeli Generals had been filmed denouncing President Bush for “damaging Israeli interests for being overwhelmingly supportive” (Ret. Brig General Shlomo Brom). The Israeli Generals basically blamed Bush for not stopping Israel from destroying its neighbours.  The moral is rather clear, the Zionists and the Israelis will inevitably turn against their Gods, Idols, fathers and others who try to help them. This is the real meaning of the Fagin syndrome within the Israeli political context. They will always have to turn against their fathers.   


I believe that the most interesting Jewish belief system of them all is the Holocaust Religion, which the Israeli Philosopher Yeshayahu Leibowitz rightly defined as the “new Jewish religion”. The most interesting aspect of the Holocaust religion is its God-figure, namely “the Jew”.  The Jewish follower of that newly formed dogmatic precept believes in “the Jew”, the one who redeemed oneself. The one who “survived” the “ultimate genocidal” event. The followers believe in “the Jew”, the “innocent” victim sufferer who returned to his “promised land” and now celebrates his successful revival narrative.  To a certain extent, within the Holocaust religious discourse, the Jew believes in “the Jew”, expressed as his/her powers and his/her eternal qualities. Within the newly formed religious framework, Mecca is Tel Aviv and the Holy Shrine is the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum. The newly formed religion has many shrines (Museums) scattered around the world and it has many priests who spread the message around and punish its opposing elements. From a Jewish perspective, the Holocaust religion is a fully transparent expression of self love. It is where past and future merge into a meaningful present, it is when history is translated into praxis.  Whether consciously or unconsciously, every person who identifies politically and ideologically (rather than religiously) as a Jew is, practically speaking, succumbing to the Holocaust religion and a follower of its father-figure “the Jew”. And yet, one may wonder, what about Kindness, is there any goodness in this newly formed  ‘father-figure’? Is there any grace in this narrative of innocent victimhood that is celebrated daily at the expense of the Palestinian people? 


If there is an end to history, the Holocaust religion embodies the very end of Jewish history. In the light of the Holocaust religion the “Father” and the “Son” unite at last.  At least in the case of Israel and Zionism they bond into an amalgam of genocidal ideology and reality. In the light of the Holocaust religion and its epic survival ethos the Jewish State considers itself legitimated in dropping white phosphorus on women and children who they have caged in an inescapable open-air prison. Sadly enough, the crimes committed by the Jewish State are done on behalf of the Jewish people and in the name of their troubled history of persecution. The Holocaust religion brings to life what seems to be the ultimate possible form of insular brutal incarnation.


Historically Jews have shunned many Gods, they dropped Jehovah, they dumped Marx, some have never followed Zionism. But in the light of the Holocaust religion, while bearing in mind the scenes from Gaza, Jenin and Lebanon, the Jew may have to continue in the tradition and drop  “the Jew”.  He will have to accept that his newly formed father-figure was formed in his own shape. More concerning is the devastating fact that the new father is proved to be a call to kill.  Seemingly, the new father is the ultimate evil God of them all.


I wonder how many Jews will be courageous enough to shun their esoteric newly formed father-figure. Will they be courageous enough to join the rest of humanity adopting a universal ethical discourse?  Whether the Jew drops “The Jew”, only time will tell. Just to remove any doubt, I did drop my “Jew” a long time ago and I am doing fine.


  1. asiswhen says:

    indeed, humanity vs. colonial zionism is a much more winnable battle than engaging the perrenial struggle of the “israeli-palestinian conflict”.

  2. bozhidar bob balkas says:

    for at least a decade or ?two, i’ve been concluding that it is US/Eur’p which is preventing the land robbers, the socalled zionists, from finaly obtaining their final goal: a jewish state extending to leb, syr, and jordan.

    and i do not know whether it is necessary to posit the actual and postulated causes for not allowing israel to expand at this time and probably for decades and may be never. i have stated some of these causes on DV and other media.

    but i think we need to drop the labels “zionism” and “zionists”; instead, use the elucidational label “land stealers”.
    the other two labels limn a fictitious reality ; are also about folks which have no connection to zion or hebrews.

    even with both eyes shut and a just an ear slightly ajar, one can learn that israel, in whatever shape/size, is of no strategic import to nato, let alone to china, russia, ‘stans, afrika, s. america; in short the whole world. in fact it appears to be hated by 80% of the world.

    i’ll be quick and say that torah is a whorah; it gives us sweet and sour just like fagin did to ‘his’ boys.
    sweet and sour treatment is the worst treatment . Mein Kampf was another book like torah, talmud. tnx

  3. robin says:

    Thought provoking essay about Israel’s tribal myth and destructive identity. What are they, transplanted Aztecs intent on feeding hungry gods to ensure another harvest of maize, a harvest gathered by the ‘other’?
    It is like a cargo cult – but with attack helicopters and white phosphorus! What are they waiting for.
    How can they sustain their dreams of destruction when our collective DNA mirrors that of our neighbors (human, mammal, bird, fish and invertebrate) on this planet going back millions of years in such an elegant and hopeful manner.
    How backward!

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  5. researcher says:

    Gilad, the trauma has been systematically inflicted over generations.
    Many Jews are caught in a cycle of abused abuser relationship,
    complete with promises of a better future for loyalty complicity and silence.
    Those planning these waves of war and persecution
    are swimming in our money, the rent and interest we pay.
    There is a need for trauma therapy on a vast scale.
    Do you know one that works ?


