Iqbal Tamimi – Corrupt Egyptian system: feeds the IDF, starves Gazans, oppresses journalists

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Once upon an alleged democracy, the Egyptian government decided a couple of days ago to try the journalist Majdi Hussein, the secretary-general of the Egyptian Labour party in a military court – even though he is a civilian – because he broke the law when he tried to “illegally enter the Gaza Strip”.


One wonders what is legal and what is not when it comes to Gaza.  It seems the law in Egypt is extremely elastic and can accommodate all manipulations and tailoring of the law to fit different sizes of growing plots. The good old Egyptian system is abiding by the law to the letter, and that’s why it wants to try a journalist in a military court for entering Gaza ‘illegally’ while the good old authority was providing the Israeli military ‘legally’ with tons of foods through the Gaza crossings while blocking any food sent to the starved to death children of Gaza who were burned to the bone by white phosphorus by that same Israeli army Egypt was feeding.


Last month the opposition Egyptian newspaper Alosbooa ‘The Week’ revealed in one of its reports a controversial story that was not refuted by the authorities about the Egyptian company ‘International Union of Food Industries’ which was providing the Israeli army with large quantities of homegrown Egyptian vegetables during the aggression on Gaza, since the very first day of the aggression. 


The report revealed that the Egyptian trucks were loaded with tons of frozen local grown vegetables from the company stores in the city of Sadat to the Israeli company “Food Channel”, through Al Awja crossing between Egypt and Israel. One of the drivers said that he has made these deliveries many times to Israel but he was hiding this fact from his relatives and neighbours in Albadry neighbourhood at Assalam city, and that he used to tell them that he was delivering goods to other Arab countries, or the delivery is heading towards far ports like Savaja because he was embarrassed to tell them the truth. Other drivers said they no more feel embarrassed or ashamed of doing so because their government itself has normalized relations with Israel years ago. The workers in the company said that the food was repackaged with Hebrew writing, showing the expiry date and the contents, and that the food has been prepared according to Jewish religious rules.  Thus indicating that it complied with the traditional religious Jewish parameters, and that’s why the company imposed a cordon around the place, keeping stored bags, boxes, posters and empty cartons away from the sight of intruders, not allowing any of the workers or the staff to approach the packaging area, and searching every worker at the end of his shift before leaving.


Contrary to what was expected, trade exchange between Egypt and Israel because of Israeli policies towards the Palestinians has increased notably to 4 billion dollars in addition to exports of oil and gas.


Regarding the journalist Majdi Husse, this was not his first encounter with the Egyptian authorities. He was Chief Editor of an Egyptian Islamic bi-weekly when he was imprisoned for 4 months along with the journalist Muhammad Hilal in 1998 with charges of defaming former Minister of the Interior in Egypt, Lt. Gen. Hussein al-Alfi.

Hussein said he was prevented twice by the Egyptian authorities from entering the Gaza Strip through the Rafah crossing point, forcing him to take an alternative route to get into the Palestinian territories.

The Egyptian prosecutor in Al-Arish city said the decision to put Hussein on military trial (even though he is a civilian) came after three days of investigations with him, and that he was arrested upon his arrival to the Egyptian side of the border with Gaza. The trial of Hussein is expected to be held on Thursday.

The Labour party in Egypt considered subjecting one of its top officials to a military trial as a grave violation of human rights, since he is a civilian, and commented that Majdi’s decision to get into Gaza Strip was driven by his “nationalist, Islamic, and popular considerations, and that Majdi’s determination to enter the Strip reflects the general feeling in the Egyptian street to lift the siege on Gaza and to open the Rafah crossing point before the Palestinian people.”

Majidi is not the only Arab journalist Egyptian authorities prevented from entering Gaza, the Al-Jazeera team was denied entry into Gaza too. The Egyptian authorities denied two of Al-Jazeera’s top journalists Ahmed Mansour and Ghassan Bin Jiddo entry into the Gaza Strip without explaining the reasons. Especially since Egypt had granted entry into the Gaza Strip to foreign and European journalists.

In a telephone call with his satellite channel, Mansour confirmed that the Egyptian authorities told them that they (he and bin Jiddo) were denied entry, at a time it granted many journalists of different nationalities the right to enter the Strip.

“We presented our identification documents to the Egyptian authorities and requested permission to enter the Gaza Strip as other journalists did, but we were denied entry,” added Mansour.

Mansour also said that the Egyptian officials stopped answering their telephone calls, but he stressed that the Al-Jazeera team will remain at the borders till a rational reason by the Egyptian authorities is given to justify such action.

Hence, according to the law-abiding Egyptian authorities, it is illegal to open the crossing to allow food and aid to the starved Gaza children, but it is legal to feed the Zionist army who were barbecuing Gaza children. It is legal to allow foreign journalists to cross to the Gaza haven, but it is against the law to allow Arab journalists to cross the borders to investigate or offer emotional support. It seems it is legal to stand on the borders and watch a full nation being killed and not only to stand idly doing nothing, but also to punish those who intend to help.

  1. ioana says:

    “Egypt demands international delegates, reporters and supporters to leave Gaza”

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  3. euiyoung says:

    sorry to take this article for translation to Korean without asking you.
    I belong to an organisation involving in solidarity activities for Gaza in South Korea.
    I found here by chance and wanted to introduce this article on the website of the organisation.
    There will be mentioned the source of this article.

