Khalid Amayreh – Let the world see Israel's true, ugly face

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There is no doubt that the new Israeli government, led by Benyamin Netanyahu, honestly reflects the collective mindset of the Israeli Jewish Zionist society.  True, there are Israelis who are averse to racism and fascism, but these are unfortunately very few in numbers and their influence is almost negligible.


Indeed, a fleeting glance at the composition of the new Israeli cabinet reveals an extremist coalition of war criminals, pathological liars, racist thugs (both of the Hitlerian and Stalinist styles), and hateful religious maniacs who inhale and exhale hatred 24 hours per day.


For those who don’t know him, Benyamin Netanyahu is a pathological liar par excellence.  His modus operandi is based on dishonesty, mendacity, prevarication, and deception.


Despite his public relations babbling about “peace with our neighbors,” the man is firmly anti-peace, against the creation of a Palestinian state in the West Bank and against equal rights for Jews and non-Jews.


He is actually an enthusiastic advocate for Judaizing East Jerusalem by checking Arab demographic growth, demolishing Arab homes and denying Jerusalemites their natural rights to build homes to meet natural growth.


This brazenly racist policy is known as “narrowing Arab horizons” and its ultimate goal is to force the Arab inhabitants of Al-Qods, or as many of them as possible, to leave the city and emigrate for good.


Netanyahu’s venomous racism is not confined to the Palestinians of the “occupied territories” or the “Shtachem” as the West Bank and Gaza Strip are often referred to in Hebrew.


He was quoted on several occasions as demanding that “measures” be taken to prevent Israel’s Palestinian citizens from reaching the 30% threshold.


Furthermore, Netanyahu who often invokes the concepts of civility, democracy and western culture, especially when addressing naïve western audiences, actually believes that Israel should embark on a massive campaign of ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians if and when the international community, particularly the US, would tolerate such a scenario.


In 1989 Netanyahu told students at Bar-Ilan University that “Israel should have exploited the repression of the demonstrations in China, when world attention focused on that country, to carry out mass expulsions among the Arabs of the territories.”


Well, for those who take the word “transfer” lightly, they should know that “transfer” is only a euphemism for genocide.


If such is the character of the premier, one can have a clear idea about his lieutenants and ministers from Avigdor Lieberman, to the gurus of Gush Emunim (the settler movement), who are shamelessly demanding that non-Jews in Israel-Palestine be either exterminated, deported or enslaved as water carriers and wood hewers in the service of the master race!


And then there is the irredeemably opportunistic war criminal Ehud Barak who insists rather arrogantly that the army that exterminated hundreds of Gaza children with White Phosphorus just two months ago is the most moral army in the world.


Netanyahu is not stupid. He realizes that his ideological convictions are too ugly and too fascist to be accepted by the international community, including the US, Israel’s guardian-ally.


This is why he is going to mislead the world by blurring and hiding, as much as possible, his government’s fascist nature.


He will heavily resort to employing “diversionary tactics” such as “terror,” “Iran,” “anti-Semitism,” and “Hamas” to distract attention away from the fascist and criminal platform of his government.


He will shout “Auschwitz, Treblinka, Mauthauzen, Bergen Belsen” whenever Israeli crimes are exposed and criticized.


He will claim that Israel will not allow itself to be pushed to the brink Auschwitz whenever Israel is demanded to end its Nazi-like occupation of the Palestinian homeland and allow the Palestinian people the right to independence and self determination.


In short, we are talking about a man who lies as often as he breathes a dishonest politician who thinks  and smart public relations can be a more effective substitution for an honest peace process based on human rights and international law.


This is why, the capitals of the world must not allow themselves to be duped, deceived and cheated by this notorious, cardinal liar.


I am, of course, in no way suggesting that the previous Israeli government was less nefarious than the new one.  The previous government of the evil trio Olmert, Livni and Barak had all the hallmarks of a Zionist Third Reich.


What else can be said of a government that ordered its army to exterminate and incinerate thousands of civilians with White Phosphorus, and then shamelessly claimed that it didn’t really mean to do it?


However, that government was considered by many states around the world, such as the gullible Europeans, a “government of peace,” a “liberal,” even “leftist government,” which really gave a new meaning to the term “verbal fornication.”


For us Palestinians, and despite the legitimate and understandable anxiety stemming from the rise of fascism in Israel, it is still better to have in Israel a manifestly fascist government pursuing fascist policies than a deceptively “liberal” or  “leftist” government pursuing the same criminal policies.


Let the world see Israel as it really is.  

In the final analysis, an honest criminal is better than a lying saint. At least the former is predictable and consistent.,%20ugly%20face.doc

  1. amos zukerman says:

    It can be said that this new regime will hasten the end of Zionism, by reviling to the world the true nature of the zionist beast. This may be so, but it will cost the palestinians dearly. I am sure history will eventually give an accurate description of this horrible gallery of challenged individuals that make up the israeli “government”. Our job, in all humility, is to alert the world to the greatest threat to world peace this despots presents. They will stop at nothing, in their attempt to hold on to power. They are god’s agents, and they have H bombs

  2. Abu jehud says:

    Amos..Duuuude….looks like we didn,t take enough off at your Bris,

    Many you are pathetic…was your father a Kapo or are you just above average?