    This is a profound essay. “Whether the Jew drops “The Jew”, only time will tell.”. This says so much. It is not only for a Jew, of course. It speaks of a universal constant for all humanity. The Japanese, Chinese, Arab, Scot, African etc who can see herself/himself first and foremost as a human being, a member of the genus homo sapiens sapiens, has a far better prospect of living a happy, integrated and fulfilled life than one who lives behind a wall of race or nationality or religion or sex or colour (or all!) . If she then builds another wall of “all others hate me because I am Chinese etc” she is likely to lead an even lonelier and sadder life. If she then builds a third wall of a belief that ” all others always hated Chinese and will always hate Chinese” she gives up her freedom to be herself and loses what it means to be alive. This is a premature embalming of the soul on an altar of fear, anxiety and insecurity. We need to love ourselves enough to learn we are lovable, and by becoming lovable we will cease to believe we are hated, and in that instant we will cease to hate. A warm and tender soul with a loving hand must reach out to find us first- unless we can be that soul ourself. One day these truths will be lived by all mankind, or else she will no longer be alive.

  7. khalfan says:

    indeed how so few a people like you would rather forgo their tribes or religions or even their identities for the sake of truth.

    very few indeed.

    try pose to a ‘religious’ person whether he/she would forsake such religion for the sake of truth and nary a person would agree.

    it seems that in this age and time truth has very few friends everywhere. save for a few.

  8. khalfan says:

    but in the end it is the truth and the admission of it that shall set us all free.

  9. mystic says:

    I am a Jew. I was born a Jew and raised as one in South Africa. I was a Zionist until 2003 when a cousin of mine in Israel slammed the phone down on me when she demanded that I support the Iraq invasion without the UN. I educated myself and am proud to say that if being a Jew means incinerating hundreds of Gazan children to death willfully and deliberately with white phosphorus, I shed my Judaism and spit on it.
    Most of Israelis support the genocide, and so they are barbarians and subhuman absolutely akin to the Nazis. And they have the nerve to deny that the (crypto)Jews were responsible for perpetrating the Armenian Holocaust .The slogan “Never Again” rings hollow when it has really come to mean “Never Again For Jews Only”.

  10. faith says:

    The Arabs are from Ishmael. Ishmael and Isaac buried their father Abraham together. They are brothers. These people refuse to accept Ishmael’s children. Isaac’s real heirs don’t hate the children the children of Ishmael. So question, W

  11. faith says:

    Who are the real children of Isaac?

  12. faith says:

    I am a C hristian

  13. bastet says:

    We should all be grateful for Avigdor Lieberman, the very name of whose party (“Israel is OUR home”) displays a raw Zio psychological panic out there for all to see.

    Zionists are pathetically trying to convince themselves that Israel really, really is their home, thinking that if they repeat it enough they can wash away the years of theft and murder they have perpetrated.

    They’re running scared ya Gilad, keep it up!

  14. borky says:

    I once watched a documentary in which a female member of Himmler’s inner circle expressed her horror at how history had come to view the Nazis as the bad guys. She complained that nowadays (in movies and books, etc.), they were portrayed as Devil worshippers, practisers of the Black Arts, people with evil intent, but insisted that they hadn’t been like that at all. The truth was, she stated, they’d been good people, white knights dedicated to bringing healing to the world, seekers of light merely carrying out the justified will of God.

    This perception the Nazis had of themselves, I’d suggest, is a perfect example of what some call the Veil of Light, and what I term Goody-itis: it is the notion that since I’m a good person dedicated to doing good deeds, then whatever I do, no matter how atrocious it might appear, is justified; on the other hand, whenever others seek to do exactly the same thing to me, clearly their actions are qualitatively different, because they’re seeking to do those things to the party who’s clearly the good guy, i.e., me, which makes them indisputably the baddies. Similarly, since anyone who opposes me and seeks to restrict me in my struggle to have my will prevail over the bad guys is clearly either misguided, deluded, insane, or evil and, therefore, effectively a bad guy.

    Gilad, my take on matters like the Israeli-Palestine conflict, the Catholic-Protestant conflict in Ireland, Communism versus Capitalism, indeed all conflicts between individuals, nations or races, has always been that the problem is everyone starts from the position they’re the good guys, but what you’ve described here is a very powerful insight to the violently throbbing engine under the hood of the thing.


    One other thing, you quote Deuteronomy: my understanding of The Koren/Old Testament is that it was written in the future tense, which may mean that whenever we read the phrase “you shall…”, this isn’t in fact ‘God’ approvingly ordering the Israelites/Jews/etc., to go forth and do the things described, but quite possibly ‘God’ merely coldly forseeing the actions they will eventually carry out, regardless of ‘His’ will; I invite people to consider this possibility when they hear others quoting the Bible as justifications for their actions.

  15. Steve Wiseman says:

    It is pathetic that in the 2000 year old Judaic/Christian war in which both sides have behaved so evil at times in trying to destroy each other with the Inquisition, banishment, pogroms, communism, revolutions and to world wars, none of which were able to destroy either Christianity or Judaism, as the Christian religion, on its deathbed, finally accepts Judaism, the Jews, in the meantime, have destroyed themselves with Zionism. Who says the Gods have no sense of humor?

  16. jollyroger says:

    One other problem this author did not mention is how the zionists managed to obtain control of the media in America and having used it as a brainwashing mechanism on American citizens so that now far too many Americans support Israel almost uncondtionally and refuse to see Israel for what it really is: a racist, bigoted and psychotic zionist state. Most Americans refuse to see what Israelis doing is just plain genocide, and if anybody dares to criticize Israel, they are condemned as “anti-semites”. What absolute nonsense!
    The zionist leaders who are terrorists themselves brag how they control America. They brag how they control the government and how they use America as their “sugar daddy”.( Money bags)
    It should be no small wonder when the sad sorry zionist state finally implodes and turns on itself.
    The zionists have condemned themselves and their own corrupted state.
    Israelno longer has the legitimacy many people thought it did.

