Fida Shurrab – The Lost Nation

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A wonderland was a very spellbinding village. The village was considered the relief and the cure of all life’s illness; it was the certain destination for all sick people. Its air and atmosphere were like a spiritual medicine to clear one’s mind and soul. Trees were like trees of heaven, and roses’ smell was filling the place with beauty. The secret behind this charming beauty was the dwellers of this village. They were a symbol of one united family. Their aim in life was to save their village from any storm whether it was a natural storm or a storm brought by tourists. They stood together through sorrow and joy.

The villagers used to sacrifice their souls to keep their holy land safe and free. They fought bravely against any attempt to invade their land and steal their priceless heritage. They worked hard to build a very remarkable civilization within a very small area. Great mosques were well built, great schools were constructed and even small libraries but rich with valuable books were established. Besides their many cultural contributions to the field of art, literature, music and cuisine, they were famous for many industries and trade. People around the world sought this village to learn about their magnificent culture. A very fascinating nation, that what was always said about this village.

Though their culture was great, they did not have a great army or powerful weapons. They defended their country by a very simple and traditional means. Many nations had avarices to take over the village’s wealth. They tried to control it by force but they could not. One day they had come to a very malicious idea to put their hands on the village and its people. They had decided to invade the villagers’ minds first, and then the village would be under their control.

One early morning, a tourist came to visit the village but he was not an ordinary tourist. He came with a destructive storm kept in his bags and a demon accompanying his shadow. He stayed at the village’s hotel. The hotel used to host many sessions to educate the villagers. This was a good chance for the demon to brainwash the villagers’ minds. The new demon went up to his room and unpacked his bags. He waited in his room until it was dinnertime. The villagers used to gather everyday in the hotel. He went to hotel’s small restaurant and sat there; he contemplated the villagers’ faces very carefully. It was a normal thing for a stranger to make friendship with the dwellers of the village. After a while, he tried to mingle by admiring their beautiful village. At the same time, the villagers liked to hear about other cultures, so they began to ask him about his country, his life and his culture. The stranger was so kind that he succeeded in winning the people’s hearts. This was a successful move. He paid so much attention to them in order to understand their mentality. People in the village longed for the new technologies of other cultures, and hearing him talking about how great they were, they became more interested in it. He became the advisor for all the people in the village; he gave advice of how to develop their schools, industry, and agriculture system. He was so helpful, and the villagers considered him as a member of the family.

The demon was very satisfied that his plan was going in the right direction. Now that he gained the people’s trust, he began to sprinkle evil thoughts in the villagers’ minds. He took advantage of the idea that people would like to have those new technologies in the village. He convinced them that this could not happen without having foreign companies established in the village. Once again, the villagers believed him. They agreed to host those companies in their land. It was the first step of controlling the village. Companies were established by buying great land survey. They lost a part of their land, but they still have their unity, they thought. The demon played another trick to scatter the family. He told them that they would be more organized if they had a more organized leadership system. The villagers kept thinking about the new leader and whom to choose. Everyone thought that he would be the best one to rule the village. When they gathered again to discuss this issue, they had a very serious debate for the first time. The stranger interfered and suggested a very deadly solution. He said that he could lead this village. Silence broke the room. Everyone thought that this was a good idea since no one was willing to let the other rule the village. Hatred began to be planted in the people’s heart. The demon was appointed as the leader of the village. The villagers lost their land, their unity and their control over the village.

No sooner, the villagers were only slaves in their own land serving the outsiders. Their culture was defaced, and their identity was stolen. The nature lost its beauty, because no one cared about it anymore. It was too late when they woke up from their coma. They regretted their sin but they were powerless to gain their land again. No one could remember the village’s name, because a new name was given to it. However, the new generation of this village is trying hard to gain back their land and to expiate their ancestry’s sin. To have a free country all of us must have a free mind and soul. May God bring back what once was lost and stolen.

  1. abdshheaber says:

    I never see story beautiful like this, you are amazing fidaa

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