Zionist Web Attacks: two guest editorials (and something else… if you play their game, they control your computer!)

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One of my dearest friends and fellow Pro-Palestine Blogger, Steve Amsel wrote a post about a “tool” I mentioned to him and other friends. Please visit his site to join in the discussion. Below his post is the post by Sinéad of http://irish4palestine.blogspot.com/ , who remarks on another group of organised pro-Israel “net warriors”. Great comments there too.



Do you write articles giving the truth about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict? Do you have a Blog known for its anti zionist viewpoints? Have you been getting extra ‘visitors’ to your Blog who leave negative comments or participate in polls? 
If yes to any of the above, there is a good reason for all of this….it’s a project called Megaphone Israel.It is a new desktop tool that alerts its subscribers to any entries that might be anti Israel or anti zionist. 
After notification, the ‘warriors’ jump into action and attack the source of the article. Are we to quiver in our seats because of this? Are we to stop posting because of this? I THINK NOT! 
As long as Israel continues its existing genocidal policies and actions against the people of Palestine, Blogs such as this one will continue to expose their crimes. Where the media fails to, we will present the facts. 
So Megaphone Israel should be kept busy for the next (hopefully) short while. 
Do any of my readers have suggestions as to how we might also be alerted….. to racist or zionist postings on the Web? We too should be posting OUR comments on their sites, just to let them know we are aware of their ‘games’. 
Thanks to Mary Rizzo for the alert on this situation…..


21/02/09 Online Censorship by Israel

What do BLOGGER, YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK, and WIKIPEDIA have in common?

Following up on yesterday’s post “Is Israel Controlling the Internet” today we will learn about Israel’s Government and the IDF attempting to censor and control the internet, face book, you tube and many other social networks, blogs, message boards and news organisations. Today I will be discussing these groups who work online for Israel and the IDF (Israeli Army).

These groups came about after the many genocidal murders committed by Israel and the IDF. Hundreds upon thousands of Lebanese, Palestinians being killed, with the majority of them being innocent civilians, women and children. Israel need helps to re-create its image worldwide. What better place than the internet?

Why the internet? Because the internet is a huge echo chamber. It also influences what news you see on your television or MSM news sites, like CNN, ABC, MSNBC and CBS for instance. It also influences what you read in your newspapers worldwide. With today’s 24 hour news cycle, the need for fresh news is quite important for retaining viewers and readers. So, many news publications and organisations turn to the internet to see what the “buzz” is and then report on that. Also, due to the internets wide range of people and access to webcams, videos and blogs, many times regular individuals get important news online before main stream media does. Given these facts, who ever controls the internet controls the news and controls the battle for the hearts and minds of the general public.

Winning public opinion is extremely important, remember Americans vote, and they could, if organized, exert pressure on their government and President to stop handing over their hard earned tax dollars to Israel. . Another important reason is “war” Israel needs Americans to be afraid of Muslims, it needs Americans to think everyone in the Middle East are either terrorists, supporting terrorists, swayed by terrorists, and that only little isolated Israel (with the 4th largest army in the world AND having nuclear weapons) is the only friend America has, and on this premise, Americans should back everything Israel does as they are our “friends” (even though they murder American military and cover it up, see below)

Their “job” is to win the battle of public opinion online. In other words, they want to influence what people think of Israel. Why is this important? Well, the obvious answer is NOT that Israel really cares what you think if it. After all, if it did perhaps it would begin adhering to some of the more than 60 UN resolutions it has against it, or perhaps stop breaking international law, or perhaps allowing international investigations when it murders people in Palestine, Lebanon and US Military men onboard the USS Liberty;

The USS Liberty off the coast of Egypt was attacked without warning. The attack lasted 40 minutes and 34 Americans were murdered, with 17o injured and the Ship destroyed.

theories as to why Israel would take such drastic action against its superpower ally is that the Liberty, a $40m state-of-the-art surveillance ship, was eavesdropping on an Israeli massacre of Egyptian prisoners of war.

