What’s it going to take for the world to wake up to Syria’s genocide? (+italiano)

Posted: 02/22/2012 by editormary in Children\'s Corner, Human Rights, Middle East, Syria, War

a father mourns his slaughtered son in Homs

WRITTEN By Soubhi Dachan, translated by Mary Rizzo

In a world in which communication has become a duty, the silence that reigns over the Syrian tragedy is even more shameful.

Only yesterday, Tuesday 21/02/2012 in the city of Homs there were 400 rounds of shells launched upon the defenceless city for the 18th consecutive day.

In this slaughter which is being consumed before our very eyes, no one is spared, not even journalists, killed under the cannon mortar.

In a country in which all foreign press is prohibited and in which every foreign observer is now forbidden entry, it is natural to ask some questions to those who still today sustain that there is no truth to the news that reaches us from Syria:

– Why are outside journalists now allowed to report from Syria?

– Why are the International Red Cross and the Red Crescent forbidden from operating in Syria?

– Why are all the Syrian cities under siege?

– Why are non-government agencies not allowed entry into cities such as Hama or Baba Amr and other Syrian cities?

The protesters have reported widespread use of chemical weapons against civilians, carpet-bombing, bombing of hospitals and mosques, shortages or absence of food, water and medicine, lack of gas and electricity. For over a month, there has not even been oxygen for the sick who need it.

Four hundred victims in only a few days. Among them women, children, the elderly.

What is going to have to happen so that this genocide will stop? What other excuses do people need to fabricate in order to maintain their shameful silence? And thus, to remain accomplices of this state terrorism adopted by the criminal dictatorship of the Syrian regime?


In un mondo in cui la comunicazione è diventata dovere è quanto più vergognoso il silenzio che si cela sulla tragedia Siriana.
Solo ieri martedì 21.02.2012 nella città di Homs sono stati lanciate 400 cannonate sulla città inerme per il 18° giorno consecutivo
In questa mattanza che si sta consumando nessuno è risparmiato, nemmeno i giornalisti, uccisi sotto i colpi di mortaio.
In un paese in cui …ogni stampa estera è vietata e in cui ogni osservatore estero è bandito, viene naturale chiedere a coloro che ancora oggi sostengono la non veridicità delle notizie che giungono dalla Siria:

– Come mai non sono ammessi altri giornalisti?
– Come mai non è permesso alla croce rossa internazionale o alla mezza luna rossa operare in loco?
– Come mai le città di tutta la siria sotto assedio?
– Come mai non si permette alle organizzazioni non governative di entrare nelle città come HOMOS e BABA AMR e nelle altre città Siriane?

I rivoltosi denunciano l’uso di armi chimiche, bombardamenti a tappeto, bombardamento di ospedali e moschee, la mancanza di viveri, acqua e medicinali, gas e corrente. Nemmeo l’ossigeno per i malati è presente oramai da più di un mese.

Quattrocento morti in meno di pochi giorni, donne, bambini e anziani.
Cosa bisogna aspettare ancora per fermare questo genocidio? Quali altre scuse bisogna fabbricare per rimanere ancora in questo vergognoso silenzio, e dunque, complice di questo terrorismo di stato adottato dalla dittatura criminale del regime Siriano?

  1. Shut up Rizzo, stop translating for the enemies of Syria , and promoting misinformation, you know nothing about the situation in Syria , or the Arab Israeli conflict , you are just hired for the job , i am not sure you know where Syria is situated on the map even , as you did not know that Sabra and Shatilla were in Lebanon , and you keep asking why , why, Why don’t you shut up once for all and start speaking about the things you know; not only you lack knowledge about the matter and professionalism but you lack the decency of not displaying your ignorance in front of all, you and Maha abu Zaineh if one hears you he thinks himself in a remote place and not on this planet , find some other occupation you desperate ladies , really this thing about the situation in Syria is too complicated for you to navigate , restrict yourselves to the Catherine Myles ‘ show , you are doing fine there .

  2. Mary Rizzo says:

    of course i know where Sabra and Shatilla are! I questioned why YOU, a Lebanese (though now your alter ego 2 claims to be Syrian….) were allowed in and out access in 1982… we ALL know that it was not come and go as you please. Your stupidity lead you to believe something else. You can’t read and that matches the rest of your idiocy! Keep it coming you slug!

  3. Syrian martyrs :S
    Maha Arafat, 35 years old nurse and a mother of 3 children from Dumayr, Damascus Countryside. Security forces shot her in the head on 09/12/2011 when they caught her and her brother trying to take the injured to hospital. Her brother died immediately but she died on 03/01/2012.
    22ND FEBRUARY. Full Name: Maha Arafat (مها عرفات) Age at Death: 35 Date of

    Mental case such SICK SICK SICK mentality supporters of ASSAD including CULT members followers, AGENTS as DM.. can all go to hell.. AMEN

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