The surge in the “Pro-Palestinian” activities in the United States after the Zionist massacre in the Gaza Strip is at least suspicious if not alarming. I am not saying this because I do not want the support for our people to be the norm in this country, but because I see who is riding this wave, and understand that those elements and what they represent are still dangerous and their agenda will not die unless we reach liberation and return.

The fundamentals of the Palestinian struggle are clear and not complicated:
– Palestine is not that section that was occupied in 1967, or Gaza or Jericho. Palestine is from the River to the Sea and from the Lebanese border to Egypt.
– Palestine is Arab, it’s the heart of the Arab World, and thus are the Palestinian people.
– The Palestinian struggle is not about religion. We have nothing against the Jewish faith or the Jews.
– No just and acceptable solution to our cause will have in it anything less than a complete liberation of Palestine and the return of the Palestinian people to their homes and villages and towns that they or their parents or grandparents were forced to leave in the early part of the last century.

Any activity that will not consider these fundamentals, safeguard them and uphold them will not help our cause. People who are putting on activities that take away any of these fundamentals are not helping our cause. We cannot and we do not have the legal or ethical right to trade any of the Palestinian rights, so the “American people” can stand with us or even understand our cause. Anyone or group that attempts to do this should and will be discredit and exposed, and all of us should be vigilant and calling them on it when they do this.

Many, who were for years, trying to work against our rights, and were defeated in every step they took, even though they had the financing and support from the establishment, are resurfacing again after the massacre. Many were given the opportunity to go to Gaza and actually get into the Strip, when thousands of doctors and many other needed professionals were not allowed in. They were allowed in the Strip so they can get some sort of new blood desperately needed so they can continue their work against the rights of the Palestinian people. They are now out and about putting on teachings and resurfacing old “Foundations”, and trying again, to make murky the picture, after it became clear (after the massacre) that the divide between the resistance and the collaborators is wide open, and the same between the supporters of the struggle and those who claim to support, but work on making sure that Palestine is only the West Bank and Gaza or what’s left of it, and the Palestinian people are those who live under the Zionist occupation, and the majority of our people, the Refugees, have to fend for themselves and just accept their fate.

Others, who claim they are anti-Zionist Jews, are also getting very active. They are putting on activities, in most cases while completely ignoring the Palestinian movement here, so they can get to shape our struggle and narrative. These are the same that we had to fight for years so we can put Palestine in the center stage of the so-called anti-War and Peace and Justice movement. We defeated them and put Palestine up there and now they’re coming back to with new hope that they can go back to their old politics.

We do not view people according to their religious affiliations, and our struggle is not a religious one. They keep calling themselves Jews, and for some reason that they feel they have to put this out and that we have to accommodate it. If they feel, just because they are Jews, that they are part of the struggle, as if they are “Israelis”, then holding a teaching is not good enough. If they are true anti-Zionists and feel they are on the side of the struggle because of their religion then they should go to Palestine and join the Palestinian resistance and take up arms against the Zionist invaders.

I have known Rhoda Shapiro for many years, and just a few days ago I learned that she is of the Jewish faith. When I met this comrade, she was in the forefront of the movement defending Palestinians and their struggle for liberation and return, never once she proclaimed her Jewish(ness), like I never proclaimed my Christianity and others their Islam. Last week, Rhoda had a stroke while in a public forum in Canada doing what she spent her live doing, defending and supporting Palestinians and attacking the Zionist invaders for all they have done to the Palestinians from before 1948 until now.

This is what a true anti-War, Peace and Justice Community member should do whether they are Arabs or not, Jews or not.


  1. Shaukat says:

    Good points but far away from historical reality.

    Calling Palestinian struggle a ‘national cause’ has been tried by Gemal Nasser, Saddam Hussain, Assad and all sort of Arab puppets and dictators – and they proved again and again that they were using Palestinian cause to keep themselves in power. From the very first day – the Arab leaders were ready to recognize Jewish occupation of Palestine – the only problem they have is – who is going to push his neck first.

    How can Palestinians sell their cause to the Islamic world without religious ground? Why would Palestinians’ greatest supporter, Islamic Iran (a non-Arab nation), take shit from all Zionist controlled western governments – if the Palestinian cause is not Islamic?

    When was the last time or ever – the Arabs got their freedom and setting-up of their great empires in the Middle East, Spain and North Africa – before they became Muslims?