The assertion of a cover-up was lent weight by a 2003 independent commission of inquiry which reported that the attack on the Liberty “remains the only serious naval incident that has never been thoroughly investigated by Congress”.

also here

So, to sway public opinion of Israel and its war crimes in Lebanon and Palestine, back in 2000 they decided to create an online group called JIDF or Jewish Internet Defence Force, to manipulate polls and message boards and blogs by spamming comments and votes. However, this has now progressed into removing sites, videos and blogs that critisize Israel or it’s genocide in Palestine, also sites that are against Zionism, which, importantly, is NOT the same as being against Jews!! And there is another group as well, called GIYUS, or “Give Israel Your United Support”

first look at GIYUS:

Why do I need to report?

GIYUS.ORG spends a lot of effort tracking down online articles  and surveys that members should see and act upon.
After installing the Megaphone application, you will receive alerts on these articles so that you can voice your opinion on

You can help even more! Report relevant articles and surveys to
GIYUS.ORG and help Israel win the public opinion front.

Now let’s look at the other group called JIDF, e.g Jewish Internet Defense Force, sounds very miltary doesn’t it now?
“One of their campaigns has already led to 106 Facebook groups being removed”See here:

The Jewish Internet Defense Force, (JIDF) is approximately 8 years old as a collective of activists and has operated under the name the “Jewish Internet Defense Force”

The JIDF is involved in mass email campaigns, we work to discuss the issues on many fronts, in various forums. We report our concerns of TOS violations to many companies. We advocate for Israel, and we work to unify our people who share our concerns. We write emails to the media, to the internet companies, to law enforcement, and to the government. We also have a major campaign involving YouTube, where we report hateful videos or videos which are promoting violence or terrorism. We work to keep things neutral on Wikipedia,

We have also been a leading pro-Israel force online, and the success often comes in the form of inspiring someone new, who eventually becomes a solid soldier in our online army.

Jewish Internet Defense Force
Leading the Fight

So let’s just have a look at the groups they target listed below with excerpts from the JIDF site itself:


Through the creation of 4 proactive Facebook groups, The JIDF initiated a 35 day campaign urging 5,000 people to report all the following groups. During that time, 106 groups were deleted, Many more groups crop up daily. Jewish Leadership must coordinate with the management of Facebook to help develop plans to fight this problem.


The JIDF believes the following channels and videos most likely break YouTube’s rules against promoting hatred and/or violence. As you can see by the amount of channels which have been suspended we have a pretty good track record. (NOTE: Too many for me to list here, but take link to see the entire list of suspended accounts http://www.thejidf.org/2008/02/problematic-youtube-channels-and-videos.html  scroll down and further down the page you will see the 100’s of accounts they are currently targeting)

Below are links and comments pasted exactly from their VERY long list of youtube users they want suspended, or videos removed. Admittedly some are from skinheads and truly are racist, but the vast majority are just normal videos with excerpts from credible news sources or photos from news sources. Note that the comments under the links are the actual notes this group has made regarding the video in the link it wants removed.

1 video, many problematic favs

(NOTE FYI Meaning she favourited other peoples videos and got her account closed!!)

(But here is the best one of all!!)

1 video – (might not be against the rules)

Now, this video is a documented media video from a British reporter and an Israeli Human Rights organisation no less. And they want to close this person’s youtube account because they uploaded this video? Why? Because as usual, the video shows human rights abuses by Israelis, so we can’t have that now can we?? Even when it’s an Israeli group that uncovered it and made the documentary, so they attempt to censor their own people!!

Here’s the video (listed above form their site) they want taken down

View it yourself

Oh no, it gets even better, and here’s another one, this is a RAP music video showing news footage and photos of those killed by Israel, again, we can’t let the world see this, they might not like us!!

(This video shows dead bodies, this is against the YouTube Community Guidelines)

and yet another one here:

(This video shows dead bodies of children, and people getting hurt, attacked, or humiliated)


and here
(This video shows dead bodies, and dead children)
(NOTE with regard to YouTube the JIDF also work with an American right wing NeoCon group called YOU TUBE SMACKDOWN http://smackdowncorps.org/

like minds stick together)


In general, please alert us to any problems of POV-Pushing, bias, subtle antisemitic jabs and the standard “Jew baiting” so commonly found on Wikipedia (WP), so we may update this list and continue cite specific examples. We are also looking to get a lot more active on Wikipedia, since much has been written about the problems and many people have pointed out unfair Wikipedia policies and implementation thereof, especially with regard to Israel and the Jewish people.