  17. Beau says:

    These people aren’t even Jews but Khazarians who only pretend to belong to this religion. The biggest congregation of real Jews can be found in Palestine, and that is exactly the reason why these impostors invaded this country and want to exterminate all Palestinians – all of them! After all, they all (Jews, Christians, Muslims and Druzes alike) worship the real God, not the god of these pseudo Jews, Satan. You can’t commit a worse “crime” in the eyes of these evil beasts.

  18. Jalid 88 says:

    The creation of the state of Israel in the Middle East is tantamount to the creation of a Black people state in the middle of China or the opposite.

  19. Ash says:

    This is a very good article.

    I wrote something related several years ago published on Roger Tucker’s site at, “Atrocity Gods’. I paste in a section that went through how I framed the notion of ‘god’ in the modern secular context. Also, this article is not from a Judeo-centric perspective, although it does deal with the Holocaust dynamic (in the overall Western context).


    How can ‘good’ people like us be the ones perpetrating such crimes even now? Answering this question reveals the ongoing function of the Holocaust narrative in our lives today.

    The Holocaust is part of a much larger history involving most of the world during the past century. However, the emotional core of WW II, itself the essential crucible in which today’s world order was forged, is experienced viscerally within the Holocaust imagery. This is of far greater emotive import than the outer official ‘history’. For us today, the pith of the entire catastrophe known as World War II is captured in the imagined mental image of a few score naked civilians huddled together in a shower room dying an unspeakably horrible death. This vivid imagery provokes immediate, viscerally felt horror. Just as we would deplore anyone who tortures an infant, we feel natural revulsion towards the perpetrators.

    To understand this dynamic as it plays out today, we need to examine the nature of the belief system. Since the WW II Holocaust narrative helps shape our belief in who we are as people by defining our role in this seminal period of modern world history, its function is similar to that of a deity – in this case one whose imagery focuses on atrocity, cruelty, injustice, anguish, hatred and so forth. Strangely enough, the past and current examples of our crimes mentioned above are not because of ‘holocaust deniers’ who in essence question the veracity of this ‘Atrocity God’, but its adherents who believe that by ‘worshiping’ images of hatred, injustice and brutality they can in turn dish out atrocity themselves without doing wrong, because ‘they’ who make us fear atrocity, deserve to suffer it themselves, whilst ‘we’ who fear and fight against atrocity, are always reasonable people acting in reluctant but heroic self-defence. This sort of view allows Israel, for example, to keep taking more territory in the name of self-defence without seeing the glaring hypocrisies involved. Zbigniew Brzezinski remarked on this during a recent congressional hearing about Iran, namely that after some sort of attack on ‘us’ – false-flag or otherwise – we could then go after them ‘defensively’.

    This deceptive view is far more than simple self-serving opportunism: it is sincerely believed, something most critics and victims do not understand. Shortly after he left office, President Clinton said that his biggest mistake early on was to assume that his opponents were aware of their hypocrisies; however, later on he realised that they truly believed they were doing the right thing, which is why they were so powerful.

    The ‘prayer’ invoking such demons into our world is any dynamic which solidifies antagonism between self and other – collectively ‘us’ and ‘them’. This ‘satanic’ prayer has great ‘evil’ power, and we see it invoked day after day in so many ways. By praying to such Manichean deities, we engender their type of emotion-based aggression to incarnate in reality. Our world takes on the atmosphere of our perception, as any mystic, lover or good housekeeper well knows, so we should be far more careful about the nature of the gods we worship. Our contemplation essentially summons them into our mind and body streams, invoking a living presence which then looks out through our eyes, walking amongst us, permeating personal and public life. This power, far greater than any individual’s, is all pervasive but invisible and as such is a form of deity, or god.

    Our ‘belief’ in this ‘god’ allows us to ignore the degree to which its living emotional impact shapes our collective identity by confirming us as those who combat demonic forces and from there being able to deny – sincerely – that we are anything but the good people we ‘believe’ ourselves to be. We enjoy cheap chocolate and coffee – the products of exploiting child (aka slave) labour, third world farmers, local governments and crooked international funding mechanisms – starve children, bomb civilian populations and so on, secure in the knowledge that we are the good guys who stood up to the totalitarian psychopath Hitler and the mesmerized fanatical German masses who gassed millions of living, innocents, huddled naked and helpless in chambers disguised as public showers.

    The story IS the Deity

    The meta-narrative is the peg on which we hang the rest of our self-righteous identity. Anyone who criticises ‘us’ is ‘them’, whom we are now cognitively ‘programmed’ to perceive as emotionally identical to those holocaust-perpetrating monsters of yore. Emotion always trumps reason by having a higher volume on the scale of experience, since emotions are felt viscerally in the body-mind, that agent which anchors our experience to specific place and time, aka ‘reality’. This is why arguing the facts never challenges a core belief system.

    Furthermore, it is not the story that creates the Manichean dynamic, rather that dynamic which creates the story, our desire to have our cake and eat it, to perpetrate injustice and selfishness in the name of justice and altruism. Attacking the story is attacking ourselves and is therefore verboten. The debate about whether or not the story is true or its detractors thought criminals is a diversion; rather, we must become more aware of how we use it to avoid responsibility for our own crimes, past and present.

