Khalid Amayreh – Zionists: We hate you because you are evil, not because you are Jewish

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Zionist massacres then and now. I have been under fire of late from two diametrically opposite quarters. First, the fanatical, self-worshipping Zionists who think that non-Jewish suffering should never ever be compared with Jewish suffering.


Needless to say, this psychotic attitude stems from deep-seated convictions that a Jew is a special creature whose life is worth more than the rest of humanity. Haven’t we noticed, for example, how Israel has made “Gilad Shalit”, the Israeli soldier imprisoned by Hamas, a household name all over the world, while next to nothing is mentioned about the estimated 10,000 Palestinian political and resistance prisoners languishing in Israeli dungeons and concentration camps?


And, second, some pro-Palestinian activists who believe that I should avoid invoking the holocaust in my writings lest this help legitimize the Zionist narrative and inadvertently justify Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people.


To our pro-Palestinian activists, I, with all due respect, would like to say the following. I sincerely believe that we would be walking in the path of immorality if we denied or belittled other people’s suffering.  Indeed, it is imperative that we retain our humanity and moral fabric in the course of this legitimate struggle against the evil state. We must never imitate or emulate their ways and tactics. This would be self-defeating, self-destructive and immensely demoralizing. 


Moreover, we must refrain from saying or doing things that would make others portray us as inherent enemies of Jews, because we are not.


We also need to be constantly vigilant and cautious about what we say and how we say it, lest we inadvertently besmirch the legitimacy of our just cause.


Israel is so manifestly criminal and ugly that we don’t need to deny anyone’s suffering to prove this plain fact.


In short, we don’t have to shoot ourselves in the foot. It is wrong and it hurts us a lot.


Obviously, the Zionists’ “arguments” are motivated, as always, by ill-will and a malicious desire to silence critics of Israeli criminality whose phantasmagoric expressions we all witnessed recently in the Gaza Strip.


The subject of contention this time has been an article I published a few days ago, entitled “Shame on us,” in which I strongly criticized efforts by some dubious “peace activists” to bamboozle some innocent Palestinian children from some impoverished localities into playing music before “holocaust survivors.”


This is what happened last week when a dozen young musicians from the Jenin Refugee Camp, in the northern West Bank,  were taken surreptitiously to Tel Aviv where they were made to play a serenade before some elderly Zionists, some of whom veterans from the many criminal wars Israel had waged on our people. And as I said in the article, the ethnic cleansing of Palestine was not carried out by UFOs but by the very people our children are now being asked to cheer up.


Understandably, the not-so-innocent event left many Palestinians infuriated by the cheap exploitation of these kids for Israeli hasbara purposes. As one who lost three uncles in one day to Zionist murderers in 1954, I felt deeply wounded and humiliated by that event.


I am actually not against reconciliation between Palestinians and Jews. I don’t and never will view Jews as our inherent enemies. Some Jews are actually among the most effective supporters of our national cause. Those we salute for their honesty and morality.


However, it is obvious that true reconciliation in this part of the world requires that the slate be made thoroughly clean. Usurped rights must be returned to rightful owners, and wrongs must be rectified. This I say to honest and conscientious Jews who are genuinely interested in justice and peace.


But to the Zionists I would like to say that the following: the latest point of contention is not about music or even peace. This is first and foremost about human dignity of which the children of the holocaust and their children and grand children and great grandchildren have been trying to rob us.


And whether you like it or not, for us, at least, you represent the real Wehrmacht, the real SS and real Gestapo. You are the Nazis of our time. This is what we see from our vantage point. This is what much of the world sees. This is what many honest and conscientious Jews see.


You stole our country, you murdered our people, you destroyed our homes, and you expelled and dispersed the bulk of our people to the four corners of the world. And after all of this, you have audacity to dupe our children to sing and play music to you? This is simply beyond, far beyond, Chutzpah.


Some of you habitually babble the word “hatred” whenever a Palestinian asserts his people’s humanity and dignity.


Well, you are really sick to the bone if you think Palestinians must sacrifice their dignity in order to become a hate-free people according to the Zionist lexicon. We will not pay tribute to the killers of our children, we will not show respect to those who murder us.


Besides, who do you think you are anyway to lecture us on hatred? After all, you represent and embody hatred in its ugliest form. The extirpation of a people from its ancestral homeland from time immemorial is a satanic act par excellence. The destruction and obliteration of hundreds of Palestinian towns and villages to fulfill Jewish nationalism is diabolical act of the highest order.


Your recent blitzkrieg in Gaza during which your Nazi-like army ganged up on a helpless, unprotected civilian population, exterminating them with bombs and missiles and incinerating their children with White Phosphorus proved once again that you are no better than the hateful Nazis you curse day and night for what they did to you sixty years ago.