Please keep us posted as to any problems you experience on Wikipedia as it will aid in our research and approach. Please enjoy the following list of heavily biased Wikipedia editors. We have listed their “contributions” from “earliest” to most recent, since many of them are trying to pretend they are not biased as of late:

They are targeting several people in Wikipedia, one is an Arab, the other is a Jew who is against Zionism, here is what they say about the Anti-Zionist Jew on Wikipedia, notice how other Jews who are not Zionist fanatics like the JIDF are also targets:

User Contributions

Real name, “Roland Rance” who chairs “Jews Against Zionism” meetings

Just look at this user’s userpage. Wikipedia is supposed to have rules against using it for “soapboxing” but apparently they make an exception in this case (Mary Rizzo’s note: Rance is himself a major gatekeeper and censor… he manipulates according to his own taste pages on Gilad Atzmon, who is a bigger enemy of his than any Zionist is, apparently… but I did not write this post, just leaving my observation in).

Here is one of their complaints about wikipedia: the way, in the current Wikipedia article about Hamas, the fact that it is a terrorist organization isn’t even hinted at until the 6th paragraph!)

Heaven forbid, we have to get the word “terrorist” and “HAMAS” in the first sentance, otherwise it’s unfair to poor Israel!! what a load of bollox! As if people can’t think for themselves, we all need Israel to tell us what to think!


Don’t think they are serious about closing blogs, webpages, facebook, and youtube accounts and more?

They even invented software to use to make their word easier, it is called “megaphone”, and endorsed by the IDF (Israeli army) and government!

See here:

Megaphone desktop tool
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Megaphone desktop tool is a Windows “action alert” tool developed by Give Israel Your United Support (GIYUS) and distributed by World Union of Jewish Students, World Jewish Congress, The Jewish Agency for Israel, World Zionist Organization, StandWithUs, Hasbara fellowships, HonestReporting, and other pro-Israel public relations, media watchdog, or activism organizations. The tool delivers real-time alerts about key articles, videos, blogs, and surveys related to Israel or the Arab-Israeli conflict, especially those perceived by GIYUS to be highly critical of Israel, so that users can vote or add comments expressing their support of Israel. The tool was released in July during the 2006 Lebanon War.

According the Jerusalem Post, Amir Gissin, head of the Public Affairs Department of the Foreign Ministry of Israel, has expressed support for the tool’s use. “The Foreign Ministry itself is now pushing the idea, urging supporters of Israel everywhere to become cyberspace soldiers in the new battleground for Israel’s image.”



So, if you can’t win the public hearts and minds by doing the right thing, then just CHEAT CHEAT CHEAT, CENSOR CENSOR CENSOR

Report Jew-Hating Blogs in Less Than a Minute
Click here and then click “submit”
Then come back here and do the same thing with this one.
Do this many times a day. Many days a week and share it with all your friends and email lists.
The blogs in question are some of the most hateful sites we have seen and clearly against Blogger’s own rules.


And a little tidbit from the Jpost on JIDF. Notice that this JIDF group infiltrated and then took over a FACEBOOK group using some type of software, because they did not like the answer they got from FACEBOOK when they complained. The group, according to FACEBOOK was a political discourse group, and as such, FACEBOOK refused to close it down. So the JIDF took action themselves. See here:
Jul 29, 2008 21:16 Updated Jul 30, 2008 9:47

Jewish Internet Defense Force ‘seizes control’ of anti-Israel Facebook group
In the JIDF’s latest efforts, the group has been working around the clock to dismantle the group on Facebook titled, “Israel is not a country! Delist it from Facebook as a country.” That group had tens of thousands of members.
Facebook’s negligence and abdication of responsibility gave us no option but to take matters in our own hands,” the JIDF added.

The JIDF would not specify what technological methods it used to gain access to the group, but said it succeeded in doing so after the old administrators left.

The JIDF received a response from Facebook, he said, which called the anti-Israel group “legitimate political discourse.” Facebook was not available for comment.

“[The JIDF] gained control of the group without compromising Facebook’s security,” Oboler said. “What they have done… is taken away the hate that was spreading through [the group’s] membership. It’s a shame that Facebook themselves did not remove it. It has taken a lot of effort from [the JIDF], while it would have taken Facebook one click.”