  4. Shadi Fadda says:

    It is very shameful to have such people talk in the name of Arab people… Hosni Mubarak, Amro Musa, Mahmoud Abbass…
    I just wonder whether the son of Hosni Mubarak will continue the same way once he takes the presidency after his father ends up in Hell?

  5. Shaukat says:

    “Arab countries are Israel’s first line of defense,” – David Ben Gurion

    Egyptian, Jordanian, Syrian and Lebanese regimes are their to protect Israel from Islamic groups, who want to liberate Muslim Arab world from Zionist cancer. The deal becomes more attractive if Uncle Sam is willing to pay US$2 billion/year to keep Palestinian starving.

  6. Noa says:

    “traditional religious Jewish parameters” has nothing to do with “the company imposed a cordon around the place, keeping stored bags, boxes, posters and empty cartons away from the sight of intruders, not allowing any of the workers or the staff to approach the packaging area, and searching every worker at the end of his shift before leaving.”
    Plenty of restaurants in Israel employ non-Jewish cooks, and they are kosher. Plenty of non-Jewish people work in food industries, but the products are still kosher. You only need a Jewish present to supervise, and in products such as frosen okra and frosen green fava beans, it means it was searched for worms, that aren’t kosher.
    If workers were searched before leaving, it defenetely wasn’t connected to the kosher issue.

  7. Iqbal Tamimi says:


    On the contrary , please translate whatever you want, we all seek the truth and freedom of the Palestinian people. Thank you… we would love to see the translated version.

  8. Iqbal Tamimi says:

    Dear Noa
    The reason for searching the workers before they leave is to make sure that they did not take any of the posters as an evidence of the trade during that time, they knew that they were doing something the Egyptian people would disapprove of.
    Regarding the Kosher writing it is to make sure that the food is distributed on the other side without any delays, as for reassurance only.

  9. pippi says:

    what i’m interested in knowing is WHY ?? What is the reason Mubarak and his administration esp FM Gheit – are such obvious over-the-top traitors to their own People – are they jews or is there a monetary gain to themselves or is it both ??
    but above is a small consideration compared to the encompassing people of the world verdict
    guilty of mass murder – guilty of aiding and abetting genocide against the Palestinian People of Gaza

    Please sidestep throw out this traitor and his henchmen who have taken control of Egypt and its People treating Egypt as his own personal fiefdom and Egyptian People as his chattel

  10. Exel says:

    Hosni again..??? he is a zion puppet……Egypt people should throw him out

  11. fouad says:

    @Shaukat – where r u going with this nonsense??egypt (THE AFRICANS)jordan(THE PUPPET)thoses two monkeys of a nations are on the payroll of the USA.get your fact right before you make a fool of yourself..

  12. Erich Kronberger says:


  13. sham says:

    I pray that hosni mubarak dies of rectal cancer.

  14. Fennie Stavast says:

    @Shadi Fadda

    It’s somewhat strange to me that you wonder what Mubarak’s son will do when he’s the president. I would think that you would criticise the automatic thinking his son will take-over. Egypt is not a monarchy, I think?

  15. euiyoung says:

    I uploaded your writing on the web of the organisation.
    you can see the picture that you used in the writing on the website.
    Thanks again.
    I will do what you asked me as much as I can.

  16. euiyoung says:

    Originally Posted By euiyoungI uploaded your writing on the web of the organisation.
    you can see the picture that you used in the writing on the website,
    Thanks again.
    I will do what you asked me as much as I can.

  17. Wayne says:

    Word of advice to all the treasonous, traitorous, jew terrorist puppets in fatah and egypt and elsewhere: avoid walking under tall trees, for one day you will hanging from them.

  18. Iqbal Tamimi says:


    Dear Euiyoung, thank you very much, but you have forgotten to add the link, I do not read Korean to be able to search the net. Can you please kindly send us the link. I appreciate your effort.

  19. euiyoung says:

    Sorry! here is the site,

    if you have any problem or further question let me know~

  20. euiyoung says:

    sorry again,
    I wrote the wrong address of web.
    here is the real one!

  21. James says:

    The Palestinians already have three nations – Jordan, PA, and Gaza. That they have made of sewer of the latter two (PA, GAZA) is their own fault. That they have not made a sewer of the first (Jordan) is to the credit not of the Palestinians, but of the Hashemites.

  22. Kaiser says:

    Well The people of Egypt and most of thr ordinary arabs are against their government, who the the puppets and dummies acting for USA. like even if Egypt open Gaza gates, the UNCLE SAM will stop the billion of aids to Missr as well as the weapons she gets. As far as Hosni mubarik is concerned, well he should be kicked out as he is the biggest traitor. I dont understand why he becomes the arbitrator for Israel and palestine or for any other Arab nation? and yet arab people and egypt people are against this hypocrite.

    Just for this he has also worsened the relations with Non-Arab muslim countries like Pakistan, because recently Pakistan and Sudan have had friendly relations since the Egyptians have strained relations with Pakistan because of the latter’s role in the Israeli-Palestinian conflics therefore Pakistanis have opted to give moral support to the Sudanese over its territorial borders.

    So this Hosni should be removed ASAP.