National Palestinian Unity to Isolate the Traitors

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WRITTEN BY KHALID AMAYREH – The meeting in Cairo on Monday 26 January, between a Hamas representative and Fatah leader Azzam al Ahmed is a glimmer of hope for millions of Palestinians and their allies who are hoping and praying for a speedy end of the enduring rift between the two biggest political camps in the Palestinian arena.


Though symbolic and procedural in nature, the meeting shows that the problems between the two sides can be overcome if both sides display good-will and especially if the Ramallah regime ends its ignominious subservience to Israel and the United States.


Needless to say, the rift has wreaked havoc on the reputation of the just Palestinian cause and caused many bleeding wounds to our people, the scars of which will take a long time to heal.


However, we are still one people, feeling the same pain, languishing under the same hateful occupation, and harboring the same hopes for freedom and justice.


But in order to reach a lasting national harmony, we need to be honest and frank, and refrain from trying to negate the other side.  This is so because neither Hamas nor Fatah will go away or evaporate into nonexistence.


There is no doubt that a great calamity has hit our people in the Gaza Strip. But by no means was that evil aggression  a victory for Israel unless the Zio-Nazi entity views the mass killing of innocent civilians and the mass destruction of residential homes and public buildings as an act of heroism.


Well, if so, then we would have to view Adolf Hitler as the greatest hero of all times.


Nonetheless, we should refrain from whipping ourselves too much or trying to score propaganda points one against the other.


Israel did try to decapitate Hamas, destroy its legitimate government (legitimate because Hamas was elected by the Palestinian people) and give the Gaza Strip back to PA leader Mahmoud Abbas on a sliver platter.


The fact that Israel couldn’t achieve the criminal goal was not due to Israeli magnanimity. Zionists are too thuggish and too criminal minded to know the meaning of magnanimity. After all, magnanimity requires at least a modicum of humanity and Zionism has none of that.


In truth, Hamas and other Palestinian resistance factions earned this spectacular steadfastness, this legendary resoluteness, in the face of overwhelming criminality, hideousness and firepower.


Hence, one can only view with utter contempt the cheap canards and calumnies coming out of Ramallah and accusing the resistance of responsibility for the widespread death and destruction in Gaza, as if the murderous pilots who were raining bombs and missiles and white phosphorous on the heads of our children and civilians were members of Hamas, not Israeli war criminals.


To be sure, such cheap accusations are made by two categories of people, ignoramuses who don’t know the facts, and bona fide traitors who are doing Israel’s work.


The former can be somehow forgiven by virtue of their ignorance or stupidity. However, the latter are willful Judases who ought to be silenced and punished. And if the time is not conducive to dealing with them the proper way, they should be isolated in disgrace.


This should be one of Hamas’s key tasks in the coming weeks and months. Otherwise, the Fifth columnists within Fatah and the PA, the very people who committed national adultery in broad daylight by collaborating with the Shin Beth and the CIA for the purpose of raping the Palestinian people’s will and achieving America’s morbid goals in this tortured part of the world, will continue to create mischief and try to rock the collective Palestinian boat.


These must be ejected, isolated, exposed, disgraced, and made to pay for their treachery and perfidy.


But Fatah is not a movement of traitors, and it is not in the Palestinian people’s interests to see Fatah catapulted into the laps of the likes of Muhammed Dahlan, Nimr Hammad and al-Tayeb Abdul Rahim who probably were dreaming, even loudly, of an Israeli victory in Gaza.


Hence, it is both right and wise for Hamas to get closer to true patriots within Fatah. And the time to do that is now.


There is no doubt that despite the enormity of the genocidal Zionist blitzkrieg against our people in Gaza, Hamas has not only managed to remain intact, but has also earned overwhelming respect and admiration from around the world.


Hamas shouldn’t treat lightly this earned outpouring of support which many movements, parties and governments even dream of receiving a fraction of.


In this light, Hamas should show enlightened flexibility toward re-establishing national unity.


It is this national unity that will eventually dump the government of Fayadh into the dustbin of history and do away with the whoring practice known as “security coordination.”


The restoration of national unity will also impose an early retirement on people like Keith Dayton and other CIA officers who have taught hundreds, if not thousands, of our beguiled and naïve young sons that the enemy is Hamas, not the Zionist thugs who have just murdered and maimed thousands of our children and civilians in the Gaza Strip and who have been stealing our land and narrowing our horizons.


In the Quran, God orders Muslims to refrain from falling into disunity and internal conflicts.


In Surat al Anfal, God says: “ And obey God and His Messenger and fall not into disputes, lest you lose heart and your power depart; and be patient and persevering: For God stands with those who patiently persevere.” Of all Palestinian factions, Hamas should understand this best.



  1. Shaukat says:

    The problem is if someone really succeed to “isolate the Traitors” – then what would happen to Fatah leadership? Mahmoud Abbas and several of his friend at top positions in Fatah are known for their close ties with anti-Palestinian folks in Tel Aviv, Amman, Riyadh, Cairo and Washington.

    One of the reasons for the latest Zionazi attack on Gaza civilian was the fact that Abbas term as the “PA President” was due to expire on January 8, 2009. Israeli National Security Council warned Zionist regime in early December that if there were election – Hamas most probably destroy Fatah.

    Fatah’s spokesman sounded quite disappointed that IOF failed to destroy Hamas, which is still in control in Gaza Strip.

  2. Unity is the best way of resisting against evil alliance of Zionism/Imperialism. Now that prominent Jewish peace activists like Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein, Naomi Klein, and many others speak up and condemn the apartheid regime of Israel, all freedom lovers should unite. I am against “Political Theocracy” of any type (Jewish, Islamic or Christian) because I am for a secular society where everyone can practice any religion. However, I sympathize with Hamas because they came to power through a democratic election. Trying to remove Hamas from power is equal to insulting Palestinian people and ignoring their right of self determination.

    My views are way beyond two state solution. I dream of a Palestinian-Israeli confederation without political theocracy and religious extremism. A real secular democracy like Switzerland, where Germans, French, Italians and others govern their country with “Zauber Formel” (Magic Formula in German), and there is no difference between any of them. It looks very idealistic but it is possible.

  3. We Palestinians need to admit to the fact that “traitors and informers” are every where. Every organization including Hamas and Fatah are penetrated to the core by agents, informers of the occupation. Otherwise explain to us how it is possible for Israel to target a specific car with specific passengers in the middle of the night. Or target Sheik Ahmed Yassin as he leaves the Morning Prayer. In occupied Palestine whether it is Gaza or the West Bank is so similar to East Germany where STASI is in every home and in every office. Informers are every where. Traitors are also every where including inner circles of leadership. Palestinian Preventive Security was a prime example of STASI like organization. Let us not fool ourselves. Those who served few years in Israeli jails only to become leaders and decision makers are not so innocent. Yes, Israel could not succeed without an extended network of informers and traitors, including those within the inner circles of leadership. If we are to believe that Arafat was assassinated through slow poising process, we need to question how did Israel reached to Arafat when he is surrounded by “loyal” aids.

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