BAN Achinoam Nini (Noa) from participating at Gaza Charity Event!

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Hi, we were informed by Achinoam’s Nini manager that she and Mira Awad won’t be performing tomorrow at the Solidarity event with the children of Gaza.
Call to Kill the Parents and Volunteer to Sing for the Children
We, the undersigned, demand that Achinoam Nini be barred from participating in the Gaza charity event scheduled for Friday, January 23, 2009  at “Levontin 7” in Tel Aviv


In an open letter to the Palestinian people, Israeli singer Ahinoam Nini wrote:
“I can only wish for you that Israel will do the job we all know needs to be done, and finally RID YOU of this cancer, this virus, this monster called fanaticism, today, called Hamas.”
Today, after her wish has been fulfilled, and the Israeli army “GOT RID” of over 1300 Palestinians, over 400 of them children, over 100 of them women, and injured more than 5000, Ahinoam Nini wants to share the stage at a charity performance for the sake of Gaza’s children?


There is no limit to your hypocrisy, Noa. You supported the war which orphaned these children, and now you want to play “Mama Theresa” and help them out? How cynical can you be? Thousands of children were crippled physically and emotionally for the rest of their lives in a war that not only did you not protest, you vocally justified. Maybe you can increase your popularity and try to wash your bloody hands by making headlines on the backs of these children, but you will not be able to clear your dirty conscience.

Not unless you recognize that an occupier has no moral right to tell an occupied people what to do, including what leadership it can or cannot democratically elect. Not before you recognize that the real “virus” or “cancer,” to use your ill-willed words, the “monster” is the ongoing occupation and the oppression that comes with it. anything it spawns, is its own doing. The real fanatics around here, Noa, are the people who think that they have the right to inflict so much harm and damage and pain to a besieged and beleaguered and disenfranchised people.

send adhesions to Juliano Mer Khamis


  1. michael says:

    Where is she from she does not look Israeli

  2. Mary Rizzo says:

    She’s a Yemenite Israeli who was raised in New York and moved to Israel a dozen years ago or so. Her letter to the Palestinian people was shocking in its vulgarity. I am glad someone is publicly complaining about this and how she is using their tragedy to improve her image, while still remaining a hawk.


  3. Laya says:

    Have you no shame or any sensitivity ????
    I am asking you forgetting that you do not view our presence as legitimate or equal. Only time will teach you that we are her to stay. I only wish for you and your children to experience the same suffering that our children are going through because of your slaughter of their brother, father, uncle and neighbor.
    Never forget that Palestinians are all Hamas.
    We live to never forget or forgive.

  4. Gilad says:

    Laya, isn’t it about time you ask yourself how is it that every place you go, you end up suffering, hated and despised….

    actually you know the the answer

    “We ” you say, “live to never forget or forgive.”


  5. Mary Rizzo says:

    the hypocrisy is almost too much! from Ynet

    Jewish, Arab artists to hold fundraiser concert for victims of Operation Cast Lead. Proceeds to go to buying medical equipment for Gaza hospitals. ‘It’s our duty as human beings,’ says singer Noa Golandski

    Or Barnea Published: 01.20.09, 15:06 / Israel Culture

    Many Israeli artists will join together this Friday at the Levontine 7 club in Tel Aviv to take part in a fundraiser concert for the Gazan victims of Operation Cast Lead.

    All proceeds of the event, titled “Muses won’t remain silent”, will go towards those wounded in Gaza in the three-week-long conflict with Israel.

    *********and I add (mary) that the Muse didn’t remain silent, they encouraged the slaughter, Noa and Yehoshua and others were doing their propaganda war for the Israeli war machine. Now on Ipeace, Noa has a blog post where everyone is saying how brave she is… She actually put up a video not about what ISRAEL was doing, but about how bad Hamas is.. this is pure propaganda.

    The show’s organizers said, “21 days of bombings have taken many victims and left over 5,000 people injured. Many of them will need ongoing and costly care in the coming years, care that the shaky healthcare system in Gaza cannot provide.

    “In order to fulfill the immediate needs of the hospitals, we have decided to collect money to purchase medical equipment and medicine to be transferred to the Strip.”

    The price of a ticket to the concert costs between NIS 40 ($10) and NIS 60 ($15.5), and all proceeds will go to the above purpose.

    Jewish and Arab artists taking part in the event include Israel’s 2009 Eurovision representatives, Noa and Mira Awad, who will perform with singers Gil Dor, Rona Keinan, Shlomi Shaban, Eran Zur, Rafi Perski, Khalas’ Bassam Beromi, bassist Yehu Yaron, singer Noa Golandski, Jaffa hip-hop group System Ali and more.

    “This is our chance to sing and play some songs and somehow help people,” said singer Noa Golandski. “It’s a humanitarian gesture of people for people, without any connection to politics.

    “The least artists can do is help rebuild the healthcare system there and just help people live and get on with their lives. The depth of the destruction that is going on over there is not something that we, in Tel Aviv, can imagine.

    “This is not an act that supports Hamas, heaven forbid. This is not a statement against the government’s policies or the military strategy. But simply, if we can collect money to help people live their lives, this is our duty as human beings, not as Israelis.”

    *************that last bit is intolerable! NOT EVEN A STATEMENT AGAINST THEIR GOVT’S POLICIES OR MILITARY STRATEGY?? so they can have their cake and eat it too? Donate the money yourselves without the publicity crap!