Well, try to get yourselves out of this cocoon of self-denial. The Palestinian people don’t hate music nor do they teach their kids to hate Jews or non-Jews, it is your evil and murderous actions that generate hatred against you not only among Palestinians and Muslims but among many other people around the world.


Just look at your ugly faces in the mirror.

  1. Michael says:

    —-I’m interested about what readers of this blog think of the Conflict of Two Narratives explanation to the Israeli-Arab conflict. Any thoughts?

    “how Israel has made “Gilad Shalit”, the Israeli soldier imprisoned by Hamas, a household name all over the world”
    —-I think this is because Shalit has never been visited by the Red Cross, a basic requirement that even Israel gives to its prisoners.

    “activists who believe that I should avoid invoking the holocaust in my writings lest this help legitimize the Zionist narrative and inadvertently justify Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people.”
    —-I think they do that because if you were to compare the two situations in detail, they just don’t match up. If anyone wants me to explain why they don’t match up, ask in the comments. There are two many reasons for me to list here right now.

    “Some Jews are actually among the most effective supporters of our national cause.”
    —-Isn’t this sort of a self defeating statement?

    “exploitation of these kids for Israeli hasbara purposes.”
    —-Wasn’t this done by an Arab woman? An Arab who disagrees with you politically. Isn’t it fascist, in the narrow literal definition, to ban her?

    “You are the Nazis of our time. This is what we see from our vantage point.”
    —-Conflict of Two Narratives case in point.
    —-I think another reason that some pro-Palestinian activists don’t want you to use analyze the Holocaust with Palestinian suffering is because a leader of the victims of the latter, was an ally of the enemy of the first group – the Mufti of Jerusalem was an ally of Hitler.

    “Your recent blitzkrieg in Gaza”
    —-Blitzkrieg means short and surprising war. I didn’t think it was surprising. In fact, two days before the operation, an Israeli pundit spoke on Al Jazeera English warning them that this would happen if Hamas didn’t stop firing rockets.

    “no better than the hateful Nazis you curse day and night for what they did to you sixty years ago.”
    —-You are projecting here. Those 6 million Jewish lives can never be compensated. But we don’t hate the Germans anymore. The best thing one can do is to try to live the best life you can. Blowing up yourself and a dozen Germans in a restaurant can’t bring back the lives lost to you.

    “nor do they teach their kids to hate Jews”
    —-Have you read the Hamas charter? or seen Hamas children’s shows?

    “Just look at your ugly faces in the mirror.”
    —-Are you talking about the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover 2009?

  2. ginosz says:

    michael. you are a sick person. this is not a personal attack. this is who you are. and what you represent. sickness beyond reason.

    1- gilad shalit is just one jew.

    2- yep they don’t. made up by european apologists for the creation of israel.

    3-try neturei karta.

    4-who was the patron, if not the racist zionist state of israel?

    5-because a racist zionist state was being created to replace arab palestine.

    6-why should anybody be surprised when it comes to israel and their reasons?

    7-just like all the arab lives which cannot be compensated and the land zionist jews stole. fighting and killing hundreds of thousands of arabs won’t stop us from defeating you. you know that.

    8-hamas rose as a result of racist zionist political and military actions on arabs in palestine.

    9-prostituting your women won’t soften the image and the reality of your racist state.

    you forgot the tenth commandment, ‘by way of deception thou shall do war’. .

  3. atheo says:


    Perhaps you should consider a comparison.

    What would you think of a writer who compared Israel to Stalin’s gulags every second paragraph, or perhaps to the liberal terror bombers that leveled all of North Korea’s towns and carpet bombed Viet Nam? If every article written months on end harked back to the very same historical comparison?

    At some point you would wonder what drives the constant comparison. All kinds of motives might occur to the inquiring mind.

    Israel’s crimes stand well enough on their own, one does not need to use the demonisation of previous war propaganda (Nazi exceptionalism) as a crutch to plead the case of Palestine.

    We in the West have now been treated with extraordinary volumes of demonisation regarding comparison’s of this type: Saddam is the new Hitler, Ahmadinejad the Hitler of today, Milosevich the Hitler of the 90’s. It’s lost its punch.

  4. sophie says:

    I am quite certain that Khalid Amayreh’s reference of [I have been under fire of late from two diametrically opposite quarters] deals with my post at his article titled [shame on us] where I have often expressed my discomfort with Amyreh’s comparison of Nazi Germany and the New Nazis who are mudering Palestiniains in Palestine. Here are my reasonf for contention with Amayreh’s stand. These ideas are mine and mine alone and I do believe in what I am saying below with all my heart and soul:

    1. World Jewry is very welcoming of anyone who would invoke their 60-year old ‘holocaust’ which in effect gave them the excuse to steal Arab land.

