With George Bush now dumped into the dustbin of history, millions of people around the world are hoping that the new American president Barak H. Obama will make a genuine departure from the conspicuously criminal policies that characterized his predecessor’s gloomy era.


Undoubtedly, Bush excelled in the perpetration of evil. He murdered, killed, deceived and lied, thinking he was doing a great service to America and the world.


His era was drenched with blood, mostly the blood of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, killed unjustly under the misleading rubric of “the war on terror.”


In Palestine, and only three weeks before his unmissed departure, Bush gave the Zio-Nazi state of Israel carte blanche to commit a real genocide in Gaza in which thousands of helpless civilians were brutally massacred and maimed while thousands of homes and other buildings were utterly destroyed.


And instead of urging Israel to stop the pornographic bloodletting against the captive and virtually defenseless people of Gaza, Bush behaved gleefully and gloatingly, invoking the mendacious mantra that “Israel has the right to defend itself.”


We in the Middle East realize quite well that Obama is not going to be the paragon of freedom and justice many naïve people had thought he would be.


Unfortunately, the American political environment is too morally barren to produce truly moral politicians who would be willing, let alone able,  to call the spade a spade, especially when the Zio-Nazi state is concerned.


Doing so would most likely be tantamount to committing political suicide in a country where Congress, the media, Show business as well as the bulk of the vital financial industry are tightly controlled by Israel’s American gents.


Nonetheless, Obama should strive to be more than just a sort of a Bush-lite president. Otherwise, he would be repeating the same mistakes, indulging in the same follies and committing the same crimes, knowingly or unknowingly.


I know it is premature to judge the man since he has been only a few days in the White House.  However, the signs are not very encouraging.


Obama has refrained from denouncing the recent Nazi-like crimes committed by the Zio-Nazi state in the Gaza Strip. Obama spoke elaborately about Israel’s right to defend itself, but said absolutely nothing about the Palestinian people’s right to defend themselves.


He cited the “thousands of rockets” that Hamas fired on Israel, but completely ignored the cruel and deadly aggressions Israel has been carrying out against an imprisoned people languishing under a manifestly criminal siege that has striking similarities with the German siege of Ghetto Warsaw during the Second World War.


Obama said the Palestinians needed food, clean water and basic medical care. However, he carefully refrained from uttering the word “freedom.”  That was really mind-boggling, even shocking.


Well, Mr. Obama, are you betraying your own history? Your own Afro-American people’s struggle for freedom and justice? Besides, what happened to “give me freedom or give me death”?  Indeed, have you come to think that certain classes of people, the Untermenschen, don’t deserve freedom or can live without it?


Obama should understand that the enduring Palestinian cause is not about food, clean water and basic medical care, although these are basic necessities for all human beings. It is also not about border crossings or even terror.


What the Palestinians need most, Mr. Obama, is freedom, freedom from the Nazi-like Israeli occupation, oppression and persecution.


We want to be free from the evils wrought upon us by the Zionist occupation of our country. This evil occupation is a collective act of rape that robs us of our human dignity, human rights, even our very survival.


As human beings, we will not accept trading our God-given freedom for food, clean water and medical care.


The White slave masters once viewed your not-too-distant ancestors as only deserving food and water and probably some sort of medical care, but no freedom.


So, are you Mr. President trying now to reproduce ancient racism and apply it to our people, long haunted by foreign occupation and oppression?


Obama said Hamas would have to recognize Israel in order to qualify for his administration’s recognition.

Well, Hamas doesn’t need your recognition, Mr. Obama. It won’t do it any good. The US did recognize the PLO nearly two decades ago, after the latter recognized Israel.


But since then, and instead of pressuring Israel to end its criminal occupation and colonization of our homeland, successive American administrations (under Reagan, George Bush, Sr., Clinton, Bush, Jr.), gave Israel tens of billions of dollars to expand Jewish-only colonies, effectively enabling the criminal state to kill the prospect of any genuine peace settlement of the conflict.


So, what would your conditional recognition of Hamas do in real terms? Moreover, why do you think Hamas should repeat the same stupid blunders of the PLO?


Luckily, Hamas will not recognize the evil Zio-Nazi entity under any circumstances. Evil and its ramifications and implications must never be granted legitimacy, especially by its victims.