    When was the last time Arab Christians and Jews lived in peace in Jerusalem – until it was brought under Muslim rule in 638?

  2. James Hovland says:

    Palestine doesn’t have that kind of support. The ‘right of return’ if the conditions favor the goal is completely possible, but I don’t see Israel being allowed to just vanish. I understand the reasoning, but the logistics of it escape me.

  3. Mazin says:

    @Shaukat – Palestinians don’t need religion to back up their rights as humans. And if some country, Muslim on not, make stand and help the Palestinians, it is because justice and awareness of the Palestinian tragedy, not standing with Muslims only because they are Muslims, then there is no different between this ideology and the one zionists have, we and they, two fundamentalist fighting each other. Thanks we don’t need this kind of help. You stand up for other people rights regardless their religion, race, believes, and background, and nothing else.

  4. Andrew says:

    I agree a comprimised peace which validates colonial zionism isn’t in anyones best interest. And religion does more to mask the issues at hand: disposession and colonialism.. However, I think having an anti-zionist jewish presence within the overall cause helps diffuse calls of anti-semetism, however ungrounded, and delegitimizes that zionist arguement about ‘what’s good for jews’. here in NYC there was good collaboration and solidarity among many organizations of all flavors during aparthied week. Really, whatever brings people together for good should be encouraged, and hopefully some of these splinter groups will merge as progress is made, and more clarity is gained about their aims.

  5. Sharon says:

    Yes, Yousef Abudayyeh, compromise can be dangerous and we must refuse to accept Zionism-lite as helpful and harmless. We have seen what happens when they are give an inch. Accepting the state of Israel as a legitamate country is accepting zionism as a legitamate belief. it is wrong. It is evil. We must continue to pound away this fact until it is understood by all.

  6. Rob says:

    Sweet dreams, guys about your laundry list of demands and wishes!

    Palestine is as much Homeland to Jews, as to the Arabs, and actually more to Jews than to Arabs, because it is their ONLY Homeland, The Land of Israel in Palestine for the last 3,000 years, And it’s not just another 23-rd Arab country.

    No matter what your reasons are – Nationalistic or Islamistic – you should consider making compromises with Israel, so that both nations – Jews and Arabs could share the safe and prosperous future. Especially on the right of return – that’s a sure deal breaker,

    Your Palestinian brothers are rotting in concentration “refugee” camps if Syria and Lebanon, who don’t give a dan, while you are taking your “Noble” stand. Jews want to live and let others to live, that sounds much more appealing, than kill others and die yourself. Think about it.

  7. Ahdafot says:

    You saying that the land from the river to the Sea is the land of Palestinians doesn’t make it so. Palestinians would have been better off by responding non-violoently than murderously. Their method hasn’t gotten them what they wanted in 60 years, why persist in trying it for even one more year? Gandhi and King accomplished more in less time.

    Allah did not give to that land to anybody except whoever lives on it now. This is the way of the world, and the sooner the Palestinians accept that, the better their futures will be.

    Palestninans are finally uniting against Hamas because of the false promises and lies of mythical liberation and improvement. The past months prove that Hamas is only for Hamas leadership and the people finally tire of being deceived.

    Pax Vobiscum

  8. Michelle says:

    Say there Ahdafot, let me bring up a point about your “client state” Israel. You think they are your ally, you as an American. You want to defend their colony because the U.S. supports it. As if Israel is a sweet child against the big bad wolf Arabs (in the Arab world no less but I guess you have a rationalization for that). Although you support them because they are white like yourself ( I gather because of your “Pax” signiture) and you identify (again, since they are obviously not semitic I’m sure you have a ready rationalization for that also) but I wonder how you will feel when you realize your nation is actually Israel’s client and your wallet is thin (er) the green worthless paper only fills out the wallet a tad? Do you think the anglo Jews will take care of you goy? Don’t you even know what you are to them? You are the hen defending the fox, how foolish! But you will come to know.

  9. seansmom says:

    I like this stand, it’s the only stand. The Zionist agenda is clear and while everyone is talking peace Israel is swallowing up what’s left of Palestine (and the people with it). I wonder if Americans understand the danger Israel poses to all of us? Palestine is just on the frontline and we can witness the beast through Palestine. Why gloss over it? It is on our way to our house!

  10. seansmom says:

    on it’s way

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