    2. The very same old ‘holocaust’ is being used by the so-called ‘holocaust survivors’ to milk the American taxpayers and the German people, and there seems to be no end in sight.

    3. The idea of a people referring to itself as ‘holocaust survivors’ as it commits holocaust on the Arabs sounds very ironic, if not immoral and laughable.

    4. If the Germans did some evil act to Euro Jewry, then Arabs should not be made to pay for it. The discourse should not even take place in the Arab world as to what occurred between the current satanic killers of Arabs and their 60-year old discord with the Germans. It was an intra-European affair that should have found a European solution such as allocation of land for Euro Jewry in Europe.

    5. Arabs do not have an obligation to remember the 60-year old suffering of European Jews more than the Eskimos, the Zulus or Nigerians.

    6. If we are to remember suffering, then let’s list them all together – past and present sufferings and not spend inordinate amount of ‘sympathy’ on Ashkenazi suffering. It stands against logic to express sympathy towards killers and towards the new generation of the so-called ‘survivors’ who live very comfortable lives on stolen Arab soil and with extorted money from America and Europe.

    7. It is reported that more than 94% of Jewry celebrated the carnage of the innocent people of Gaza during the Gaza holocaust of Dec 2008-Jan 2009. My own estimate is close to 100% solid. So why am I required to love the very same Jews who only care and show sympathy only for their own kind and for no one else?

    8. The word ‘Jew’ is very misleading. Arab Jews did live in the Arab region in relative harmony until Euro Jewry arrived as a colonizing force with a typical European supremacist attitude towards the indigenous people of color of the land.

    9. Euro Jewry has no business now occupying Arab land and must seriously consider returning to its former habitat. Of course the balance of power being in favor of Jewry now makes it impossible to ship Euro Jewry back to it own land. But there will come a time when the level of power will favor Arabs and Jewry then would have no choice but to pack up and head towards its former habitat just like the Italians, the British, the French, the Germans, the Russians did.

    10. Millions of people around the globe have met one kind of catastrophe or another, but no UN or other powerful group came forward granting them someone else’s land and assisting them with relocation. How did the Euro-Jews get to be so privileged to have the European and American powers ordering and forcing the Arabs to open their borders to Euro Jewry while the Europeans and Americans had closed their own borders for the same Euro Jews? The Americans and the Europeans always claimed it was due to sympathy? No! They were offloading Euro Jewry on the powerless Arabs and that has to be reversed sometime before anyone could expect to have peace and harmony in the region. The Arabs do resent being made to be the dumping ground of people that the Europeans did not want. Times have changed and both Europe and America would be welcoming Jewry; and this may be a good time for Jewry to start the stampede back.

    11. This is the most significant reason why I resent the comparison. The conflict between Euro Jewry and the Europeans arose out of resentment by the Europeans of what they perceived to be the selling out and undermining of their economy and livelihood by a group of people that has always felt to be an outsider and with no loyalties for the nations where these people lived. It would sound to me that it was a reaction for a certain undesirable action. The case of the Palestinians was that they became targets simply because they owned a land that was coveted by Jewry for its strategic and natural resources.

  5. Michael says:


    Well well Dr. Ginosz. If that is your diagnosis, I think I’ll get a second opinion.

    I guess I’ll number my points as well.

    1. Gilad Shalit is just one Jew. And the only person who has never been visited by the Red Cross.

    2. Was that Holocaust denial? Real mature.

    3. I don’t think you understood my comment.

    4. It wasn’t a government event, and it wasn’t for government officials, so I don’t understand what you mean by “state”? You know, in Israel and the West, the government doesn’t control every cultural event nor the media. How many Fatah activists did Hamas kill and vise versa?

    5. Another case in point. Palestinian Arabs started massacring Palestinian Jews more than two decades before Israel was created. Hebron 1929 for example. They weren’t even European Jews. They lived there before Islam was even created. Perhaps the Jews decided they need their political apparatus, aka a state, so Arabs won’t be able to do that stuff anymore.

    6. I don’t think you understood that comment either. Khalid used a term that partially meant that he was surprised. You say that you weren’t surprised and I said that you shouldn’t.

    7. I thought you believed that the Holocaust was a myth created by European Jewry?

    8. That doesn’t excuse using conspiracy theories in your charter.

    9. Real mature, son.

    10. Irrelevant and not damning. Try again.

  6. Michael says:


    1. What excuse did the Arabs give to steal Jewish land in Hebron in 1929?

    2. Well, they didn’t blow up an German restaurants. Perhaps that is why.

    3. What about the holocaust Arabs committed against the Mizrachi/Sephardic Jews?

    4. But what about the other half of the Jewish Israelis? You know, those from the Arab/Persian countries who are not welcomed and won’t be given their property back from the Arab governments? To the Arab countries which Jews are welcomed, what good is it being a citizen of an Arab country? You can’t vote.