    I think one of the (many) key points that everyone would benefit by contemplating repeatedly is how hatred towards others is a reflection of our own hatred/aggression. I have always had the sneaking suspicion, for example, that one of the reasons the Holocaust narrative was spawned, hyperbolised and seems to continue on forever and ever is that its originators – nearly all Eastern European Ashkenazim – had themselves witnessed, if not indeed helped to perpetrate – the truly ghastly genocide that occurred in Ukraine only a few years before WW II. They knew that such atrocities as medical experiments, herding into camps, death by gassing, utter degradation, racism, control, hatred and so forth were possible because they had been dishing it out. Knowing this was all quite possible, for them it was no reach to project all this onto the Nazis. Their belief in such atrocity is therefore 100% authentic even if the story line itself is somewhat ‘veracity-challenged’ – although of course no doubt some terrible things happened as they did to large numbers of people in various populations all over the world during that dark time known as WW II.

    I believe it is a mistake to extrapolate from all this that it is incorrect or ‘bad’ to be proud of being Chinese or White – as one poster said above. It is not tribalism per se that is bad, rather how one does it. Or in the context of this (and my earlier article) what sort of ‘deity’ you identify with. If your tribal ‘deity’ is one based on hatred and atrocity, by all means walk away. But not all tribes and peoples are built around such hate-based gods. We don’t have to throw out the baby with the bath water.

    But generally speaking, probably best for Jews to follow Gilad’s example: just walk away from it.

  20. researcher says:

    Israel Shamir writes about an end to the Jewish nightmares too:
    “The Jews do not know when to stop. It is true, they got to the top this way. But while admittedly it is difficult to get to the top, it is nay impossible to stay there forever.”
    His words are very uplifting:
    Freedom in the Air



    “I think one of the (many) key points that everyone would benefit by contemplating repeatedly is how hatred towards others is a reflection of our own hatred/aggression.”

    Indeed, yes. Your essay, like Gilad Atzmon’s, is in my view superb.

    Point taken rre Chinese etc.

  22. Mary from New York says:

    There are some profound philosophical sentiments in this essay, Gilad, but I wonder if you might not be getting a bit carried away. To begin with, I think the crux of the matter is as simple as this: if I were to get myself into a position where I was living on stolen land and the owner still lived in the neighborhood with a lot of his friends, I’d be crouched at the window with a gun, too. The Israelis have dug themselves into an impossible quandary and are surrounded by enemies whom they have gone out of their way to antagonize for decades. Paranoia is perhaps the normal adaptive response in this situation.

    British colonial settlers in America found themselves in a similar place, and were no less paranoid until they had managed to exterminate enough of the indigenous people — about 95% of them all told — to feel secure. Which brings me to my second point: this barbarism was committed by Christians, who considered themselves divinely ordained to help themselves to the land of other people whom they viewed as subhuman. Zionists do not have a monopoly on this kind of thinking. Some form of it is the foundation of all colonial adventures.

    Perhaps Americans have lately come to realize that they were whipped into a frenzy on the basis of lies because, to begin with, they are a mature enough nation which has for the most part been insulated from foreign violence on its soil. 9/11 was traumatic, but it was a single event and Americans have a rather short attention span. I think it was possible for people to stop themselves and say, wait a minute, we’re stronger than this. Further, Americans do not generally suffer from the overweening self-pity that afflicts most Zionists.

    The loss of world public support as a result of the Gaza attack, despite a tsunami of hasbara, seems to have come as quite a shock to Israel. The timing of the assault also suggested some uncertaintly with respect to the tolerance of the new American president for Israel’s depredations. This is not a self-sufficient country. They realize that if they lose the support and largesse of western nations they are toast.

    Incidentally, a drive “to seek pleasure in hate while inflicting pain upon others” — umm, it’s called sadism.


  23. Michael says:


    “Never again” or “Never again the Jews”?

    The latter is hollow not only morally but pragmatically. Someone thinking only of the good of the Jews might think that more specific one is the stronger formulation. It is not: it is founded on the world continuing to indulge the racist myth of “Jews good, others bad”, dating from the Holocaust. If a tribal perspective is maintained after offences such as Gaza and possibly worse to come then this perception will change to “Jews bad, others good”.

    Though Olmert, Livni, et al. may not consciously intend it that way, in perpetrating the Gaza genocide they are most usefully understood as testing the world: if the world allows us do this, then we Jews are ultimately no safer then the Arabs, and so we must continue what we are doing. This is the terminal logic Gilad accurately descibes.

    Thus the greatest good all of us can do for Israelis and Jews generally – not to mention Palestinians, Lebanese, Iranians, and everyone else – is to show that “Never again” means simply “Never again”.

  24. Rosie says:

    This is a superb and thought provoking article.
    My only criticism is that only the genocide and dispossession of the Palestinian people is enlarged upon in any way.
    The evil and genocide of the jewish marxist philosophy is largely unremarked upon.
    The christian Russians were literally enslaved by Jews and marxism for 70 years.
    Lenin, Stalin, Krushchev, Andropov and Yeltsin and other leaders all Jewish. Beria and other fabled brutal torturers etc – all Jewish. The KGB a jewish construct. Marxism was imposed on the Russians by jewish money from America. The jews ran Russia as one big prison camp. Something akin to the waiting Haliburton camps in the USA. Unlike the ‘holocaust – which is increasingly being exposed as myth, the jews murdered some 30,000,000 russians in the years of their ruthless brutality. Palestine and Lebanon are nothing new.
    It is only now all coming to light with the widespread usage of the internet having been fed to generations as the evil of the christian Russians. Even within the last few years we have watched a jewish Yeltsin allow the mass plunder of the Russian state by the almost all jewish oligarchs in conspiracy with western jewish banks.
    The jews are plundering the USA and Britain with ‘bailouts’. They have already plundered Russia to the point of poverty.
    When a new non jewish leader Putin tries to claw back some of his peoples wealth he has been castigated and demonised by the western jewish controlled media.
    It is a mistake to say anti-semitism is on the rise. The semites are the Palestinians and sympathy for their plight is growing at an enormous rate as folk can read around the MSM. The greatest anti-semites are the Israelis and their supporters.
    Most jews today are not semitic. They have absolutely no ancestral link whatsoever to the land of Palestine.
    They originate from Khazaria, a now defunct nation, which was situated in Southern Russia and the Caucasus. They are purely Caucasian.
    They are now flocking into Georgia and were deeply involved in the recent attack on South Ossettia and the attempted ethnic cleansing of this small state.
    It is generally agreed that Israel’s days may be numbered.
    Is georgia now to be the kernal of their new home.?
    Just google Khazaria and the khazar jewish connection with Georgia. Even the present idiot President of Georgia has a jewish name.
    Palestine is but the latest of their victims. It is claimed the jews funded the rise of Hitler and there is much evidence that they were largely behind both the first and second world war in their greed for wealth and domination.

