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FREEDOM!!!! By Carlos Latuff

FREEDOM!!!! By Carlos Latuff

Palestine Think Tank salutes with joy the Egyptian Revolution and the Tunisian Revolution and now looks forward to the complete change in the “Middle East” with the liberation of Palestine and all the Arab people from all oppressors. Never for one moment did a doubt set in that THE ARAB PEOPLE would lead and conduct their own revolution, joined together in what binds them and never accepting the pressure from anyone to try to damage the people by insisting upon absolutely unacceptable strategies such as a boycott of Egypt, which would only have hurt the people and brought about a sharper crackdown of them. Those who were calling for such appalling things got the two fingers from us, but that doesn’t stop them from now acting as if THEY (Westerners and outsiders!!!) were the driving force of the Egyptian Revolution. Others kept insisting “the only Resistance is Islamic”, and again, we said, “sorry, there are many forms of resistance, and the unification of people in the common Arab body is the greatest, most powerful one and it needs to be supported.” Those self-same “pundits” are now hailing the “people’s revolution” — and again, we chuckle as we witness how everyone loves a winner and will change horses as it suits them, nevermind their previous banter!!!

Palestine Think Tank has been an outstanding and stupendous experience, and a platform for a wide variety of voices and points of view. It has had many excellent contributors, all of whom are thanked for their hard work and participation, a huge following, as well as also getting a lot of heat from people (usually anonymous tabloid bloggers or those who are allergic to facts), so it was a community adventure and also an emotional one. However, new times also call for new measures. PTT is a lovely site, yet it is quite complicated to format, and for that reason, having to dedicate extended amounts of time to administrative tasks and managing comments, the writing of the editor in chief has fallen to the wayside. This was not something that was easy to live with but a necessity. As well, over time, a collective of people has developed and we are fed up with the orientalism we see in activism and the predominance of the “Western Pundits” in what essentially MUST be a grassroots movement lead by the people. Affiliations (formal and informal) with grassroots movements are also calling for a more communal approach and an immediacy of participation that this format simply would not allow.

It is thus that this site will migrate into for the writing of Mary, many of the contributors here, and a new stable of activist writers who are working together to create this brand new collective blog. The content of PTT will be migrated there bit by bit, so the history of PTT and its archives (including some things that were only available to some readers) can be found there. Currently there are pieces from the first year and a half of activity, roughly 1000 pieces, and the other 700 plus will be made available shortly. But what matters is that within days the new editorial group will begin its work in earnest, hoping to serve Palestinians and everyone in the region under the thumb of tyranny and oppression.

You can see the description of the site and its goals here: and in a few days, those who have loved and wish to continue reading the writing of PTT can switch over to that site as well as to continue to read Sabbah Report where you will find his own commentary and a collection of other writers.

Embrace the Revolution! Long live the Arab People. Long live Palestine!!!