    5. They don’t have to. It would just improve relations with the parties in conflict if they talk and share their history. Nobody responded to the Conflict of Two Narratives comment I made. Do you guys even know what it means?

    6. You know, perhaps the Palestinians would have lived better lives if their Arab hosts would give them citizenship. Not only that, but also not limit their employment opportunities. You know which group of Arabs in the Middle East have the highest standard of living and rights?

    7. Can you give me the source? How did Israelis celebrate? Did they like dance in the streets or what? You know when they did celebrate? When the reached peace agreements with Egypt and Jordan. During anniversaries of those peace treaties. People celebrate when war ends. During WW2, the Allies didn’t celebrate when they bombed Dresden. They celebrated when the war ended, when the Germans, the Japanese, and the Allies could live in peace. You were projecting.

    I’m interested in what you think about Darfur?

    8. Are you implying that European Jews are not Jews? Do you really want me to list the massacres committed by Arabs against the Jews before the word Zionism was even created?

    9. You know half of Israeli Jewry originated from Arab/Persian countries?

    10. Actually, the British and the Arabs agreed to a deal in the 1930’s called the White Paper which forced the British to stop almost all Jewish immigration into the British Mandate of Palestine.

    Do you think Jews have any right to live in “Palestine”?

    You know, I heard some people saying that Arabs should return to Arabia. Of course, I think that is wrong. They are part of Morocco to Iraq. So, are Jews not part of what you call Palestine?

    11. Are you implying that the Jews did something to the Nazis and hence the Nazis were just reactionary to a real racial and economic threat?

    Of all the land in the Middle East, why would they pick that one tiny area with NO OIL?!!! Case in point, Jews are part of the land of Israel. The Arabs are also part of it. But they coveted it all for themselves. Maybe they had it coming? I don’t think so. They were led by foolish leaders.

    Can you imagine, if the Arabs welcomed all of European Jewry, the most accomplished in the fields of medicine and science group of people for their size.

  7. Abu jehud says:


    give it a rest, I get it you are an “intel-lectual” as well. You can not out reason people infused withblind hatred. So much hate that they can not see the simple truth about who is deliberately killing inocents. leavem alone. I just can’t stop laughing at the notion that Gilad had a bad Bris and that is his problem.

    Until they come to terms that a 3000 year old relationship with the Land does have merit and are willing to find a real peace, I say mafish falastin and Am Yisrael Chai!!!

  8. Michael says:

    @Abu jehud

    Okay Abu Jehud. I actually found this site only yesterday. I just had to comment about some false quotes they used and then I just went with the flow. And I’m not an “intel-lectual”. I’m too humble for that.

    Your comment is perhaps the best thing I read on this site. I guess there is no point with me arguing with them.

  9. Steve says:

    The following is a comment I left on my own Blog in response to this particular post…

    desertpeace said,

    April 2, 2009 at 6:41 am · Edit

    Khalid, you are way too kind to the ones you refer to as ‘Pro Palestinian activists’. The only criticism I am aware of regarding your comparisons to the holocaust of Eastern Europe and the Palestinian one come from someone who is far from considered an activist. She is a very hateful person determined to destroy any Blog that presents the truth about the plight of the Palestinian people. You were not the only ‘target’ of her vicious attacks, she has used her site to attack me, Mary and most recently even George Galloway.

    Your post ‘Shame on us’ was crossposted to my site by both and This resulted in over 10,000 hits to that particular article. I doubt very much if the ‘activist’ in question has anything close to that number of readers on her hate filled site.

    I suggest that we look at where negative criticism towards us comes from, and if it comes from a hateful person known for her anti Semitic views, we ignore them. They obviously are doing nothing but begging for attention…. something we should not be a part of.

    Needless to say, Khalid, your writings and views are most appreciated by my readership. I am proud to be associated with a great man of integrity like yourself.

  10. Mary Rizzo says:

    Precisely because Jews live on Palestinian land (and contrary to what someone might think, some of them want to live with Palestinians as Palestinians. There are a handful of them, but they exist and deserve 100% respect), the Holocaust – Nazi issue is always on the table. I don’t live in the Middle East, never have, so I can’t know the extent that this issue occupies in discourse, but I really am suspect of those who insist upon excluding Palestinians from using it in discourse when they surely have valid reasons to do so (and given the heat that Khalid’s been getting from Zionists who resent his paper and when he does this) apparently, it hits a nerve. Khalid is not “welcomed by them”, if anyone has been following things, in fact, he does not use the holocaust to justify theft of his land, QUITE the contrary… he uses it as a universal sign and warning.