  25. […] Is there a way to redeem the Zionist of his bloody expedition? Is there a way to change the course of history, to save the Israelis and their supporters from total depravity? Probably the best way to pose this question is to ask whether there is a way to save the Israeli and the Zionist from themselves. As one may gather, I am not exactly interested in saving Israelis or Zionists, however, I do grasp that redeeming Zionists of their transgression may bring a prospect of peace to Palestine, Iraq and probably the rest of us. For those who fail to see it, Israel is just the tip of the iceberg. At the end of the day, America, Britain and the West are now subject to some similar forms of “politics of fear” that are the direct outcome of Neocon deadly interventionist ideology and practices.  –more– […]

  26. Beau says:

    As the name Hitler came up, I would like to mention that his name as well as Galler, Koestler, Kotler, Kepler, Simler, Himmler, Schindler and many more are all “Jewish”, i.e. Khazarian. So far I have collected a list of 27 German sounding but in reality Khazarian names, and the insight they provide is quite interesting. You have heard about Hitler, Himmler and Schindler. Who would believe they all were “Jewish”? And what does that fact tell you? Evidently, the True Book of History hasn’t been written yet.

  27. Luther Blissett says:

    A fascinating analysis.

    “…in the light of the Holocaust religion, while bearing in mind the scenes from Gaza, Jenin and Lebanon, the Jew may have to continue in the tradition and drop “the Jew”. ”

    Indeed he may have to, because if I understand it correctly, the alternative that is implied but not stated by this analysis is worse – that otherwise “the Jew” will turn on himself and extinguish himself in a collective act of self-imolation. That that is possible is demonstrated by various late 20th century groups and cults. This seems to make the question of whether it is intelligible irrelevant.

    And the Samson Option? Perhaps it will indeed be effected, albeit with unexpected targetting. Stranger things have come to pass.

  28. Jon Reykdalin says:

    Melanie Klein, the child psycho-analyst developed a theory referred to as ‘identification with the aggressor’. She quoted a clinical example of the psychotic mother who regularly stuck pins into her months’ old baby.

    What can a helpless infant do? Either its ego must collapse into a similar psychosis or it can turn pain into pleasure and begin to enjoy the pain and thereby preserve the core of its personality from total fragmentation.

    However, as it grows older the baby then a child then an adult, retains a primary sado-masochist self that ‘acts out’ in unremitting, seriously sadistic behaviour.

    Transpose this theory onto the collective consciousness of the right-wing zionists who wield power in the Israeli government and who imitate the horrors of the European holocaust with their unrelenting, systematic torturing of the Palestinian people.

  29. amos zukerman says:

    A Brilliant piece. Audacious, free flowing, risk taking, surprising, filled with emotion, like a good jazz solo, but I am sorry to say your attempt to solve, in one fell swoop, the numbingly complex enigma that is Judaism and jewish history is dangers and counterproductive, after all we are here to support the palestinian struggle, help in some puny way to mitigate their suffering. Leaving the door open to comments like Rosie and Beau (nos. 23,24) can only cheapen our argument. I share your revulsion of the Jewish belief system, I get red in the face when confronted with zionist hypocrisy, I despair at the world’s reluctance to prosecute these criminals. But we must remain cool. The palestinian issue must be seen in the perspective of European colonialism, and the solution must be found within the realm of international law and natural justice. The Jewish baggage should be unpacked all right, but not on palestinian “time”. And to all our zio jewish “friends”, go read Prof. Zand’s book before you say anything.

  30. merle lynn01 says:

    What garbage. Islam disallows many faiths in all its countries. Jews don’t even get to live on Islamic land, in most cases. There is one little Jewish country and even in that country the HOLY BOOKS are not the law.

    Some of you are just crazy and deserve an Islamic leader.

  31. jollyroger says:

    The subculture of zionism varies little from the subculture of nazism. They both feed on the precept that all others are inferior and require strict obesiance to authority and their belief systems. There is no room for question but to accept what is being taught as truth in the face of reason and reality.
    The zionist like the nazis seek to quiet the voices of dissent through the means of subjecting that person to the cries of “anti semitism” or anti Hitler. They both use propaganda in the most insidious manner to sway large masses of people. One only has to watch American TV, especially the so called news channels to realise the zionist totally control what is being broadcast. Whenever there is a news bite on this conflict, there is no mention of the persecution of the Palestinian people. There is no mention of the destruction of their homes, businesses, farms and their lives. There is no mention of the destruction of the paople themselves. There is no mention of the daily humiliation heaped upon the Palestinian people by the zionists and their warped, murderous military as well as the Mossad which covertly disrupts lives throughout the middleast so that Israel can further its zionist goals. Quote:” By deception will we have war”, is the motto of I srael’s Mossad. They are even active here in America.
    Last year, two American college professors wrote a timely piece concerning the undo influence on the U.S. government by Israel and its supporters. Mearsheimer and Walt wrote and 80 pagges documenting the powerful zionist lobby which includes AIPAC, the ADL and others. They were viciously attacked as anti semites. Norm Finklestein received even worse as he was denied tenure at the University of Chicago because he dared to critisize Israeli policy. There is no room in America for critical thinking of this matter. One must accept the dogma of the zionists or be labled as anti semite. Only those who are brave enough and strong enough can stand up to these psychotic bullies.
    Attempting to help the zionists is like trying t help a drug addict or alcoholic. They must first realise they have a problem and need help, otherwise we are just wasting our time. The zionist are so sickened by their own disease it’s as though they were suffering from schizophrenia or any psychosis which requires forced hospitalization and treatment.
    Israel may not exist much longer without such treatment. They may just cause their own destruction.