  6. Yaakub( Yaakov) Sullivan says:

    As a proud Moslim American ( former Catholic) gay I am outraged. We don’t need those ” Singers-criminals” like Noa. We in our community had a wanderful party with nude salsa dancing and collected $18000 for our community in Gaza. My husband is from Gaza and we also adopted 2 boys from a refugee camp. We hope to help Gaza as much as we can.

  7. Oskar says:

    Do those hypocrites at least say how they are going to bring the proceeds to the people needing it in Gaza?
    It would be totally consistent with their publicity material that they would add an announcement that the money will not benefit Hamas, but would go to Abbas, Israel’s High Commissioner in Palestine, for him to distribute as he sees fit.
    Thinking of it, such a statement might even increase their revenue.


    Kudos to Juliano for boycotting the charade.

  8. stan squires says:

    I am from vancouver,canada and i wanted to say that israeli singer Achinoam Nini should be boycotted where ever she goes in the world.The problem is the israeli gov.not hamas.Most people in the world already knows that.Paul McCarthy from England is also a racist and reactionary person.He performed in israel last summer.These performers will end up in the dustbin of history.

    Stan Squires

  9. Mary Rizzo says:

    what i wrote on her “blog post” over at ipeace forum.

    (will that Israeli Peace board ban me too, for being so critical of hypocrites???)

    I wish to add, to anyone unfamiliar with Juliano Mer Khamis, that he is not some “fanatic” (in words perhaps Noa would use), but an exceptional artist and human being.
    His film “Arna’s Children” is a must see, and his tireless work to give a future, peace of mind and love to thousands of Children and young people in Jenin is a testament to where his heart stands, and it stands with LIFE. Yes, that LIFE you claimed was so important while at the same time justifying the war against Gazans!!!

    Noa, you are an incredible propaganda machine for Zionism and Israel, and now, going into the Eurovision Song Contest (I am European and didn’t know Israel was part of my continent or my geopolitical area… I learn something each day) to sing a song (with an Arab Israeli) about “peace”!!! This is the most amazing propaganda yet for Israel and its belief it is in the right, no matter what it does, just convince everyone it wants peace and believes in love.

    It is sickening, to be honest, because people WILL fall for it.

    You are famous in Italy, where even I have gone to see you sing (Piazza del Popolo in AP). I have many of your discs. I even for a time was a big fan. Then, I saw you on the “Kore” special in 2006, in the height of the war of destruction against Lebanon, and you sang “Shalom”.. the images behind you were of Settlers crying to be leaving Gaza. These are the “poor souls who need peace?”. I am sure you remember the images you had play. I saw you and Gil Dor on TG 2, doing your nice singing…. and I thought, if only she were not doing this to clean up the Israeli image, because she is the cultural ambassador of whatever Israel wants. The fig leaf. She is talented, and she allows herself to be used, or… she is using… at any rate, Juliano and many others who have a track record of peace that would put anyone to shame, do not approve of your hypocritical move.

  10. Mary Rizzo says:


    you are right as rain Oskar!!

  11. Mary Rizzo says:

    Just as imagined, I Peace banned me!
    No free speech if you support Palestinians on ANY of those pseudo-peace Israeli boards.

    A post will come of this.

  12. Mary Rizzo says:

    A friend of mine just told me I have been ethnically cleansed from yet another Peace Loving Israel Board!

  13. Mary Rizzo says:

    from times on line

    Mira Awad, a Christian Arab, was selected this week as part of a duet with Achinoam Nini, a Jewish Israeli known as Noa, in what was supposed to bring a message of peace at this year’s contest.

    However, more than a dozen well-known Israeli and Palestinian intellectuals have today sent Awad a letter calling for her withdrawal, claiming her participation in the May 16 competition would convey a false impression of national coexistence used to cover up the deaths of Palestinian civilians.

    “The Israeli government is sending the two of you to Moscow as part of its propaganda machine that is trying to create the appearance of Jewish-Arab ‘coexistence’ under which it carries out the daily massacre of Palestinian civilians. Israel would not be able to proceed with its war crimes without the support of the international community and the United States and European Union in particular,” read the letter.

    Neither of the singers was available for comment, but their manager, Ofer Pesenzon, said that the pair were committed to “working towards dialogue between the two peoples in the hopes that it will one day lead to peace”.

    He added: “This cycle of hate certainly won’t lead us to any positive achievements. We will keep focusing on work and on writing the songs, because we don’t have much time to waste.”

  14. lafayette sennacherib says:

    What does she ‘sing’ – hip-hop I’ll bet, which means she’s thick as pig-shit, and just puts her name to anything her management tell her to. Paul McCartney is quite another matter; as John Lennon said ” how do you sleep at night ? “

  15. […] others initiated a petition to have her NOT sing a charity gig for Gazan children (published here…) and she pulled out, but then, she was called to sing her peace song and talk about how wonderfully […]

  16. Samy says:

    Noa (Akhinoaam Nini) ia an arabic jewish from Yemen, she’s israli too…
    she works for peace & for 1 state, not states…. me too :)
    sooner or later, we will understand that we’re ONE….

  17. Mary Rizzo says:

    Samy, she claims she works for peace, so did those who bombed out Gaza. This is not peace, this is war. A peace activist is entitled to any political view they want, they can be secular, religious, right, left, whatever, but they can NEVER accept that collective punishment is in any way justified or is for a higher goal. This is what she has claimed. That makes her into simply a spokesperson for the politics of her country. She is not for 1 state, but for division.

    I wish she would understand that we are one, but she doesn’t.