    Years ago I was in contact with a Lebanese scholar who also said to not ever use the word Nazi when talking about Israel or Jews and he was a very firm proponent of Arab nationalism, (as I myself am). We had a very fruitful communication, I translated some of his writing for others to see his point of view, he kind of vanished from activism in English, but lo and behold, during the Gaza war he was on an Arab mailing list that many friends of mine are on, and they told me he was going after “Jews” saying that any proud Arab should not engage with Jews at all. I don’t read Arabic, but it got to a point where five different friends asked him why and who and to give reasons and details, and he listed Gilad Atzmon, me and two others whose names I don’t remember now. My friends told him to shove it. For sure the guy had some valid arguments going once in a while, but his clustering of folks according to his concept of “race” was disgusting, and people called him on it.

    This is just to say that those who are obsessed about it will be brought down by their obsession, because their arguments lose force or validity.

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  12. Mary Rizzo says:

    Steve, agreed that this person has some passive-aggressive (mostly aggressive) issues and that she selects her targets and dedicates a lot of time to insult, as those who are getting the very most attention in the media and activist circles because we are radically for the Palestinian people and we do not condemn Hamas, quite the contrary…. Khalid, Galloway, your site and mine. (actually, she attacks us PERSONALLY, which is different, and creepier because she attempts to justify it as “political”, just the way Greenstein does, matter of fact…but at least he makes a fool of himself with name and surname) but I wouldn’t say she’s anti-semitic, because that concept is an empty signifier. She focuses all her attention on making sure that the Palestinian cause is connected to Jew hatred, (wonder why this is important to do?) she considers Jews a race that is different from others and 100% exploiting Palestinian suffering, despite the fact that there are indeed people like you whose life proves her wrong, that Palestinians quit mentioning that they are in a holocaust by those who use the holocaust as their very raison d’etre. I now understand that the eyes of Herzl are there to inspire her. I too have pictures of inspirational figures surround me.

    So, while I do understand and appreciate your view, it’s not totally precise.

  13. Steve says:

    The following is an e mail I received from Khalid regarding my last comment…

    Thanks Steve. anti-Semitism is a sickness, it is also Zionism’s most effective tool to justify its crimes against the Palestinian people..and also against Jews.

    I say “against Jews” because Zionism not only succeeded in tormenting the Palestinian people but also in undermining the “humanity” of many Jews.

    you may post my remarks if you wish.


  14. Iman says:

    Khalid, I would like to say thank you very much for writing this article.


    As a young PAlestinian who lives int he West and has met many holocuast survivors, I can tell you that there are many of them who are speaking out about the parrallels between what is happening in Palestine today as a result of Israel’s regime and the NAzi regime of the past.
    You mention that “Those 6 million Jewish lives can never be compensated. But we don’t hate the Germans anymore. The best thing one can do is to try to live the best life you can. Blowing up yourself and a dozen Germans in a restaurant can’t bring back the lives lost to you”

    I agree that those lives cannot be compensated. As a human being I am glad that this injustice is over. BUT the fact remains that now in the present there is a new injustice taking place. All over the world yes, but in particular to the Palestinians. I have gone to many sittings where I heard Palestinians and Jewish people speak, and I remember reading an article that stated “if we didnt create our jewish state we would have been victims throughout all our lives” I would like to tell you something i have seen and learned in the last 20 somethign years of my life; TOday in the PRESENT, there is a large number of Palestinains suffering at the hands of many. What i see is that the zionists have replaced themselves with the Palestinians.
    A German Jewish holocaust survivor said this week in an event we were holding, that after listeing to real narratve stories of the lives of Palestinian students, she said she had the right to replace “Aparthed ISrael to Nazi Israel” This is coming from someone who has experienced first hand the humiliation and injustuce of the Nazi Regime.

    There are so many parallels you can draw out, Israel is based on an ethnic democracy which is in fact Racist, and you can see that in the many circumstances that take place daily in Israel and/or the WestBank.
    *Lets look at education- Everychild has a right to education- do Palestinians hace that? – do they have the comfort of going to school and garunteeing that they will be back in the afternoon? Can they garntee that there will be no delay at the chkpoint? Can they garntee that they may be humiliated, beat up or put in jail?
    *Lets look at the thousands and thousands of prisoners many of whom are children and women. LEts look at the torture methods being used against these prisoners? why don’t you look into what administrative detention is- and you say that Gilad was not seen by the red cross??? What about the 14 year old child whos name i will not mention who is jailed and imprisoned in ISRAEL’s JAIl- not the west bank- who is denied her education-
    How about the women who are humiliated int he jails and are placed with other Israeli criminal offenders many of which are offenders of sexual abuse?
    How about the STUDENTS who are taken into administrative detention and are NOT charged with anything- THEY ARE HELD for months on end with out their family knowing why…..
    How about the systematic ATTACK ON EDUCATION where students are purposely taken into detentions ironically either right before their final yearly exams, or right before their final year of schooling.
    how about the hundreds of checkpoints that constantly get in the way of students freedom of movemnet- especially when they want to go to school
    how about the curfews that ISrael places which halts education….