  32. Steve Wiseman says:

    Giland Atzmon’s piece was very interesting. He is obviously a man of high intelligence and he has given the problem much thought. However, ironically, he has fallen for the Jewish mind set, the Jewish problem; he somehow thinks that the Jews have a special hatred, a special destructiveness, a special evilness, when in fact, they do not. They are no different than any other people. They are not special in any way. They are capable or great acts and brutal acts, just like the rest of us, despite what their Talmud and the Bible tells us.

    They are no different than the American pioneers who so willingly destroyed the Native Americans or the Americans who destroyed Japan with two atomic bombes out of hate rather than to win a war already won, or the American destruction of Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Central America, , much of Africa Afghanistan and soon to be Iran for oil and wealth. They are no different than the British and American who so willfully destroyed most of Germany, killing hundreds of thousands of defenseless civilians, particularly during the last few months of the war when it has already been won.

    Even the Jewish attempt to build a country on the great lie” Palestine, a country without people for a people without a country”, is not new. I am sure the early European arrivals to America thought the same way. That’s just the way all humans behave when they close their eyes to the truth, and lose their soul in the process. That’s just the way we all behave when hate takes over our lives.

  33. David says:

    Those that live by the bomb shall also die by the bomb
    Israel is no exception to this rule,they too will have to
    one day account and atone for their deeds.
    Like during the days of Hitler the people are
    mesmerized into believing they are right
    in the killing of civilians ,children,pregnant
    mothers etc…

  34. POA says:

    CIA World Factbook 2008:

    Per capita Gross Domestic Product
    Egypt: $5,500
    Jordan: $5,000
    Syria: $4,900
    Gaza and West Bank: $2,900
    Lebanon: $11,100
    Israel: $28,900

    The more muslims, the lower the income.
    Lebanon does a bit better because it has more christians.

    When you throw in the welfare payments given the palestinians, the “future palestinian state” makes about as much money per capita as the surrounding arabs, and if they form a state and lose the welfare payments and the free water, gasoline, and electricity from the Jews, they will be worse off, not better. And they know that. Which is why they don’t just go ahead a declare a state. This way they don’t have to work, and receive free money from the Jew-hating goyim of the world to have arranged marriages with their 9 year old first cousins, and pop out kids to raise as jihadis to kill Jewish babies. Sweet.

  35. John Dudley says:

    There is a widely mistaken belief surrounding Israel that somehow the behavior of the Israelis has been primarily influenced by the genocide they endured under Hitler. A short look back into history shows this is not the case. Jews in Europe have repeatedly resorted to widespread cruelty any time they have assumed total control over one of their host societies.

    One only has to Google the word “arendar” and follow the various leads that come up to show that Jews, who ended up in total control of Poland’s commerce between the 14th through 17th centuries were just as equally callous and deadly to the gentile peasants over whom they controlled both life and death.

    An arendar (AKA arrendator) was a Jewish estate agent who oversaw the country estates of the largely absentee Polish aristocracy. They dominated this field of endeavor by simply forming monopolies that made it virtually impossible for people other than Jews to get these positions. In these positions the Jewish overseers exhibited an almost incredible level of cruelty and extreme racism. The Polish gentile peasants were forced to endure conditions worse than most western slaves and were often worked seven days a week from before sunrise to after sunset all year round.

    Members of the Polish peasantry were killed at will by the private armies that the arendars made wide scale use of. The Polish civil authorities were simply unable to control the behavior of the arendars because they were so powerful that they could ignore the wishes of the Polish king’s agents. It was said that the middle class during this period was entirely Jewish simply because they were so jealous of their financial power that it was made impossible for an ambitious gentile to ever rise above the level of simple peasant farm worker. If a gentile peasant or priest was considered even the slightest threat to Jewish economic power, he was simply murdered by the arendar’s “enforcers.”

    What we are seeing in present day Israel and Palestine is simply a repetition of the sort of cruelty that Jews have exhibited whenever they were able to assume complete subjugation over a native population, whether it was the slaughter of the White Russians in the Crimea under Bela Kun, the killing of Kulaks under the Russian Jewish commissars, or present day Gaza.

    Take a look here for information on this unknown story.

  36. Ken says:

    Yes, Group Dianetics can be used to clear away the madness and hate in a group

  37. mystic says:

    I agree. The Israelis may be brutal militarily but they are unbelieveably sensitive to world opinion and public relation. That’s why Israel is launching a current avalanche of “Travel To Israel” commercials on TV, that’s why TEN Hollywood Holocaust movies were all timed to be released at exactly the time of the Gazan invasion, that’s why the MSM (especially in America where continued taxdollar support is vital), is censored on matters such as war crimes investigations as well as the IDF boasting of killing Palestinian babies in T-shirts, all propagandistically motivated to maintain the victimisation ploy. The American MSM never published news of the economic boycott of Israel in the UK. But the internet is a powerful force and with the exception of the US citizenry, the rest of the world is outraged at what it sees as the same Nazi tactics that helped the creation of Israel and now approved of by 94% of the Israeli citizenry.

