They shoot farmers, don't they? Israeli Snipers shoot at unarmed Palestinians and Internationals VIDEO

Posted: 02/28/2009 by editormary in Mary\'s Choice, Newswire, Palestine, Resistance, War
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Israeli bullets against Vittorio Arrigoni From Infopal

Written by Vittorio Arrigoni, Translated by Mary Rizzo

One heart, two hands, a beating heart and a mind that is still working. Two eyes deep enough to focus on injustice and aimed at by snipers Two hands that are still working so that they can comfort the little child who is A “dispersed son of a lesser God”, and a heart that is skipping beats and pumping blood for a mind that is not ready to show indifference before a tragedy such as this. I am alive, but this could quite easily have been the video of my execution:


When a bullet (even if it may have been a rubber coated one) rushes past your temple, I can assure you it is like you have received a slap in the face by a heavyweight, something so strong to knock you to the ground. This is what happened, two days ago at Khozaa, when we were accompanying Palestinian agricultural workers (they and we are visibly all unarmed civilians) so that they can work in their own fields, at a distance of approximately 600 metres from the confine, Israeli snipers tried to kill me. The bullets struck at less than 50 centrimetres from where I was standing. Several days earlier, despite the presence of internationals, the same snipers had wounded Mohammad al-Buraim, who is deaf-mute:


I beg you to look at these videos and to spread them on the internet. They speak clearly as to precisely what the Israeli siege is to those who do not have ears to listen to the cries of pain from these innocent people who are butchered on a daily basis by the “only democracy in the Middle East”. To who hasn’t got a nose to smell the stench of Fascism behind the masks of victims in which these killers dressed as soldiers are manoeuvred from Tel Aviv, by land:

and by sea:

We’ll be back soon to accompany the Palestinian farmers to their fields, aware of the fact that while dying might be for some a matter of survival, for others it’s just a pastime of target practice.
Let’s stay human


  1. michael mazur says:

    No, not a rubber coated bullet from that distance of 600mtrs; this is regular ball ammunition most likely the standard 5.56mm used just about everywhere where the west has gained traction.

    The vicious sound it makes on the vid is also a cue, as well as the sharp sonic crack as it goes past the face of the intended victim, which only proves that at 600mtrs the speed is still supersonic which would not be true of rubber coated bullets even at a range of 50mtrs.

  2. Peter Terry says:


    This is such a terrible outrage and while its probably not comforting to those being brutalised by Israel, world opinion has certainly hardened against the Israeli state. I believe its now time for more direct action against Israeli owned business in the west as I believe they should now be targeted in in peaceful protest acts of civil disobedience, designed to disrupt and bankrupt. Much in the same way that we brought down the former white Botha South African Government in the early 1980s which led to the release of Nelson Mandela. . PeterT

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