Important UPDATE by Ken O’Keefe on the World Citizen Solution “Mission”!!! Excitement!!! TJP SILVER COINS!

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So, March came and went, lots of people sent money to Ken O’Keefe for what was guaranteed (by him) to be the “Solution” to the endless cycle of war. March was the announced date of the unveiling/launch of the exciting, ground-shaking, earth-changing plan!!! We’ve pointed out that the project assumed the name of Mission by its guru, and in guru fashion, he made big, (impossible) promises of a perfect world led by him, he got his followers, got his money (that’s the most important thing, and you need followers to get the paper and coins), and then… the huge change mankind was waiting for would be announced!!!

It’s July. Let’s see, that’s March, April, May, June in the middle where he did a self-promotional tour of the hated USA (you know, the place he keeps getting a new passport for), and nothing on the WSC Mission, except that he needed more followers for it. No plans announced.

BUT WAIT! Finally! Ken released a video entitled: Ken O’Keefe – World Citizen Solution Update – June 25, 2016! The Guru has spoken! Finally, he has made good on his promise to explain what he’s been asking money for since October. But… but… if you watch the video, you are going to realise he spends 15 seconds talking about the Solution. He talks about … perks, subversion, money, silver coins, people he actually seems to fear, because the way he refers to other people is entirely defensive (a bit passive-aggressive even, because as usual, HE is good, OTHERS are “subversives, slanders, libelists”).

What does he talk about for nearly ten minutes then, since he doesn’t update on the solution at all?

Here’s a little summary (and some facts for those who can handle that kind of thing):

“We” have been continuing our work on the “Mission”. Lots of people want to volunteer, but that never works out. All he gets is (his) wasted time, sub-par work and in the end subversion. But they (whoever they are) continue, despite the drastic delay of THE PERKS! Ken spends a few minutes saying why people who are expecting their perks, stuff like a sticker, a decree (try not to laugh!) and the famous TJP Silver Coin, weren’t getting them… i.e., a combination of force majeure and other people’s fault. But the project manager behind the failure is gone, they move on!

Then he gets into an interesting lie… yes, it’s a lie, but he expects people with internet to believe that “we lost ten grand” because a Start Join server was “attacked”. He fails to mention that what happened instead was that greed was getting the best of him, and his base isn’t as big as he thought… the elastic can only stretch so far and he broke it. In a first online fundraising campaign, his target was 40 thousand dollars. He got under $8,000 (promised). Unfortunately, he couldn’t see a penny of it until he reached his target, so when the campaign closed, he reopened it but with a lower target… also asking people to not ask for their money back, because he was extending the project. The second campaign with a more realistic target (10,000) got just a little over 1,000. As the site says: This project will only receive funds if the target is met by its deadline. Neither of the targets met, and thus, the little story of how the site got “attacked”.

startjoin 1startjoin 2

He was fine with the Start Join thing while he thought he could manipulate it:

though a couple of the fans were getting edgy:

start join 1

The plan, the plan… GUYS, it’s about the PERKS! If you didn’t shell out big money, can you just shut up about a plan already! Now, back to the video, there are ANSWERS there!

Indiegogo money, that’s stuck in banks, but what you must know is that he hasn’t paid himself any of the money… while admitting that he knows this because…. HE IS THE ONLY ONE WHO HAS ACCESS TO THE MONEY. Uhm…. He can prove that others are lying when they say he is using the money… Good, great! But no one will ask him to show them the books, so he’s cool!

Now, those who are used to Ken’s video will recognise his Tourettes style of speech whenever he’s too nervous to handle conflict. He has to go into conspiracies about subversion of HIS mission, but has to make sure you know that he’s a victim, he’s (again!) been betrayed and tells his fans they are NOT supposed to listen to anyone saying anything not-less-than-glorification of him. The red herring fallacy mode of thinking comes out (appeal to accomplishment): I am good, therefore, they are “fucking wankers, dipshits”, and YOU are good, so you will believe me and agree that they are the enemy… and he never leaves out his famous “some of them are paid”.

(Side note here, this blog has often been critical of Ken, of his failed “missions”, of his lies and exaggerations and scams. We’ve been accused of being paid for writing what we do about Ken. Could Ken kindly tell us who is paying so we can collect? We too have a “necessity for the truth” and would like to have some money for speaking the truth so, if there is somebody paying, tell us who! Could he name ONE person being paid and by whom? No, we didn’t think so either.)

