Beware of Facebook Hide n Smear games

Posted: 09/28/2011 by editormary in Uncategorized

When he's not a flower or a sexy Che, he's a dead Guru

We are all aware that Israelis use internet actively to spy, infiltrate and spread viruses, this is information they themselves have admitted. The social networks have taken over public forums and email as the means to do so. Many who use Facebook use it for activism and believe that forming a list of many activists widens their influence and range of effectiveness. However, there is something that many “see” but wilfully choose to ignore, and it is the ABUSE that FB allows. This site and Palestine Think Tank have exposed on various occasions persons who had stolen identities of other people, people who are well-known as well as those who are known only in their own private circles, used false pictures and false names and false personas to do what is known as “information mining”. That is a devious ploy used so that they could obtain information about you by false pretences that you would never have given if you were aware of the true identity or purpose of the person, often they attempt to engage you in some kind of exchange, (never dealing with arguments but with what is just libel) then since they are avoiding the argument, they rely on the tactic of the smear. Having done that, the next step is to provoke, and then once the persons have been provoked, a sort of mobbing action starts. It’s a mechanism a specific group of persons are using regularly, and I am certain it is widespread, but it is targetting the Palestinian and pro-Palestinian community, and this is why it is being pointed out here.

Mobbing…. Yet, with a mob, you need several persons to create that climate of “the many vs. the few”. This time, the troll is a character who goes by several online personalities: Daniel Mabsout, Sara Swati and Majed Hamed. Oh, those aren’t their real names, and their faces are

1) a long-since-passed-to-nirvana Hindu Guru,

2) a flower

3) Che Guevara!

Yet, for weeks now, they are engaging in behaviour that goes against common decency as well as what is supposed to be FB policy. They are somehow allowed to “download” the profile picture of those “they” decide to attack, create a smear post based on lies (mostly), distortion and insinuation. So far the list of people “they” hate is longer than the people they support… They hate many activists, particularly Palestinians and Lebanese, they despise Erdogan more than anyone, but most tellingly, the true love and adoration is reserved only for leaders who are for some reason quite unpopular at home, despite any positive remarks they may ever have made in favour of Palestine. Assad is just the latest of the fixation: because to this (as “he” claims) non-Syrian, Assad=Syria and if you disagree you are Zionist! Ahmadinejad = Iran likewise and to boot, there is this troll’s insistence that Hezbollah and Iran are the SAME. Never mind that this is precisely what Israel has been stating (unsuccessfully with persons who have some political savvy or who actually use logic). Israel insists upon that as part of their hasbara. You won’t hear anyone else saying it, not even Hezbollah! And, since the CYBER BULLY’S only friends are part of the bizarre Ken O’Keefe Cult, folks who did not know there was anything going on in Palestine until Ken told them, they also buy into this bullshit of argumentation. But, they should also be careful, some of the people he is smearing were formerly his BFF!

“They” have the right to support whoever they want, no matter how flawed the argument and how totally perfect a match it is to Hasbara. They don’t have the right to smear activists and label them as Zionists without a stitch of proof aside from the fact that they MUST be Zionists if they do not support the above three premises. No room for argument, evidence or grey zones. Everything is black and white, and the smearing now is becoming the only arguments they have. FB users, be warned! You could be next, and who is to say you won’t be!

Careful with whom you “friend”, beware of those with fake names/no pictures, do not share your content with everyone unless you are willing to put yourself and your contacts at risk. And seek an alternative to Facebook which is not protecting even the only content open to public, your name and your profile photo.

  1. SALAH MANNING ... says:

    LOVE IT ….

  2. SALAH MANNING ... says:


  3. shared on my wall.. he is moving into attacking Palestinians activists, we will not put up of attacking people that we know they are sincere and have passion for Palestine. There are many examples of non Arabs/non Muslims who put their lives on the line for nothing but to stand up for justice. Palestinians will never forget Rachael Corrie, Tom Hurndall, Vittorio Arrigoni(sigh), to name a few.
    Today he has moved along into attacking two Lebanese persons and endangering them personally. IF he is not Israheili, he sure does their work for them!

