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  1. paul says:

    It,s the old Snake, who hypnotised the whole world(We are Gods Choosen)(read; relevations of John) and he was given a voice and it speaks only words like Holocausssssst The Terrorrissssssstssss,auswitchhh,Hamasss ,Hersbollahh,rockettsss,,burhhppp,They do,nt like me, I have the right to Defend myselfff.We all have to push him back into his home made Cave all together In Gaza…..And palestina to the palestinians again,Its the real restore of the holy land for all people who loves eachother And who loves live.Its the only way to restore a real peace in the region. And for sure what they have done (israelis) This criminals have no right having a State. They deserve The big open prison Gaza,All of them and close the wall,s “forever“ ***Paul*** The Netherlands.

  2. aiman says:

    listen paul u thinking like a small kidwho were at palastine first thejews were at europe what sent them to middle east. isreal never existed as a state it never used to be there n now who are the real terrorists

  3. soso says:

    Palestine is for palestinians even if you jews call your self God choosen people, who gives you the right to kill humens and to steel the lands that not yours and never will be yours. Palestine is the holy land for all relegions NOT for (( ISRAELI PEOPLE)) ONLY.

  4. Fiore says:

    I do not know what is wrong but I can not watch this video. It does not start. Can you help? Tx

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