  38. David says:

    The fundamental point for me is the meaning of the term “never again”. If it means “never again will the Jews suffer something like the Holocaust”, then it’s the racist, militarist, nationalist, Holocaust religion of which you speak. On the other hand, if the lesson is that “never again will any people suffer something like the Holocaust”, then it’s a fundamental lesson to all of humanity about ethical human behavior.

  39. There were no “hebraic”, “jews”, or ashkenazim “khazars” in Israel when the narrative is described in the Old Testament, Israelites are not “jews”, The talmud & hating Jesus makes someone “jewish”, It is a satanc mind control cult.{see freemasonry}… Hebrews – Israelites are nonjewish “Europeans”, the only population base manifesting the Abrahamic Covenant. Read the book of Obadiah. The Edomites have converted the ashkenazim to pretend to be “jewish”, a bait and switch routine…..By their fruits ye shall know them. Check out Matthew 13.

  40. Tariku says:

    Exciting and insightful, though a few points do not fully square.

    The Europeans and their settlers in the US, Australia etc. have lived through their era of inner terror with colonialism. Even the most aggressive of US invasions today do not purport to push out an indigenous people to make room for its settlers. But the Jews are out too late to get their part of the spoils, because now there is international law and such inconveniences… This is ground for optimism.

    Your quotes from the Holy Book reminds me a bit about Wilder’s technique of highlighting aggression towards non-Muslims in The Holy Quran. It is fair to say that the evil aspects of tribalism are not exclusive to the Jews, even if they have all the firepower in the Middle East right now. Arabs have slaughtered and conquered, too, in fact, every nation on Earth has done so, or it would not exist today. But we do need to overcome that troubled past.

    Perhaps the message is that ALL religion and tribalism is exclusivist and evil??? Well, I have no problem with my own tribal identity, and I don’t think Jews not to shed their identity as Jews, they only need to speak out against genocide. Just as Germans do not have to feel ashamed of being Germans, as long as they distance themselves from nazism. Or is your messsage that we need to get rid of all such manifestations, all the way from genocide to supporting our national football teams?

  41. DeAnna says:

    @merle lynn01 – Yeah……….like….this guy murdered only one person as opposed to the other who murdered three.

    You’ve no moral ground at all with that argument.

    Call me insane…..ahaha….at least I can still reason……..

  42. Briss Boy says:




  43. Pat says:

    Thank you and I agree.

    I will never fully understand this Israeli aggression,
    but you’ve provided an insightful view.

    Israel is in trouble, if 5 percent are antiwar.

  44. Pat says:

    @POA – you’re a corrupt corpse.

  45. Beau says:

    Today I have quite a different subject in mind. It is known that the so-called “Ashkenazim Jews” frequently have a genetical defect that can cause premature death, besides probably other problems. Could it be that this very same defect is what makes them so unbelievably aggressive, thoughtless, reckless and irrational? It wouldn’t surrpise me a bit.

    Furthermore, God says in the Holy Bible that He will eliminate this people in a way that leaves no doubt that it was done by Him. Could it be that He just somehow triggers this gene to run amok in the bodies and minds of the ones who are “infected” with it? – Just wondering out loud.

  46. Steve Wiseman says:

    Stalin and Khrushchev, although they married Jews, were not Jewish. Their marriages, as explained by Khrushchev, were a form of “insurance” as he explained that almost all the communist leaders of the Soviets were either Jews or married to a Jew for their own protection. However , to be blunt, calling any of these Jewish is like calling Bush and his gang Christians.

  47. Originally Posted By BeauAs the name Hitler came up, I would like to mention that his name as well as Galler, Koestler, Kotler, Kepler, Simler, Himmler, Schindler and many more are all “Jewish”, i.e. Khazarian. So far I have collected a list of 27 German sounding but in reality Khazarian names, and the insight they provide is quite interesting. You have heard about Hitler, Himmler and Schindler. Who would believe they all were “Jewish”? And what does that fact tell you? Evidently, the True Book of History hasn’t been written yet.

    Most true books of history since the beginning of time have yet to be written. It is difficult to be impartial. We are human that way But..we don’t have to distort, fabricate, exagerate and lie about events in History which are not to our liking or which , rightly so makes us appear as the true monsters some of our Leaders truly are.

    I would not put my hands in the fire regarding the so called Jewish names of Hitler, Himmler, Koestler, Schindler etc. The Khazarians being of Mongol Turkic origin had entirely different names, such as Rurik etc. Many Kazarians ADOPTED names like Steinherg, Stein, Gold and Silver. Some assimilated and used names which could be taken for Christian as well as Judean names. Even my husband’s last name von Fechtmann is now being used by Russian Israeli Jewish emigres. We don’t mind and we understand why they are doing it. Some have freely chosen to become Christians or Buddhists or even Bahai.

    I think that criticism of Jews who change their names is a form of intolerance..When I was a fashion model who also did television commercials for the likes of Helena Rubinstei, I changed my name to Nina.. My aristocratic family considered modeling as demeaning. There you are.