A state that commits genocide and exterminates thousands of innocent children and women and old men, by raining on their homes missiles and bombs from high altitudes, using the state-of-the-art of the American technology of death, cannot be a legitimate state. It is rather a criminal state that ought to be destroyed and eradicated.


More to the point, is not a state that uses White Phosphorous bombs against school children, worshippers praying to their God in peaceable mosques, and civilians seeking shelter in UN-run schools is a murderous genocidal state not unlike the Third Reich?


After all, there is not really a qualitative difference between exterminating people by way of gas chambers as the Nazis did several decades ago and incinerating them by White Phosphorous bombs and F-16 fighters as the great grandchildren of the holocaust survivors have just done in Gaza.


In short, Israel is a murderous criminal state which has no legitimacy. This is not a matter of a few rotten people at the helm of Israeli politics. The entire Zionist infrastructure is intrinsically and hopelessly evil.


Hence, no Palestinian with a modicum of national dignity and self-respect should lend legitimacy to this satanic entity.


One more message to Obama. It has been reported that one of the foreign policy priorities of your administration is to mend relations with the Muslim world.


Well, this is certainly a good idea. After all, one of the main causes of Muslim hostility to the US is America’s scandalous and enduring embrace of tyrannical Arab regimes that treat their own peoples as animals or sub-humans.


So, Mr. Obama, if you would like to see America respected, not just feared, by Muslims, you hasten to withdraw your country’s support from these rotten and self-worshipping tyrants who torment and savage their own masses on America’s behalf.


You certainly did the right thing by terminating some of the ugly practices initiated by Bush, e.g. the renditions and the ghoulish torture techniques such as “waterboarding,” that some of our Arab governments have been involved in obviously in collusion with the Bush administration.


Nonetheless, you still have a long way to go. These governments, which the US routinely calls “our allies,” are really tyrannical police states whose political and moral modus operandi represents the exact antithesis of every sublime value and ideal America holds dear.


So, please, Mr. Obama, withdraw your support from governments and regimes that don’t allow free and fair elections as well as freedom of expression; don’t court governments that arrest, persecute, torture, and kill political opponents and non-conformist journalists.  Don’t sanction police state practices in the Muslim world under the rubric of such outworn concepts as “the war on terror” or “fighting fundamentalism” or even “preserving America’s interests.”


Mr. President, the most effective means of safeguarding America’s interests in the Muslim world is attained by adopting a foreign policy based on justice, morality and respect for our people’s right to freedom and sovereignty.


Yes, embracing tyrannical police states in the Muslim world might look expedient in the short term. But in the long term, America will only reap the hostility of hundreds of millions of people in the Muslim world.


Finally, I would like to point out that Muslims don’t really hate America. I myself received my college and graduate education in the US, and I harbor no hatred or hostility to the American people.


Muslims only hate the often pornographic oppression meted to us as a result of America’s unjust policies.


And, as always, Palestine remains the most scandalous example.


  1. paul says:

    Fight for truth. more and more,for ever….. But Fasten your Seatbell,s in this end fight against the Dragon Death and destruction “Zionisrael“ Hitler Fascism, is Incarnated in Judeo Fascism, a death-cult the only thing they scared is The Truth. And milions and milions know The Thruth now. And Visible will be all the murderers slaugther and Merciless. But it is soon theire death end,Live and Love and compassion will Prevail.***Paul*** The Netherlands.

  2. orayb says:

    Very well expressed Mr. Amayreh- The people of Gaza as well as the West Bank would whole heartedly scream” Give me liberty or give me death” without knowing that an American by the name of Patrick Henry said it many years ago. Freedom is what each Palestinian yearns for and it is time he gets it.

  3. ShueF says:

    Please ask lots people to sign your letter and present it to the white house. You got a very good point. If American know the truth, there is no way they will back Israel. The US government and media have lied to the public. Trust me, I am Chinese live in America for more than 10 years, 99% Americans are very kind and good people with outstanding moral. But most of them do not know the truth.