Now, back to the cult leader’s video: the mission is above himself, he has saved it from subversion, which he admits ALWAYS happens to his missions (rather than asking himself if there is a reason all his missions fail he introduces the subversives among my ranks canard). Then he talks a lot about the TJP Silver Coin… for a guy talking about the evil banks, he sure is hung up on money and coins. He announces that he might sell more of them to make (more) money for himself.

Finally, at 8’45” into the video he says people are waiting with baited breath for the launch of the mission. Well… (are you ready?!)

There will be another video announcement in a few months or maybe even in the winter.

There you go! That met the necessities of the followers to know what all this money and stuff was going for.

Until then, he praises the Brexit and says that he truly believes in his solution, that he is never going to let go of it and thanks people for being dedicated to him and the mission.

Satisfied? Of course his fans are. They praise this amazing video because I am sure they were all so worried about their perks, decrees and TJP Silver Coins (those go to the folks who shelled out $250), evidently the Mission is just a detail.

Was there a voice of dissent? As usual, the sheep baaaa their praise, but one person had a few interesting questions:

tjp pound 1

tjp pound 2

tjp pound 3

yeah, indeed.

  1. Sasha Crow says:

    Putting aside the fact that Ken has repeatedly collected donations for projects that never come to anything (and the money contributed never accounted for), I don’t understand why his followers never question his lack of judgement in choosing team members.

    I mean, once, ok he was in Gaza and relied on volunteers he connected with long distance. But these folks were supposedly hand-picked and after a lovely meet-up in Bali (where it appears they shared copious cocktails in paradise).

    So now, AGAIN, volunteers have failed him and The Mission (whatever it is) — not his fault — no sirree! You can bank on that. It’s never his fault. But when one claims ownership of and control of a mission or a project, it ultimately IS their responsibility to make good choices and provide good oversight of volunteers and employees. But it seems with Ken that he shirks the responsibility and accountability. Repeatedly. One would think that would give donors pause.

    Just say’n: if this is the kind of guy you would give responsibility of ending war and injustice, you’re going to be sorely disappointed.

  2. editormary says:

    the common thread of his “missions” are that other people finance them, he gets the glory if they succeed (they haven’t done so yet) and he always blames others when they fail. it’s his leitmotif, the way he rolls.

  3. Jaime says:

    Towards the end of the video Ken makes a point of saying that the entire team that he started the project with … had to go. As in none have stayed with him to carry on. This is very consistent with every other project of his too. Also what’s going on with his marriage? Doesn’t he have a wife and kids in The UK somewhere? And how does he sustain himself or support them if he supposedly takes no money from the proceeds? I don’t believe that for a minute either.

  4. editormary says:

    As the example illustrated above regarding his lying about Ten Thousand Dollars being ripped off of him by a “nudge nudge wink wink (conspiracy)” well-timed attack on the server hosting it, is exposed – it is clear that he bends the truth any way he likes to. He doesn’t think anyone is going to check up on anything anyway. His “team”? They are all expendible, HE is the one that matters. That is the point of the entire video, littered with so many ad hominems about other people (whom he is above naming, but threat threat… if he HAS TO, he will)!
    That people actually keep giving not only money, but some kind of credibility to him is astounding. He uses the term “awake”, and as one of my future posts investigating the “Mission” will point out, that seems to be an occult codeword.

  5. He doesn´t starve, that´s for sure! On the following website he´s collecting personal donations… And yes, he´s got a wife (not sure if they are really married, but that´s irrelevant since she´s the mother of his kids) and children he´s cheated on with a 24-year old Phillipina. Hey, that´s his private life – but it shows how much disrespect he has for others, even people he loves. Well, he spat his 1st wife in the face after she separated from him and he saw her hand in hand with her new partner… Anyway, I hope the team will come out and tell their side of the story. Letting him get away with more lies is irresponsible.

  6. Tyler Healey says:

    He’s been saying the World Citizen Solution fundraising campaign unexpectedly raised around $100k. Is that false?

  7. […] lot of money ASAP for something no one quite understood and which we wrote about here and here and here and here, warning people it was a scam, but people got scammed. His entire team challenged him and […]

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