  48. jollyroger says:

    Originally Posted By Gilad Atzmon â�� War On Terror Within: The End of Jewish History « Divining the News (DTN)[…] Is there a way to redeem the Zionist of his bloody expedition? Is there a way to change the course of history, to save the Israelis and their supporters from total depravity? Probably the best way to pose this question is to ask whether there is a way to save the Israeli and the Zionist from themselves. As one may gather, I am not exactly interested in saving Israelis or Zionists, however, I do grasp that redeeming Zionists of their transgression may bring a prospect of peace to Palestine, Iraq and probably the rest of us. For those who fail to see it, Israel is just the tip of the iceberg. At the end of the day, America, Britain and the West are now subject to some similar forms of “politics of fear” that are the direct outcome of Neocon deadly interventionist ideology and practices.  –more– […]

    Personally, I don’t believe they can be redeemed. There agressive psyche is so ingrained the only outcome will be self destruction through self hate.
    Here in the states, we’ve witnessed the rise of the neoconservative -zionist power structure without and within the white House. Most of the Bush admin. was zionist and necon, which explains the agression against Afganistan and Iraq. The new Obama admin. clearly indicates the same people although the names have changed. As long as governments are held hostage to zionist influence through the religion of the Holocaust, there will be no change. It’s as though a family member was mentally ill and the rest of the family was under their control. Reminds me of Charlie Manson and his little family. Yikes! That’s quite the comparison: psychotic zionists and Charlie Manson. I digress for just a moment.
    There is a rather large book writen by Michael Hoffman:” The Jewish Deception”. It is over 1100 pages long but obviously contains much information about jews and zionists. The book has stirred a lot of indignation and even hostile reaction, so it obviously must be hitting on the truth.
    I know that not all jews are evil and indifferent. It is obvious that many do not support Israeli aggression in the middleast and many do not support zionism for they know full well what zionism really is about.
    So should the rest of the world.

  49. Beau says:

    The reason I mentioned that last names “Hitler” are in reality Khazarian was only to show that evidently we are quite misinformed about History. It was not about criticizing the “Jews” for the habit of adopting last names of foreign origin. Many other people do that and I can’t see a problem with that.

    Regarding Stalin and Krushew, I’m not sure about the background of the latter, but the real last name of Stalin was Drugashvili. That’s Georgian and means “Jewson”. Furthermore, his first name was “Joseph”, a name that only a Khazarian Georgian would use. So I don’t see any reason to doubt that he was a Khazarian “Jew”, especially given that all his close collaborators belonged to the same group.

  50. […] – War On Terror Within: The End of Jewish History By Gilad Atzmon • Mar 18th, 2009 at 9:59 • Gilad Atzmon ? War On Terror Within: The End of Jewish History | Palestine Think Tank The Israeli people saw the carnage on their TV screens, they heard the voices, they saw hospitals […]

  51. Pete Eriksen says:

    The Masai are a nomadic tribe of cattle herders in East Africa who worship the god “ENGAI” of the Mt. Lengai volcano and believe he gave them all the cattle in the world because he likes them best.
    The Jews are a nomadic tribe of goat herders in the Middle-East who worship the god “YHWH” of the Mt. Sinai volcano and believe he gave them all the land in the Middle-East because he likes them best.
    …So when the Masai steal their neighbors cattle, or the Jews steal their neighbors land, they are not really stealing because it is a gift from their god!

  52. This is a pretty good article. Free ranging and thoughtful. One remark gave me pause, though.

    “Marxism can be easily portrayed as a secular universal ethical ideology. However, within the process of transformation into a Jewish tribal precept, Marxism has managed to lose any traces of humanism or universalism.”

    In the context of Palestine, yes, if he is taking about Bundists and Hashomer Hatzair. Universally, no. I can see that the Verkhoyansk Committee for Ideological Correction is going to have to swing into action.

    Clearly most of us are more scared of Stalin than of Hitler. The way one is equated with the other both in the media and in academia is simply an instance of the mass production of ignorance.

    Context! Context!

  53. Sabbah says:

    Gilad Atzmon – War On Terror Within: The End of Jewish History…

    The issue I am going to discuss today is probably the most important thing I've ever had to say about Israeli brutality and contemporary Jewish identity. I assume that I could have shaped my thought into a wide-ranging book or an analytical academ…

  54. Nicholas Varias says:

    @Jalid 88
    Jalid, first of all, you are missing the historic fact that the Jews have always maintained a presence in Palestine; even when their majority has been killed or exiled. Consequently, at the very least, they do indeed have the right for a homeland there.
    Secondly, why shouldn’t they have the right (same as the displaced Palestinian Arabs) to lay claims against the many various invading nations and their descendants, who have persecuted them throughout history, such as the Babylonians (Iranians and Syrians), the Romans (mainly Italians), the Crusaders (Catholics), the Muslims (Ottomans and Arabs)

  55. Beau says:

    To Nicolas: this “historic fact” is a historic lie! First off, there are no “Jews”! That term was invented little over hundred years ago. Second, those who claim to be “Jews” have never been living in Palestine. This country has always been inhabited by Palestinians, under whatever name that was given to them at any time.

    This fact was even confirmed by a “Jewish” historian from Jerusalem who also proves that there never was a “diaspora” – simply because they had never been living there in the first place. Now why would he say that? Because it’s true and he won’t risk his good name publishing a lie!

  56. lynne says:

    interesting ideas but for me, it’s more about humanity waking up to the fact that ALL religions are man made control mechanisms that need to be aborted if we are to evolve as one human race. i have left my tribe in that i married outside of it, gave birth to three kids who were brought up with respect for all and no religious affiliation. they are all good people who do not need a god crutch to tell them the difference between right and wrong. religion is not just the opiate of the masses it is the death toll of freedom!

  57. Beau says:

    Lynne, if you want to wake up, why don’t you open your eyes… to the fact that you are expressing an (interesting?) philosophy at best, but not any kind of provable facts.

    Of course we are all expressing opinions here, but they are all based on facts that are just not quite enough to prove that our conclusions are correct. Fantasies fall into another category.