    all this is not enough for you to recognize that ISrael is using the same form of genocide that was used against its people…. yes there was no gas chamber but there was an open air prison full of civilians 50% of which are CHILDREN- they were left to starve SLOWLY- maybe this genocide is not at the rate that Hitler used but it still is a genocide just at a slower rate….point being suffering is suffering…it doesnt matter the number.
    How about the villages in the west bank and the WEEKLY IF NOT DAILY INVASIONS (in some places) where peoples homes are taken over, so that the Army can set up sniper spots on the roofs. The tear gas that is shot at the people, the arrests of CHILDREN for throwing rocks ….why are the PAlestinian fighting? Their land is being stolen and they have a RIGHT TO FIGHT BACK…..ITS A PEACFUL STRUGGLE– so when you bring up the fact of “blowing up people in a bus” that was the past and in no longer happens.

    Hammas already acknowledged Israels existance….IS ISRAEL willing to acknowledge Palestines existance? form the way things are going It does not seem to be the case. Look at the illegal settlement buliding, look at the house demolitions….
    I dont want to keep going….becasue i am sure you knwo all this but it just seems to me that you refuse to ackowledge it.
    ALl these are lead to the killing, suffering, demoralizing, de-humanizing of Palestinians. ITs on going and its constant….it is a holocaust. Maybe not “exactly” like the holocaust of the Jewish people, or the serbians, or the polish etc…. that fact is that we cannot take one holocaust and make it a metaphor for all the rest….SUFFERING IS SUFFERING, GENOCIDE IS GENOCIDE, NO MATTER HOW MANY THE NUMBERS. plus to know of all the suffering that took place in the past should put humans in a better position to not to allow it to take place again. Thats why its unfortunate and sad that the same people who suffered through this tragedy are allowing the same kind of suffering to take place right under their nose.

  15. Halid says:

    Hi folks,
    i miss a sense of humor on this site… Let’s have a break
    and a laugh for few minutes. Watch this sarcastic song
    about jewish settlers:


  16. Leyla says:

    Brilliant khalid .
    those little musicians reminded me of the Musician jews playing for the Nazis at the camps . no difference. . how can you play music to your rapist , to your torturer , opressor and jailer ??. those old jewish people had a hand at many crimes under under the Hagannh, the Lehi , the stern gang , the gush emunim, the palmach etc … ALL had a hand , even a person Like Uri Avnery Used to be a terrorist before and has the scars to prove it .

    Unlike Khalid , I Do not support reconciliation even after the freedom of the palestinians . you see i do not trust the zionists in israel . I have no problem with moroccan jews in Morocco (i purchase from their shops and dealt with them on a daily basis ) my problem with the zionists in Israel and Occupied Land .
    I simply do not want anything to do with them. I wish them good luck , i wish them prosperity but i want to stay as far away from them as possible . they are not people i would trust nor welcome as friends .
    Of course there are good people inside Israel who work hard for peace , but are they really doing their best or simply pretending ? I dont know .

  17. I always like Mr. Khalid’s writings; he is very honest and to the point and doesn’t beat around the bush. As an Arab his words ring true not because the Palestinians are Arabs but because of two things: one I had a taste of what the Palestinians go through (I’m Lebanese) and second anyone with a correct sense of justice would understand what he is saying.

    I have never been taught to hate Jews whether as a race or followers of a religion though the last article by Gilad Atzmon gave me another perspective about the concept of “jewishness”. As a supporter of the return of Palestinians rights I’ve always been against the ideology of Zionism and Zionists no matter the religion or race they belong to.

    As for the connection of Israeli actions to Nazis I agree with Mary that “he uses it as a universal sign and warning”. We as Arabs did not make that comparison the whole world did it before us whenever they want to demonize someone or a group they compare him/them to Hitler or Nazi behavior. It has been taken for granted that all evil people are like Hitler because in the West they see no one worse than Hitler though evil people throughout history are many and it is not a news flash when I say all of them did more or less the same things.

    The issue of comparing Israeli actions to Nazi ones might hit a nerve because many people around the world see the Israelis as victims of Nazis thus they should not be compared to them but then wrong behavior is wrong no matter who does it. I for one had nothing to do with the suffering of the Jews in Europe yet I and millions pay for it every day because some corrupt politicians in England gave the Zionists Palestine.

