The BBC and the transformation of suffering into propaganda

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WRITTEN BY Sarah Gillepsie

‘What impartiality requires is not that everyone receive equal treatment, but rather that everyone be treated as an equal.’ Ronald Dworkin Taking Rights Seriously. Harvard University Press. 1977, p. 227).


BBC director general Mark Thomson can not screen footage of Palestinian suffering in Gaza without compromising his cooperation’s impartiality. At the heart of his obfuscation lays a belief that Palestinian pain is not an objective reality. It is, at best, a subjective possibility, one loaded with the potential to burst into a subversive, destabilizing force.  


For activists and supporters who are frequently asked why they devote more energy to Palestine than Darfur or the Congo (the implication being of course that they are anti-Semites) Mark Thomson provides the most succinct answer. For Thomson has no problem whatsoever screening Disaster Emergency Committee films on behalf of Darfur and the Congo. The suffering endured by people in these regions is endorsed by the BBC as a universally acknowledged fact. Screening footage of the humanitarian disaster in Palestine though, sabotages Sky and the BBC’s obligation to be ‘balanced.’ If this was indeed a war, and not genocidal attack, then the BBC could counter their depictions of carnage in Gaza with images of the horrors endured in Sderot. But this is of course impossible. The visual impact of a damaged kitchen doesn’t quite cut it next to the apocalyptic hell hole that is Gaza.


Problematically, for a Zionist broadcaster who wants to appear ‘fair’, the humanitarian appeal does not come across as ‘balanced’ because the conflict is not ‘balanced’. Again, the Palestinians are collectively punished for this annoying glitch in egalitarian reporting. Rather than responsibly portray a reality that inevitably induces a condemnation of Israel, these corporations re-brand Palestinian reality as’ journalistic bias.’


Thus, the BBC’s refusal to air this film suggests that Palestinian suffering is itself a form of propaganda. Through the lens of the BBC, the screams of kids riddled with phosphorus become anti Israeli screams. The piles of burning concrete become anti-Semitic piles of burning concrete. The howls of grief are Islamist and undemocratic. The lives of children snubbed out in an instant by Israeli bombs may have grown into adults who failed to recognize Israel’s right to exist; that is if Israel had not had the foresight to violate their right to grow up.


Perhaps the most menacing aspect of this tragic debacle is Mark Thomson himself. A quick bit of research online ploughs up a surfeit of information proving the man is far from ‘impartial’. His Jewish wife, the scholar Jane Blumfeild, hails from an American family that attends Yeshivas. Evidence suggests that she recently signed a petition campaigning against the anti-Israeli content of the Washington Post. In 2005 she traveled together with her husband to Jerusalem to engage in talks with Ariel Sharon in an attempt to build bridges between the BBC and Israel. According to the Independent , this was an unprecedented gesture by any serving BBC director general. ‘He has a far greater regard for the Israeli cause than some of his predecessors’ a BBC source said. All in all, it is infuriatingly impossible to imagine the reverse; a BBC director general married to a woman from a Wahabi background who petitions news organizations to write pro-Palestinian copy and visits Khaled Meshaal in an attempt to help him out with his PR.


The implausible tone of this scenario betrays the catastrophic reality behind Sky and the BBC’s position. It is very clear that, as much as these media institutions champion their Voltaire-esque spiel about covering both sides of every story, at the end of the day their ‘objectivity’ is merely Israeli objectivity.


Gerard Kaufman MP elaborates Probably the (BBC’s) attitude has been: ‘Oh this is just too much trouble and it’s too much trouble because of the pressure of the Israelis. This very active and not very pleasant Israeli diplomatic representation in Britain’.


With over a million people dependent on aid to survive, the decisions of both corporations, continues the legacy of pathological barbarism carried out by the Jewish state. The Jerusalem Post and some other editorials go slightly further and refer to the DEC film as an ‘advert’ as if just trying to save lives were a sales tactic. Thankfully ordinary human beings are finally able to see through their transparent rhetoric and are doing to their TV licenses what Israel did to Gaza, burning them into obliteration.

