Dr Ahmed Yousef – Israeli Elections: From Bad to Ugly

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Pundits have asked Palestinians of every persuasion what they think of Israeli elections over the past several weeks. Opinions are varied and thoughtful; yet the truth is that to prefer one of the leading groups over another is an exercise in futility. Asking for a choice is akin to opting hypothetically for France’s Jean-Marie Le Pen (Lieberman), Dutch parliamentarian Geet Wilders (Livni), or Russia’s Vladimir Zhirinovsky (Netanyahu), with South Africa’s Pieter W. Botha (Peres) playing the presidential role of whom to ask for the formation of a national unity government.



 Israeli democracy is an oxymoron, a reality underscored by the abuse of any non-Jewish party vying for equal representation. Palestinian parties entering elections in 2006 were represented by Muslims, Christians and even atheists, with no obligation or pre-condition other than those recognized by international law. The Israeli State, however, routinely purges or inhibits Arab political movement, such as those of Azmi Bishara, with unsubstantiated claims of treason or treachery. And the political neutering of indigenous Arabs is negligible compared with the dismissive approach to any popular presence across the 1967 border.


 Israelis in this year’s elections claimed there were no Palestinian partners for peace. Ironic, since regardless of label, all Israeli politicians play the same game under a different name: settlements are built; borders are open and shut on a whim; buildings are destroyed; banks are stifled; cities are bombed; and so on. How can Palestinians, let alone the democratically elected Hamas, believe any Israeli politician can be spoken to, let alone trusted, when terrorism and/or racism runs through the veins of every political party?


 The roots of Labour and Likud are in organizations that terrorized innocent civilians and murdered randomly; before Likud there was Gahal and before that Herut, which was borne of Irgun—a proven terrorist group. Likud’s supposed peacemaker who became Prime Minister in 1977, Menachim Begin, was a key figure in the Irgun and even had a 2,000-British-pound reward for his capture. The Haganah was the militant precursor to the Labour party. Yitzhak Shamir was a leader of the Stern Gang, accused of atrocities against civilians; yet still became PM in 1983.


 The mainstream Zionist groups are rooted in Judaism but secular when convenient. The religious parties—those that sell their seats for power in coalition governments—are more numerous, therefore more likely to gain influence in one form or another. Although there are a few anti-Zionists such as Edah Ha Chareidis, Satmar and Neurei Karta International, right-wing Zionists dominate, such as Tsomet, Shas, Morasha, Shinui Ometz, Gush Emunim (Ne’emanei Eretz Yisrael), the Jewish National Front (Hayil), and the National Movement (Herut) among others. Some are defunct, such as Kach, Kahane Chai and Tehiya (Banai), though their members often form other groups, with the usual aim of building Greater Israel.


 The emergence of Avigdor Lieberman’s Yisrael Beiteinu as the “kingmaker” party is no surprise, given that their dependence on the public’s xenophobia is as deep as the religious groups. They play the chords of racism, nationalism, Zionism and Judaism perfectly. Their manifesto includes statements like the group’s “clear vision” to pursue “the three cardinal principles of Zionism: Aliyah (immigration), settlement, and defense of our homeland,” further declaring: “The responsibility for primarily Arab areas such as Umm al-Fahm and the ‘triangle’ will be transferred to the Palestinian Authority. In parallel, Israel will officially annex Jewish areas in Judea and Samaria.”



At their core, most Israeli political parties are the same when it comes to their neighbours. They dispute among themselves only in terms of controlling budgets and ministries, but as far as contributing meaningfully to regional stability or economic growth, they are satisfied to be parasites off the American taxpayer while bullying the occupied. That is why they have invested so much in lobbying groups, partisan think tanks, and other organizations in the U.S. but made no effort to honour international law.


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  2. Jalalkhan says:

    I do not think any change will take place with these elections as the next devil is back in the saddle to replace the previous devil in Israel. It is one devil after another and the killing goes on. Business as usual but the irony of the matter is if the highest Court in Europe can indict and issue a warrant of arrest for Omar El Bashir the President of Sudan why it cannot issue for the former Prime Ministers of Israel who have been committing crimes against humanity of monstrous promotion to the Palestinian men and women and children who are not even armed? Why the Western world has a weird way of determining who the guilt’s are who are not? Why they are talking of Iran about the nukes when Israel already has them and could even use them. Why Mr. Mohamed El-Baradei of the nuclear watchdog does not demand that the Israelis open their nuclear site at Dimona in the Negev desert to the Atomic Commission for inspection and for the dismantlement of their nuclear arsenal? I believe this is double standard. We can try to arrest a head of State of an African nation but these Zionist thugs in Israel can get away with anything they want and the world looks and the US government supports them and even arms them. How can this very Government that supports and arms them be also the chief negotiator for peace in the Middle East? It is like being the judge and the executioner at the same time. Wake oh People of Palestine and do not listen to the Americans. They are not your friends and they will not fight for your rights, as they are the slaves for the Zionists working to realize their goals for your annihilation. You nee to take things in your own hands and use the same tactics that dismantle the apartheid in South Africa. Try and get help from President Nelson Mandela and other South African comrades to assist you in using strategy towards reclaiming your country in one piece and ridding yourselves of these pests that have invaded the Holy lands in the name of Zionism.
    Wake up Palestine. Wake up! Wake up! Arise and fight for your rights. If you let them take your lands inch by inch as mentioned in the Hadiths of our noble Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) you have nothing left.
    I hope you will do as I ask you to and get your butts off your couch and fight for your rights and take what is rightfully yours.
    May Allah be with all of you oh People of Palestine that are oppressed. Amen.

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