    I was disappointed by Obama’s first comment on Gaza as well. But I think I will do the same thing as his did: keep silence before became president, slightly lean towards to Israel at the beginning. He is too young and inexperience, he caught unguarded during an interview before he became president, mentioned he would engage Syria and Iran to the discussion table about the gaza conflict. You know what, the pro-Israel people are jump all over him to force him back to pro-Israel agenda before he sworn in.

    It’s not about Obama know what justice is, it’s the question of how does he win the battle against the overwhelming pro-Israel political environment in the US. Muslim world must be patient with him, hopefully he still remember he still care about the little guy. He appointed an Arab-American as middle east envoy, suspend the pro-Israel Dennis Ross as potential envoy, as well he showed great sympathy on Palestinian at his first comment. All of these Bush will refuse to do, Muslim should feel some relief from this.

    I have to say the Jewish is more sophisticated on steering Washington’s policy, while the Muslim just sit and whine about the injustice. I don’t mean to put Muslim down, you need to remember Muslim culture is very different from American culture. American expect you to make your case, Muslim is waiting for someone to bring justice on them, the Jewish is proactively bend the rule to bring “justice” to them in an extremely selfish way.

    Terrorism act won’t get what you want, only bring the west side with Israel. Bush was the least pro-Israel president before 9/11 attack, many Zionists complained he didn’t support Israel enough, but he turn 180 degree after 9/11 attack. Became the most generous president to the Israelis in US history. I have to say Muslims are not very good at strategy thinking, why you have to drag the world’s most powerful country to your enemy side? In stead, you should learn from the Jewish, bring US to your side.

    After Bush invaded Iraq( of cause he was too dumb and let the Zionists talked him into it.) Terrorism act by Muslim have spread through the west. I can understand Muslim’s frustration and detestation, but why Muslims have to expand your enemy base, from Israel alone to USA, then the entire west, do you think you can win? there is no winner if Muslim and the west are enemy.

    Life is tough, life is not always fair, you have to bring the powerful man side with you, not expecting the powerful man to side with you automatically. Don’t accept what “faith” bring to you, CHANGE it with your brain just like the Jewish.

    If you are Muslim you may not like what I am saying, but I am honest.

    Good luck, and may God/Allah bring peace to the world.

  4. paul says:

    Live on Earth will be much better ,when palestine is Free ,and israel does not exist anymore. We all bow for to long for this Dragon of Death and destruction. Gods Choosen? Let me Vomit… this are the children of Satan ***paul***

  5. Frances says:

    After Obama won the elections there was some talk in the US that something big will take place to test Obama, was it Gaza? If that was the case, Obama has so dismally failed, to those of us who thought that he would bring change to the Palestinians & to the Middle-East. Like the Presidents before him he has caved into Zionist pressure he is another coward who has totally ignored the Palestinian cause.

  6. 3bancan says:

    @ShueF – “99% Americans are very kind and good people with outstanding moral” – This just tells it all about your “outstanding moral”.
    美国是全世界败类的垃圾场, 它的一块垃圾就是您…

  7. i am an american . i feel that president obama is a man of wisdom. i belive he understands the hearts and minds of the palestinian people. i feel what is needed that the people of palestine must lead a civil rights movement similar to the civil rights movement of the united states. with such an action the people will ecourage polictical leaders to take actions the civil rights movement in the united states was lead by king who inspiered the people to take action. then the people inspiered president johnson to take action. do not loose hope for a two state solution. the setleers in the west bank must hear your voices. the nonviolent civil rights movement of palestine. president obama will hear your voices and the whole world will hear. i feel the doves of isreal will join with you in such a great movement for peace and civil rights. you voices must be loud and actions consistent. we shall overcome. yes we can peace and compassion to all brian a. hayes

  8. @paul – eye for an eye can no longer happen in the 21 century. there will be no solution with that attitude. through the action of nonviolence we can show the flaws of our enenmy. martin luther king show us great ways to fight injustice. gandi showed us how to overcome injustice. with a movement of civil rights with nonviolence people will have to listen . changes will have to happen .we people of many bodies join together with the one mind of peace and justice there will be nothing we cant achieve. people with pure hearts of compassion will be victorious. we will see a two state solution we will see civil liberties for all through the power of the people with nonviolent actions.

  9. 3bancan says:

    @brian a. hayes – “i feel that president obama is a man of wisdom” – Obama is a jewnazified war criminal…

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