The JIDF said its efforts are not limited to Facebook, but extend to anti-Semitism and anti-Israel posts found throughout the Internet, including on sites such as Google, Google Earth, YouTube and Wikipedia.

So what group or site will they come for next? Beware of who you allow to join your groups and blogs, they will join and then destroy your site.

Remember this, he who controls the internet controls the news and controls the battle for the hearts and minds of the general public. If any of this makes you angry or outraged, write to your Elected Representatives and demand that Israel stop censoring the internet. Who made them “Judge, Jury and Executioner”

We are all intelligent enough to make up our own minds *if* we are allowed to see unfettered information ourselves, why is Israel so worried? Because the internet is the LAST place news is free and where news can freely be put online for all to see. Don’t’ let Israel gain control of what you see, hear and read. America must stop being Israel’s “poodle”.

More information on this subject in tomorrow’s blog, check back then or subscribe to this blog.


Here is the JIDF’s YOUTUBE LIST OF CHANNELS AND USERS (note the first scrolling box are all the accounts they have managed to suspend or close down, but scroll down the page more to see the active list they are currently working on now, you may be listed!)


Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, don’t say anyhing bad about Israel, or they will come for you in the night…………………

thus concludes Sinéad’s fine report.

And this is what I found while digging into it some more:

Wage Cyberwar Against Hamas, Surrender Your PC
By Noah Shachtman EmailJanuary 08, 2009 | 1:10:27 PM

A group of Israeli students and would-be cyberwarriors have developed a program that makes it easy for just about anyone to start pounding on pro-Hamas websites. But using this “Patriot” software, to join in the online fight, means handing over control of your computer to the Israeli hacker group.

“While you’re running their program, they can do whatever they want with your computer,” Mike La Pilla, manager of malicious code operations at Verisign iDefense, the electronic security firm.

The online collective “Help Israel Win” formed in late December, as the current conflict in Gaza erupted. “We couldn’t join the real combat, so we decided to fight Hamas in the cyber arena,” “Liri,” one the group’s organizers, told Danger Room.

So they created a simple program, supposedly designed to overload Hamas-friendly sites like qudsnews.net and palestine-info.info. In recent years, such online struggles have become key components in the information warfare that accompanies traditional bomb-and-bullets conflicts. Each side tries to recruit more and more people — and more and more computers — to help in the network assaults. Help Israel Win says that more than 8,000 people have already downloaded and installed its Patriot software. It’s a small part of a larger, increasingly sophisticated propaganda fight between supporters of Israel and Hamas that’s being waged over the airwaves and online.

Help Israel Win, which has websites in Hebrew, English, Spanish, French, Russian and Portugese, doesn’t say much about how the program functions — only that it “unites the computer capabilities of many people around the world. Our goal is to use this power in order to disrupt our enemy’s efforts to destroy the state of Israel. The more support we get, the more efficient we are.”

Analysis from iDefense and the SANS Institute, however, reveals that computer users put their PCs at risk when they run the Patriot software. The program connects a computer to one of a number of Internet Relay Chat (IRC) servers. Once the machine is linked up, Help Israel Win can order it to do just about anything.

The Patriot program does something “fishy,” SANS Institute security specialist Bojan Zdrnja said, by retrieving “a remote file and sav[ing] it on the local machine as TmpUpdateFile.exe.” That could easily be a “trojan,” Zdrnja said, referring to a program that sneaks malicious code onto a computer.

“While at the moment it does not appear to do anything bad (it just connects to the IRC server and sites there — there also appeared to be around 1,000 machines running this when I tested this) the owner can probably do whatever he wants with machines running this,” Zdrnja wrote.

Liri, with Help Israel Win, conceded that “the Patriot code could be used as a trojan. However, “practically it is not used as such, and will never be.”

“The update option is used to fix bugs in the client, and not to upload any malicious code… never have and never will,” Liri said. “The project will close right after the war is over, and we have given a fully functional uninstaller to [remove] the application.”

It’s also unclear how much the Patriot program is really helping the Israeli side in the online information war.

