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  2. Marilyn Shepherd says:

    Well said Gilad. I find it interesting that jews have hi-jacked the holocaust and we are now led to believe that only jews died.

    We are supposed to think that semite is about jews when it is about ancient languages of arabs and others.

    We are supposed to think that the illegal occupation of Palestine by jews who have perfectly good homes in England, Canada, Australia, the US and other parts of the world is quite reasonable, as if jews in those countries don’t deafen the general population with their constant screaming at us “look at me”.

    I think the world is over it.

  3. LanceThruster says:


    Your pieces are always informative and entertaining. Thank you for the invaluable service you provide.

  4. jim says:

    If one out of every three dogs bit somebody, there would be no dogs. To argue that there is a distinction between Jews and Zionists is back to the good cop – bad cop argument. Whether someone says they are sorry or spits in your face, while they commit criminal acts upon you, does it really matter?

  5. […] Chicken Soup- is what is left once you strip Jewish identity of Judaism, racism, chauvinism, White Phosphorous, supremacy, cluster bombs, secularity, Zionism, Israel, intolerance, Nuclear reactor in Dimona, cosmopolitanism, genocidal tendency, etc. The Jew can always revert to chicken soup, the iconic symbolic identifier of Jewish cultural affiliation. The Jew is always more than welcome to say: “I am not religious nor am I a Zionist, I am not a banker, nor is my name Madoff. I am not a “Labour friend of Israel” nor I am a Lord or look like a cash machine. I am just a little innocent Jew because my mama’le used to feed me with chicken soup when I was slightly unwell.” Let’s face it once and for all, chicken soup is not that dangerous (unless you are a chicken). My grandmother taught me that it was very healthy. In fact I tried it once in winter 1978, I had the flu then. It helped, I feel better now. Source […]

  6. ronnie lambert says:

    Excellent, concise summation of ‘ the jew ‘ Gilad. I will print this out for my old buddy who thinks I am anti-semitic, and for anyone who ever asks why those nasty Palestinians keep throwing stones at the shiney new tanks. Love the new album too, hope tour is going well. Ron

  7. Todd says:

    @jim – Are you saying there would be no dogs, or that there should be no dogs?

  8. […] Lexicon of Resistance. By Gilad Atzmon 2009 March 30 by kanan48 Via: Palestine Think Tank. […]

  9. Astraea says:

    THANK YOU Gilad1 This is a wonderful article and I qama sending it on to the Dalai Lama – he needs educating about this matter, rather urgently.

  10. amos zukerman says:

    Thank you for this very useful argument stopping tool. One correction, chicken soup is really wonton soup. Marco polo whose real name was motke’ polansky {no relation} introduce it first to the venetian jewish banking community, he was later disowned by the congregation for insisting on toping his bolognese with parmesan cheese.

  11. bozhidar says:

    members of koresh’s and jones’ cults were cultists first and amers second if at all. it appears to me that ‘jews’ [97% of them] are cultists or ‘zionistic’ first and after that an admixture of many folks;
    nevertheless, still called “jews”.

    and as separatistic as the followers of other cults. and of course, fiercely so. an armed cult like koresh’s had not been tolerated and being small in number was easily eliminated.

    but the members of the judaic large cult in israel are even welcomed; they carry arms; are called ‘settlers’ [not, of course ,land robbers with murder in mind]

    people may think that socalled zionists are descendants of ancient judeans and thus have the right to zion but much evidence exists to show that most of the present palestinians are descendants of canaanitic-judean-arabic peoples.

    so, it may be that people who have no connection to zion are also kiling descendants of the judeans. can it get dumber than that? thnx

  12. Syd Walker says:

    More excellent writing Gilad.

    A minor criticism. While you use the term ‘antisemitism’ with caution (and provide a sensible definition for the benefit of the perplexed), you mention ‘ethnic cleansing’ without irony.

    I do think the near-ubiquity of this very new – and quite revolting – English-language phrase is a serious problem. I try to explain why in ‘Against Ethnic Cleansing’ on my blog.


    @Jim: On the matter of dogs, at least one in three dogs where I live does bite someone during the course of a canine life-span. Often it’s a well-deserved nip on the ankles. Occasionally the victim needs stitches.

    However, we don’t let the dogs set up their own bipedally-cleansed enclave or allow them to accumulate a nuclear stockpile. Happily, they show little inclination to build fortified walls around their kennels.

    It works for us.

  13. Abu jehud says:

    Gilad…wow…I am so glad I stumbled upon this site today. You and the invaluable Sugarman, Amos, are in diure need of my services. You see, I am in fact a Mohel and can clearly see that both of you have a problem, either they left too much on or they didn’t take enough off.

    Self hatred is fascinating. I used to be so offended by people like you, who turn on their own. It felt almost threatening. Now I see that people on the fringe of a group are actually an opportunity to learn about the group as a whole. What do you teach us…that we Jews are doing a great job in educating our kids to be free thinkers.We do not squelch the imagination like in othercultures where they are fed propagandist crap. That is why, for example, over 120 Nobel prizes have gone to Yiddilach…thatis over 20% in the history of the institution (must be a Zionist cover group!!). And so, even misguided “revisionists” like you are tolerated. That you don’t see that if you were palestinian stood up in Gaza and spewed such self loathing they would kill you.
    It is the fact that you and your buddy the Sugarman, Amos, exist is living proof why we Jews are going to continue to thrive throughout history.

  14. bozh says:

    some scientists have suggested that people who marry other people from other voelken are smarter because of that.
    the cultists, called jews, comprise dozens of mostly euro nations. and since torah commands ‘jews’ to lend money and not to borrough it; to have servants and not to serve others; to be light onto the world, they may strive harder than any other people to achieve just that.

    so, the members of the judaic cult, learned how to make money and were thus able to enroll more of their offsprings in universities than other folks.
    so, i think, it is to early to conclude that the ashk’m voelken are a specialty of the nature. i don’t think nature is that selective.
    but, who knows, it may be?! but if it is the nature which is making ‘jews’ smarter, then, the same mama’le might one day start making them dumber.

    nature also may one day severely punish any volk who arrogates to self special rights. nature loves all it creates and not just ‘jews’. yes, ‘jews’ are still loved! tnx

  15. dave hutsell says:

    thanks, Gilad. wish i could attend your concert in Houston on Wednesday, but have prior committment, will have some friends attending, tho, and will get a full report.
    look forward to delving more deeply into your writings and the blog comments elicited.

    keep safe,

  16. I regret not having commented on such excellent article or Lexicon, Gilad! BRAVO!

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