    I have never understood the cause of such self loathing…it seems to completely altewr rational thought. I mean it completely blinds you to reality. And so my poor Circumscionally challenged Amos can not see the difference between the arsonmist and the firefighter. The Sugarman…pathetic

  3. Asiswhen says:

    It will be exciting as the minutes from the One-State conference are published. Ilan Pappe spoke of the urgency in abandoning the 2-state solution, which if ever attainable, seems only to legalize Banthustans and inequality. This urgency is related to this unveiled beast you speak of, that is emotionally prepared to continue where they left off in 1948 and carry out more expulsions of Palestinians living in Israel. He mentioned Umm El-Fahm as a field test. Also, Dr Meron Benvenisti suggested people forget about the term “occupation” and the freewill of “settlers”, who are really sponsored by the government. There is a blurring across the green line, both geographically, and with respect to human rights. Throughout Palestine-Israel, “non-jews” are disposessed and denied human rights, so what does occupation have to do with it?

  4. Michael says:

    The starting premise is wrong:
    “There is no doubt that the new Israeli government, led by Benyamin Netanyahu, honestly reflects the collective mindset of the Israeli Jewish Zionist society.”

    —–Haaretz poll: 54% of public dissatisfied with new government.

    Olmert had a 3% approval rating. The new Israeli government hasn’t even done anything yet and over half of Israelis are dissatisfied with it.

    Why would the author of this article start with a premise that is clearly false?

  5. asiswhen says:

    @Michael, you seem to forget it’s a government that they voted for with their “true democracy”. That they should be allowed to be governed by those they elected is a privelege, and instead 54% claim to be the victims of their own ballot. The collective mindset is ‘Zionist’, and they got what they asked for in spades.

  6. Michael says:


    Israel, and all countries, are not the total sum of its government, even elected governments. Politics don’t sum up a country.

    Using your faulty logic, Gazans got what they deserved because they elected Hamas. 70% of Palestinians voted for Hamas. Does that make the Palestinians responsible for Hamas’ actions? Does the person who voted for Hamas responsible for each rocket it fires, hence making him a “combatant” or a Hamas militant? Again, this is using YOUR faulty logic.

    Since Palestinians voted overwhelmingly for Hamas, does that mean that Hamas “honestly reflects the collective mindset” of the Palestinians?

  7. asiswhen says:

    @Michael – Dude, I really don’t know what your point is, or what this extension of logic brings to the table. I believe this topic is related to the underlying gravity of the zionist project related to the facade of any Isreali government. Also, I think Khalid is pointing out how people might complain about what color suit the zionist is wearing, instead of examining the underlying racism and cruelty that is Ethnic Cleansing. Any thoughts, or should I just pity 54% of Israelis because their goverment is led by fascists?

  8. Michael says:


    Khalid is trying to describe Zionism. Since Zionists disagree on what Zionism is or what Israeli should do, how does one Israeli government which most Israelis are dissatisfied with, supports the first premise of this piece, “honestly reflects the collective mindset of the Israeli Jewish Zionist society”.

    You notice how Khalid never cites anything?

    The quote from Netanyahu in 1989, is always cited to an Israeli journal Hotam. But here is the thing, that journal doesn’t exist.

    He doesn’t even bother to cite any Human Rights organizations. For each statement he makes, he needs to back it up with something. He is saying that Netanyahu’s government is going to show the world how bad Israel is.

    He tells us what Netanyahu is going to tell us, first by looking at a false quote, and then calling him racist and fascist. How is he racist and fascist? He could at least add a few Lieberman quotes.

    I’ll use this as an example:
    “What else can be said of a government that ordered its army to exterminate and incinerate thousands of civilians with White Phosphorus, and then shamelessly claimed that it didn’t really mean to do it?”

    Is he telling us he can prove that an order was given to use WP to kill thousands? No, since thousands didn’t die, that’s just what he thinks. There is nothing revealing by this article.

    He doesn’t try very hard to make his case. In fact, I see a hint of projection in it. How is reality going to be exposed if he won’t bother to do it?

  9. asiswhen says:

    OH, I didn’t realize this was a journalism class, I thought it was a blog. If you want to know about the unity of Zionist opinion, take look at Jerusalem.

  10. Michael says:

    Khalid’s bio at the bottom of the article says that he is a journalist. If this website is a blog, it still doesn’t excuse using a false quote. How are people supposed to take you seriously if you don’t even cite your sources and uses a well known false quote?

    What about “Jerusalem”?

    At least the JPost admits when it makes mistakes.

  11. ginosz says:

    sources? premise? let’s make it nice and easy. premise…

    1948. state of israel declared. supported by major western powers. arab inhabitants kicked and forced out slowly. 61 years later today, you are not the first zionist jew to play on technicalities in regards to the plight and suffering of palestinian arabs at the hands of zionist jews in occupied palestine.

  12. xexon says:


    Since the Israelis have an elected a government of their own, are they not going to pay for their mistake just as the same as the Palestinians? This sword cuts both ways.

    Electing zionist hawks into power is the same thing as electing Hamas into power. They’re all worthless radicals who are getting their people killed. Take a hint, they don’t care about you. Just power over you.

    Israel as a racist, aparheid Jewish state must be brought down.

    Israel must be united.


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