La Pilla has been monitoring Help Israel Win’s IRC servers for days. “They didn’t make us download and install anything. Didn’t make us [attack] anybody. I was basically just sitting idle on their network.” The group claims to have shut down sarayaalquds.org and qudsvoice.net. But, as of now, the rest of the group’s pro-Hamas targets remain online. Meanwhile, Help Israel Win has had to shift from website to website, as they come under attack from unknown assailants.

“We began to focus on internet companies like Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia, MySpace, and Digg,

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  4. Maju says:

    I used to be active in Wikipedia and the Zionist Lobby is very active there. There are other pressure groups anyhow: any propaganda department or secret service will naturally have people paid only to make sure that strategic sites in the Internet, like Wikipedia, YouTube or Facebook bend to their versions and not to that of their idological opponents. That includes censorship and persistent battles against honest, yet unpaid, volunteers who eventually give up.

    It is in the interest of these sites to prevent this lobbying, because otherwise they lose credibility. They rely on the amateur work of people (and revenues related to viewers and collaborators) who will desert them if they find themselves harassed and find that they offer biased info and do not fight that bias.

    I have always thought that the best solution for Wikipedia, for instance, would be to clone it several times, creating a “free market” of info instead of the current “monopoly”. If people can choose which online encyclopedia they feel is better, less biased, nicer to work within, they will desert those that allow the manipulation by propaganda agencies and join the ones that are real collaborative works by independent honest contributors.

    The same applies for the rest: lobby-promoted censorship in the long run can only destroy such sites, because people want the real thing, not doctrine.

    You’re surely right about creating alert networks against Zionist attacks but it would be even better to create alternative sites, preferably not based in the USA, where these lobby activities are strongly discouraged. Personally I’d like a new “wikipedia” with enhanced sensibility to opressed ethnic groups, be them Palestinian, Basques, Berbers, Kurds, Tibetans, Kashmiris, Tamils or Native Americans.

  5. David Bunting says:

    Hi guys. After posting on the Palestinian struggle in various facebook groups, I came to the attention of the JIDF who attempted to intimidate me with threats of legal action.. The following is an account of their bullying which I posted on the web in response to their unsolicited and intimitadory hate mail.

    Faced with an increasingly difficult task of defending the indefensible. The defenders of Israel’s criminal regime have resorted to attempts to silence their critics through intimidation

    After wiping the floor with several (admittedly inept) Zionists on a facebook group last week, they of course resorted to the usual smear tactics of screaming anti Semite and trying to claim all and any criticism of Israel is anti Semitism.

    Not content with that I began to receive some very sinister messages. At least they would be sinister if they weren’t so utterly transparent and pathetic.What follows is the exchange

    Steven Cohen June 13 at 12:48am Report
    Hello David,

    My name is Steven Cohen and I am a friend of the Jewish Internet Defense Force. Some of the posts you have created on the “Flotilla for Palestine” group have been brought to my attention. The group in question can be found below.


    The posts in question have been addressed as having the potential to incite hatred against an identifiable group, the Jewish people in Israel or Jewish people in general.

    David, you should be aware of the fact that you can be convicted of hate crime violations for your above posts as per the Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006, see below.


    Your name and Facebook details have been turned over to the JIDF who will in turn distribute the information to related organizations if necessary. Please cease from posting in the Flotilla group immediately and all future Facebook correspondence of yours on the aforementioned group will be monitored as grounds for potential hate crime charges.

    Thank you for your time and future cooperation.

    Steven Cohen
    Friend of Jewish Internet Defense Force

    Blah blah. So, amused and a little annoyed off to be receiving unsolicited libellous pms . I replied as follows

    Hello Steven. Thank you for the threatening mail .

    I will pass your information to the relevant authorities too and I will be seeking advice on legal action for libel and intimidation against you. Your message was unsolicited and libellous and was clearly an attempt to inimidate opponents of Israel’s policy of ethnic cleansing into silence.
    I would be glad to answer any charges in a court of law. I am only sorry that murderers like Netanyahu and Leiberman and the killers of the IDF general command will not face trial.

    I have spent my life in opposition to racism in all its forms and you will find no example of anti semitism in my posts. On the contrary I believe the fight against zionism is a fight against racism. It is the moral duty of all good men to oppose crimes against humanity and war crimes and I will not be intimidated from doing so by dishonest bullies like yourself and your zionist friends who use the label of anti semitism to try to silence all critics of the criminal actions of the Israeli government.