    I will not apologize for being against Zionism, we want our rights and God willing we will get them back.

    Tahiyati (greetings) lil akh Khalid and keep it up.

  18. bozh says:

    supporters of israeli crimes generally use such rationalization as that palestinians are inferior, “terrorists”, lazy, uncivilized, etc., and at the same time always talk about ‘jewish’ virtues.

    the facts, half truths, lies, which they never cease to use, are of either peripheral nature or do not pertain at all or only slightly and which cannot be [dis] proved.

    on the other hand, the facts of utmost import are denied or omitted. e.g., expulsion, ’48 agresssion, invasions of lebanon, agressions in ’56 and 67; mentioning holocaust is always a must. blaming mufti and the bosnian handzar division is also a must even tho this division appears not to be involved in the holocaust.
    even if, how are palestinians involved in the all that. in fact palestinians were already in deep trouble because UK troops allowing ‘jews’ to steal their land even in 1922.
    i only refute their claims because new readers may come along; so, for their benefit i respond. tnx

  19. sophie says:

    @Mary Rizzo

    lil sweet pie: all you is to do is ask me and i is able splain to you all that you deezaire: xample: you wants to know what it mean i post herzl freakin’ eyes on me blog, right? tis simple, babe: it mean that those eyes represent Jewry’s lust for other people’s property, those are lusting, desiring, scheming, thieving eyes. in fuchure, you needs answers, just aks, ok babe? love ya!

  20. bozh says:

    the word “Zionism” is understood better if it is relabeled as land stealing. the latter is an undefined and undefinable label; in short, it is clear; requiring no further clarification, [re]labeling, or defining.
    it is like saying, It is raining; you look out, see rain fall; all arguments stop forever.

    on the other hand, defining any ism, including zionism, never ends nor arguments about it.
    people who know this will try to entrap you into enternal discord.
    all cults, commonly called religion, use such an entrapment.
    in addition, cultists dwell exclusively on the sweet part of any writ; whether it be torah the whorah, bible the babble, koron the moron, mein kampf the tramp, constitutions the prostitutions, etc.
    and it may be that the worst treatment may be the sweet and sour treatment. beware, tx

  21. sophie says:


    As far as Khalid Amayreh’s comments to the settler Jew about ‘anti-Semitism’, all that I can say is that I do not appreciate people like Khalid Amayreh who would say one thing to me and another to another. So I will make it short and sweet and say that this concludes of any connection with Amayreh. It just ended! But I do wish him well.

    NOTE: My struggle is not focused on Palestine. Palestine happens to be the epicenter of where the cancer is that is eating away at the entire Arab fabric. All Arab peoples-coast to coast- are victims of European scheming to dump their European Jews upon the Arabs. The Arabs are innocent victims and there is nothing on the planet that would remove that repugnant stinking Jewish tumor stuck in the heart of the Arab world except for ARAB UNITY!

  22. Gilad says:


    I find it hard to believe that we cannot discuss simple issues such as Nazim Vs Zionism in an open manner. I believe that there are very good arguments to refrain from the above comparison but there are very many other good arguments to do it on a daily basis. As much as i refrain from doing it, i am very happy that Khalid is doing and I refer to him when ever i can.

    However one thing is unacceptable. We do not need any form of abuse on this site. certainly not from people who are fighting for the same cause. We have Zionists to provide the good and they do…

    Sophie the language that you use here makes it impossible to deal with you or with anything you say. You should never fight Khalid or Mary, you can just debate them, me or anyone else. .

    We do not have to agree on anything, but unlike our ‘nazilike’ Zionist foes, we better know how to cross the divide.

  23. Mary Rizzo says:

    @realistic bird

    that was EVERYTHING in a nutshell! You got it!

    (and forgot to thank you as well for the other suggestions on the desert recipe! I am making it on Saturday, didn’t get the orange blossom stuff, but will use cherry extract instead.. it will still be good, i think)

  24. sophie says:

    THANKS GILAD: how about allowing me one last post, will you? Here it is:

    (the editors of PTT have decided to edit out the vicious attack of our friend and fellow internet activist for Palestine. For anyone reading this now, you will have missed quite a bizarre display of insinuations and pure insult. No one asked us to do this).



