The War On Palestine (Gaza)

Posted: 01/25/2009 by editormary in Features, Newswire, Palestine, Resistance, Video
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  1. Alex Raouf says:

    Hi Mr. Sabbah. My name is Alexander Raouf. I’m from New York, and am doing a Quality of Life project on the war in the middle east. I would like to get some background information on the war. I would also like to kno what you think about it, and if you think peace in these countries can ever be achieved. Thank you for all of your time and please if you can respond as quickly as you can I would be very thankful. Thank you for the information.

  2. Hello Alex,

    I’m not sure I have time to help you in your research, but if you ask specific questions maybe some people here can help you answer these question.

  3. din says:

    please all muslim, please boycott all product from israel, us, uk, and canada, this is the way we can help our cousin there

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