  1. Galloglaigh says:

    In an interview on the UK’s BBC Radio 5 programme today, Steven Smith (the director of Beth Shalom Holocaust Memorial Centre in Nottingham) said that you cannot compare the suffering in Gaza with the suffering in the Warsaw ghetto in WW2 because those in the Warsaw ghetto were packed closer together.

    If I interpret that correctly, then his measure of genocide depends on population density.

    A very dense man indeed.

  2. Sarah says:

    Btw here is the film they refuse to show

  3. Mary says:

    There is a typo here in the spelling of the name of Thompson’s wife. She is Jane Blumberg, ‘an academic’ and the daughter of Baruch Blumberg, an American medical Professor.

    I spotted the name Jane Blumberg on the Washington Post petition linked to above.One and the same?

    SIG-899-1 2008-12-26 Name: Jane Blumberg
    Hometown: Gaithersburg, Md

    She is a mother and I wonder what her opinion is on this ‘shoah’ that has been enacted on the men, women and children in Gaza and on her husband’s shameful decision on the DEC appeal We shall probably never know.

  4. Mary says:

    Further to the above, I see that Ms Blumberg (aka Mrs Mark Thomson) is an advisor to this charity in Oxford.

    Click to access art_report_2008.pdf

    She was a trustee but resigned in 2006.
    Mr Mark Thompson is a Patron.
    BBC Children in Need, another charity, was a donor (accounts for 2007 – Charity Commission) to the tune of £6,768.

    All very worthy but I bet there is nothing like this available for teenagers in Gaza to help them with their problems.

  5. Mary Rizzo says:

    thanks Mary, we’ll get around to correcting that and also to adding in the video itself.

  6. Re: SIG-899-1 2008-12-26 Name: Jane Blumberg
    Hometown: Gaithersburg, Md

    I suspect it is the same – as Mrs Mark Thomson’s family home is in West Maryland.

    Gaithersburg is also in West Maryland.

    However the most shocking aspect I think is the visit to Sharon. Sharon depised BBC Middle East reporter Orla Guerin because she labled him a war criminal. Allegedly, days after Jane and Mark visited Sharon, Guerin was fired and shipped off to report on South Africa instead. Former BBC Director Greg Dyke says this:-

    ‘I have no doubt that the decision by the BBC to pull their Middle East correspondent Orla Guerin out of the region and send her to South Africa was part of the normal rotation of BBC news correspondents around the world. However it was pretty bad timing to announce it within days of Director General Mark Thompson’s visit to Israel where he had a meeting with the Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. Sharon has never hidden his intense dislike of Guerin or the BBC’s reporting of the Middle East and Guerin was recently accused of being “anti-semitic” and of “identifying with the goals and methods of the Palestinian terror groups” by a former Israeli minister’.

  7. moon says:

    I note that Sarah’s contribution ( 2) is a dead link due to the film on Gaza having been removed . Does this mean that You-tube shares Thompson’s regard for Zionist brutality ?

  8. modirama says:

    Hello! Here is one sad but true info:
    Aids is the vaccination demage of the first charge of the hepatitis-b vaccine and was invented by Mrs. Jane Blumberg’s father Baruch Samuel Blumberg in 1969. He collected the low densitiy lipoproteines out of the red cross blood specimens and sold them for 300$ (3*20µg) with pepsin as a vaccination against hepatitis-B(lumberg), about 8 years later the vaccinated persons died of cancer (Kaposi sarcoma = aids). They injected the stuff into homosexuals, nurses and haemophilics. Than they take out the stuff in 1984 and put some dead yeast in the vaccine and invented the african killer virus HIV. Because the AIDS=Kaposi sarcoma dying ended in 1994 the doctors gave the “HIV-positives” deadly drugs. Blumbergs compagnion was Saul Krugman. He killed handicaped children of his willowbrook school by medical experiments in 1956 and later. And the BBC produces AIDS fakes without end.

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