Let me die… poem of a Palestinian child

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  1. Al khansa says:




  2. Mary Rizzo says:

    Originally Posted By Al khansaNOTHING YOU HAVE DONE NOTHING,,,,,,,,



    how right you are! It is so tragic that it is a little person who we as adults were put on this earth to protect who is saying what she says. When the world wakes up, how can they ever apolgise for the innocence they have destroyed and the joy that they have trampled.

    It was also a beautifully done video, which shows that these children are mature beyond their years, and are teaching us things with their wisdom. We have to be lead by these children, they know much better than we do what’s wrong and what’s right.

  3. eshaameena says:

    salaam Mary-this video broke my heart-again..and is so representative of a childs life in Palestine-what a tradgety-that this has been allowed to go on…no child should have to suffer and feel this way…it is irreprehensable …the world should be ashamed…

  4. Paul Barrow says:

    This is very powerful. Thanks so much for sharing this.

  5. Mary Rizzo says:

    hi sweet Esha! Yes, I know what you mean. It is very hard to watch this video and not feel choked up, impotent and ashamed that we aren’t even able to protect children. All we can do is hope that they can find some moments of peace. If I could, I would hug that little girl so tight and maybe for a moment she could pretend it was the mummy they took away from her, that she could abandon herself and just be a carefree child.

    The world is mourning children in the Warsaw ghetto who are now in their 70s, why are they so blind to the kids of Gaza, Hebron, Kabul, Tikrit, Baghdad, Nigeria… why don’t we protect today’s children from the war adults brought upon them? I just think it is so tragic.

  6. David Gould says:

    Palestinian Elegy

    Who will sound the requiem
    to mark this grieving throng?
    Who will write the epitaphs
    in this brief historic hour?
    Who will grieve the children
    slaughtered for no just cause?
    And who will bear the coffins
    to the burial’s weeping ground?

    Whose ululation do we hear
    and whose plaint will be heard,
    when all is set in epic verse,
    anthologies composed of tears?
    And whose elegy can we recite
    when more are killed each night?
    So tell us now why did they die
    for no just cause or reason why?

    Why is it the innocent
    that pay the terrible price?
    In all your adult wars,
    why is it the children
    that seem to perish first?
    It is always their little faces
    peeping from tiny shrouds
    that break our brittle hearts.

    So who will sound their requiem,
    or write blood stained epitaphs?
    Who then can write an elegy,
    to honour so many little graves?
    There is no shortage of weeping
    over each of these little ones.
    This world is so impoverished
    for its future killed too soon.

    David © 8th November 2008

  7. David Gould says:

    Dead Angels

    Their little faces stare back at us
    expressionless, devoid of living,
    dead, innocent frozen featured
    shocked from their youthful lives
    awaiting in shrouds for the earth.

    Five more dead and frozen Angels
    are absorbed into the alien soil,
    still, quietly devoid of life itself.
    “But they were not the target!”
    So I suppose that is alright is it?

    We note the words “Precision, Surgical.”
    We note you were trying to avoid civilians.
    That is what they all say, these bringers of war,
    while endless rows of coffins fill our screens,
    including these five little dead angels.

    It makes no difference who made these bombs,
    or for what cause they were aimed at earth,
    an explosion wears no national flag, nor votes
    for any particular party: once dropped it ends
    the lives of all in its path, including these angels.

    You never knew your killer, he wears
    the flag of every nation known to man
    and for his deeds he will be decorated
    while Jawaher, Dina, Samar, Ikram and Tahrir
    will forever be these five dead angels to me.

    (five sisters crushed to death when a Mosque wall
    collapsed during a bombing raid on Gaza. December 2008)

    David © 30th December 2008

  8. Cuezed says:

    Peace to you all. My 15 year old younger sister wrote this poem a year ago, in bed before she went to sleep. i was shocked to read this and wished to share it to the world to see. My wife read out the poem. It is a powerful poem.

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  10. Marilyn Shepherd says:

    Hitler taught them well.

  11. Tigist says:

    I know that we did nothing to stop…And there is nothing you do to deserve this…. I’m really sorry and I’ll do whatever i can……………………. I feel so bad for my being incapable of doing anything…But I’ll keep praying and keep the people of Palestine in my Heart always…..

  12. Shafi Parekh in Raleigh, NC says:

    The Death of Humanity!

    While children die and mothers cry what do we do? What can we do?
    What did we do while still we could? Is it too late to save our souls?
    But wait it never is too late to learn from what we should have done.
    If still we can in any way, why do we wait? But still we wait
    For someone who will do what’s right, but what is right that no one knows
    And yet we wait and watch and watch while children die and mothers cry

    Where are the so-called leaders now of Muslim Nations do I ask
    And why oh why do they not cry and how but how they bear to see
    These children die while fathers cry and mothers die while children cry

    Oh shame on us, and double shame on leaders one and all I say.
    What have we done? What could have been?
    Had we then done what should we have, but waste we did our time on what?
    In search of things and toys and wealth, a time we could have better spent
    At rallying, and mustering our wealth combined for future times
    A time that is upon us now, but now we can but only see
    The children die and mothers cry and parents die and children cry

    How can we sleep from dusk to dawn? Why do not us we question now?
    What still we can, and must do now to help undo the damage done
    That we were somehow guilty of neglect, and what we could have done
    Had we been active, spending of the wealth that He bestowed on us
    Would we have seen what we see now, these children die and mothers cry?

    Is it they have been far away and out of sight and out of mind
    If that is so have we not read what’s written in our Holy Book?
    Of dying of humanity with just one single needless death
    And yet we are here still alive. Or are we dead? May as well be!
    For here we are, and here we sit while watching all the children die
    While mothers cry, and sit and watch the children cry while fathers die

    And when the final chapter’s writ and we can change our book no more
    What do we think our score will be, what will our answer to Him be
    We saw the truth and what it was, we watched the horror through it all
    And still as plain as truth itself we sat by silently and saw
    As plain as we are facing Him that children died and parents cried
    And parents died and children cried!
    The death of all that’s human?
    Nay, the death of all humanity!

    Shafi Parekh

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