    So let me be clear. I will not cease to oppose the criminal actions of the Israeli government in Gaza and I will continue to fight racism in all its forms. and on a personal level I would like to tell you to go fuck yourself you dishonest anti Arab racist bastard. Please desist from sending me threatening messages as they are neither effective or welcome.
    david bunting

    Oh that’s not how it’s supposed to work. I’m supposed to be shaking in my boots. Did this dickhead really think I was going to be intimidated from opposing war crimes and crimes against humanity because of his stupid threats? Not to be defeated, he puffed himself up and replied thus

    Steven Cohen June 13 at 1:12am Report
    Hello David,

    Please review the Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006 and other relevant legal documents.

    You have participated in a discussion which has spoken broadly about the Israeli people and Zionists which constitutes hate speech under laws you are required to abide by. Please read 29B(1-5) of the act.

    The relevant information has been passed on to the JIDF and should they choose to follow up on the matter you will hear about them in a preliminary form through email with the necessary instructions from that point forward.

    Written material which has the potential to incite hatred towards identifiable groups is not acceptable. The Facebook group you belong to will be reported to the necessary authorities on the matter, aside from the JIDF.

    Ooh scary scary. Ok Steven. I surrender. Please don’t tell the JIDF on me. Please anything but the scary JIDF. Israel can kill and murder and trample over international law and human rights from now on and I won’t say a word I promise. Not the JIDF

    So I wrote my surrender letter here

    Hello Steven

    listen very carefully because I will say this only once. I know your game. I have seen this pathetic attempt at intimidating critics of Israel’s criminal actions many times before. You think the Israeli government can kill civilians at leisure, commit crimes against humanity, commit war crimes and that you can smear any critics of these crimes as anti semites and intimidate us from denouncing these crimes? NEVER.

    I will continue to speak out against the criminal actions of the racist state of Israel and I will continue to fight for justice for the Palestinian people and I will NEVER be intimidated by jumped up little jerks like you from speaking out. I stand by every single word I have written and I will continue to do so Search as you wish you will fail to find a word of anti semitism in anything I have ever posted. But of course you know that don’t you.

    . In fact your email has only served to make me more determined to speak out all the more. I think I will start a website and I would like to thank you for inspiring me to do that.

    If you dislike criticism of the Israeli government. Tell them to stop killing Palestinian civilians, including children, Now take your threats and your JIDF bullying and shove them up your racist ass.

    One last try. He’s tenacious is our Steven I will give him that, He replied

    Hello David,

    Your second last paragraph is the type of material I am speaking about. The Israeli government as a general rule is not engaging in the murder of children on a regular basis. It is this type of commentary which puts Israel and the Jewish people in a negative light, not only the Jewish people of Israel, but the world over.

    I have no reason to believe that you are a violent antisemite or would do anything to personally harm a person of Jewish ancestry, but do try to understand that there are violent antisemites who read the non-violent antisemitic commentary that you write who do in turn engage in violence towards Jewish people, hence the laws of “incitement” of religious or racial hatreds which your comments cause.

    From a legal perspective I simply want you to understand that what you write is illegal whether you agree with the law or not. But on a personal level, I am asking you now to cease with the antisemitic commentary you continually engage in. It is material such as yours which led to the rise of Hitler in Germany and the deaths of six million Jews. As someone who has lost family in the war, please understand that your words have actions, hence the necessity of laws to ban antisemitic speech such as yours.

    Steven Cohen
    Friend of Jewish Internet Defense Force

    Now this is important . Lets look at that again. He is saying that it is ILLEGAL TO CRITICISE ISRAEL. So Israel can trample over all standards of decent human behaviour and and commit atrocities at leasure and THIS ASSHOLE wants to tell us that we can SAY NOTHING . Well I don’t need to spell out where he can shove that piece of advice.

    So posted this exchange on facebook and boy they didn’t like that at all. The messages began to get more abusive. I received this from someone called Lee Norris

    June 13 at 11:56am
    you are one dense fucking nazi to post a private email from jidf staff on a public forum.
    have reported your posts of these private messages to both the jewish internet defense force and anti defamation league just to start you nazi. you will either hear back from them or your name will be submitted to their database of antisemites. you better be damn sure that your speech is legal in your country before saying anymore. FUCK YOU!!!!