  4. Thank you Mary xxx

  5. Maha Abu-Zaineh
    Check this SICK MIND, a mental HOSPITAL walking on feet & having 3 profiles on FB in the following names of Daniel Mabsout, Majed Hamid & Sara Swati who wrote :

    Susan Sophia-Safi has deleted her fb account along with Member of the CAT Klan Maha abu Zaineh who also deleted her account . They will appear probably with different names and forms to promote the same hideous agenda of sowing discord in the Umma while raising high the Palestinian flag! Yesterday at 6:48pm

    Check these IDIOTS here &
    the two photos that IDIOT “DM” made for Susan Sophia-Safi & Mary Rizzo are down by FB.. of course he would not understand that its his RUDENESS & ARROGANCE using the two ladies private personal profile photos simply because they are real persons, that it can be reported .. but guess what FB put the two photos down.. ALLAH ALL MIGHTY IS ABOVE THEM ALL.. (if anyone has NOT figured out Majed Hamid, Sara Swati and Daniel Mabsout are the same persons, get an IQ test taken!
    So, now anyone enjoys the Triple Fun of the “clown” .. please .. FEEL FREE to be with him .. & STAY AWAY from me .. I dont want such MENTALITY to pollute my space & surrounding.. I am here for our homeland cause .. Not to fight the MADNESS or SICK MINDS.. of the IDIOTS by choice…. TRY my patience.. I WILL SURPRISE YOU.. not in this .. NOT IN THIS.. better than going to the circus, all the clowns meet in one place!

    ok they are famous now as they wish & desire .. all over the FB groups & pages.. FAME HUNTERS.. have fun.. & enjoy it ..

    Mary Rizzo my opinion? NONE of these people have a history of supporting Palestinian rights. (with of course the famous exception of their hero Ken). All of them seem to come from the “Truth Movement” and most of them are people who have some really dicey racist ideas: insulting someone who is Jewish and saying that it is typical behaviour of a “Jewess” (if it were a Muslim, this would be denounced as pure and simple Islamophobia, but since the group of people really have issues, they don’t seem to notice that they talk like rank racists). I am beginning to wonder what this Truther movement really has as its agenda if it storms its way into Palestine issues without a grasp on them at all, and backs these strange people who have Military pasts. Some of the biggest mouths seem to be ex mils and army brats.. interesting!

    “Daniel wrote” :))

    Sara Swati
    Daniel wrote that he received a warning from fb telling him that they deleted hos post entitled : ” Twelve Monkeys , the Mary Rizzo show” in the album called : “Mary Rizzo and Sabra Vegetable Market ”
    19 hours ago

    “Daniel wrote” ! HAHAHA! how strange it must be to be “her” own spokesperson!. And thank heaven FB finally woke up that this is stalking and unacceptable.

    a new crossed-species:cannibal bottom-feeding piranha

    “known to inhabit shallow and preferably muddy water”

    danial ?!!!!!

    poor sarah whose frightened her.. DANIAL.. !!!

    mmmmmmm SCARED FRIGHTENED Majed the shadow of DM

  6. Karen says:

    Not sure what Mahabuzz…’s comments meant but will assume he’s as disgusted with Kenny O & friends as the rest of us. BUT! To make sure it’s understood, Mary Rizzo is one of best writers/editors/publishers there is. A number of her writers/admirers have gone thru battles with these very possibly Kahanist/Kach jewish settlers or their sympathizers time and again. This group of possibly paid IDF agitators are trying to confuse us. It’s the old divide and conquer tactic. That’s why having love in your heart for this earth will let you make the right decision in a confusing situation. I recognized Mary when she got silly in a weird situation. She never would have seen the humor if her heart hadn’t been kind.

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