    Now that isn’t legal language at all. I could just feel the hatred coming through. So I replied thus

    David Bunting une 13 at 12:05pm
    A public forum? No no no. Every public forum I could find. I also sent copies to the Labour Party, the Green Party, Liberty, George Galloway, the BBC, the Guardian and every other forum I could think of. You choose to send me unsolicited hate mail. I will post it where the world can see your tactics of abuse and intimidation. You are the Nazi you anti arab racist. Do your worst. Sue me, I dare you. I double dare you and I will sue you for libel.

    His reply here

    Lee Norris
    June 13 at 12:15pm
    YOU STUPID FUCK, ARE YOU THIS FUCKING DENSE? do you realize that people in the past have been SUCCESSFULLY CONVICTED for saying MUCH MUCH MUCH LESS than you have here? jesus you are fucking stupid. you are honestly so naive to believe that you would stand a chance in court? do you know how many people have been successful convictions there have been? are you out of your mind? hahahahaha, you are so stupid you really think you stand a chance! people have been jailed for far less than what you have said idiot. and you think that the law will be on your side? hahahaha. go read about the 100,000 dollars ezra levant had to spend defending his hate charges before they were dropped. that is only one example of MANY all over canada europe and australia. if you continue posting everything in your public forum. it is all being recorded by the jidf. everything you post, every violation of privacy between us, will also be recorded. you do not stand a chance. please see the crime and disorder act 1998. i don’t nor does anyone care how you choose to defend your posts, they are illegal whether you say it or not. idiot, you have been warned.

    and another one

    June 13 at 12:24pm
    sent to antidefamation league:

    please see the group below:


    please read posts by “david bunting” (also others to note) which are purposely created to create hatred against israeli people. he has more than once referred to israel as a racist state and accused israel of monstrous atrocities such as child killing. where he resides there are specific laws which ban speech such as his, his speech is 100% illegal where he lives, regardless of how he will say otherwise. note he is NOT in the usa. his posts are grounds for legal charge and conviction where he lives. again, user is NOT in usa. posts have been reported to facebook under grounds that he has violated laws in his country of origin.

    Lee Norris

    I must confess I am guilty as charged. I did and do refer to Israel as a racist state and I did and I do accuse israel of monstrous atrocities such as child killing. What is more I will continue to do so until that vile racist state stops the slaughter.

    So I replied thus
    Lee. please prosecute me. Please. I would love to stand in a court in front of the world and defend myself against these charges by showing the crimes of the racist Israel expansionist regime. I will show the photos of the dead children, the house demolitions, the homeless and the hungry, the white phosphorous, the bombed streets, the dead flotilla activists, the imprisoned children, the wounded, the smashed hospitals and schools, the expelled, the dispossessed and the victims of the disgusting policy of ethnic cleansing caused by your government.

    Here is my full address and phone number and email to make it easy for you (and I enclosed my address, phone number and email for him)

    Can you please send me full details of your name and address so we can begin legal action asap.. Of course I will also be seeking legal advice on seeking a libel action against you and for your sending unsolictited hate mail and threats.
    Regards David Bunting

    He stopped writing after that. I miss him

    So let me make this clear Steven. and Lee. For 60 years Israel has engaged in the ethnic cleansing and cultural extermination of the Palestinian people. It has commit grave breaches of international law and crimes against humanity. It has shot, bombed, assassinated, bulldozed, and starved them AND THEY STILL RESIST.
    Israel has driven them off their lands and subjected these heroic people to every conceivable humiliation and STILL THEY RESIST . It has imprisoned them, killed them, bulldozed their houses, used chemical weapons on them, murdered their children, destroyed their olive groves, poisoned their land, AND STILL THEY RESIST

    If these heroic people can endure everything the brutal might of the Israeli war machine can throw at them and STILL RESIST YOU do you really think your pathetic attempt at intimidation can work on me?

    Do your worst. I amd thousands like me will never stop speaking out against the oppression of Palestinian people. The world watches and the world knows that the reality of Israels crimes and we will never be silenced. Your attempt to silence me is a compliment that yoiu see my words as a threat and your pathetic attempt at intimidation only makes me more determined to stand up for justice.

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