    I laughed when this desertpiece was bragging how much higher his traffic ranking were compared to mine. I laugh again! My ratings come directly from my own efforts; which in fact have been no efforts in advertising -none whatsoever in recent months- due to lack of time. A friend introduced me to a site-ranking site called ‘alexa’ a few months ago. My global ranking was 17 million then, and when I checked recently my 3-month average it was at 3.6 million, which simply means that my site had galloped ahead of 14 million other sites in rankings. What did I do to increase my ranking? Nothing! But watch out! I will be doing what needs to be done to increase my traffic and then time will tell. So now back to desertpiece whose traffic rankings are totally dependent courtesy of another Jew of Wrh got there first and he does get good rankings; desertpiece is always featured on every day! Hence, his rankings are totally courtesy of I must laugh when he dares to compare his rankings that are totally courtesy of to mine, which are totally dependent on my own efforts. How is that comparing a totally independent person like me to that whose rankings are courtesy of a fellow-Jew? Website rankings are in fact very important to me, I think about them a lot! since my goal is educating the public and I am obsessed about it, I intend to gallop ahead of within this year! Mark my word! Words are cheap, I must prove it in action.

    The one and only answer that I seek of desertpiece is: Who gave him permission to set foot on Arab soil? He will never answer that, because he is a settler, a leech, and an occupier!

    The two links below are important. One deals how it came about that I discovered there was this Ashkenazi blogger on Arab soil and the second is about the ‘save darfur’ scam that ‘desertpeace’ is now peddling on behalf of world Jewry.

    Note: I reject any and all Ashkenazi Jews from setting foot on Arab soil; since they arrived there and continue to arrive there with a White Supremacist attitude towards the people of color of the land!

    Note: I would welcome it for you to block me access to this website. Just do it!


  25. Mary Rizzo says:


    TENTH time to say goodbye. JUST GET OUT THEN! Any reputation you may have had is kaputt.
    We don’t need or want your accusations and presumptuous shit here. You are just a sick and destructive and totally self-absorbed idiotic net stalker

    Anyone reading this can just see that it’s personal attacks, aspersions and vile insinuations. Steve is bad, I am bad, Khalid is bad, Galloway is bad… hey, i think it’s good to be on your bad side, you might want to reflect on that. I’ve never seen you write any papers on the issues that trouble you…or sign any petition to delist the Hamas.. OH right…. you can’t do that with a fake name or anonymously can you? How is that for your credibility and believing anything you say, whatever it is. You have Theodor on your site? might just be a sign for your zio buddies to know it’s all in jest.. you are really one of their girls or boys.

    That other sites find it worthy to pick up Steve, that he is one of the most loved and respected bloggers about Palestine, and MAINLY that he fails in your eyes are reason to celebrate.

    Look, Zionist lady, we are tired of you. Gilad asked you to remove him from your site, because he doesn’t want to be associated with your bullshit. I am sure we will just find more attacks from you. Gilad EXPLICITLY said no abuse and you come out with insinuating and hateful abusive posts.

    Now, good bye. Next piece of crap you post will be deleted if H, G or me are around when you are doing your ranting.

  26. asiswhen says:

    nice thread lol.. I agree with Gilad, we’re fighting for the same cause and looking at it from many different angles internationally. to me, that’s where the discussion is, and figuring out how to move forward. de-zionizing minds is like target practice, but can be a waste of time. people will come around better on their own when they wake up to injustice and the true emancipatory struggle.

  27. @Mary Rizzo

    Thanks Mary

    (You’re welcome, maybe it will taste better :D )

    take care

  28. Mary Rizzo says:


    amazing exhibition, isn’t it?

    But then again, I am not always sure people are fighting for the cause they claim they are. In fact, just the today was talking with a friend about a group maybe you have never heard about, the Spartacus Youth League. When I was in University, my flatmates were in the ISO (a leftist party) and of course, our place was a meeting place for all the political leftists (sometimes from around the country) and we had the habit of getting copies of all the various lefty papers, talking with the people who wanted to join or were in other groups. These SYL were just beyond the beyond. You think you are radical, these ones believe that the revolution is going to happen tomorrow and anyone who doesn’t agree is a class enemy and has to be crushed, that kind of thing. Always so far out there they were unreal. That they were plants was clear to many, but not to all. In fact, later on when stuff came out that they were the place the FBI used for infiltration to smoke out leftists in the universities, to find all the various left people, their information, etc… very few were surprised. Sophie reminded my friend and me of that stuff. Now, her WRH complaints sounds like it came straight off a white power ranter, doesn’t it? So now he’s in her spiderweb too? Why am I not surprised? But she’s got her “I ain’t no white” banter.. “a woman of colour” she claims, which is her body shield. Anyone can believe it if they want. Just doesn’t convince that much given the banter she actually uses.

    where is her discourse of Arab Unity? Besides a slogan, I never heard any argumentation of the sort at least in the sorry excuse for discourse that is the contact I’ve had to have with her. I am not for the Save Darfur campaign, so I am not going to enter into this, I’ve written posts about it (in my real name) as well as translated a lot of stuff about Sudan, so I probably am well informed enough to make an opinion, but this isn’t a thread about Darfur, so I won’t get dragged there.

    The point is, when someone gets this insulting, personal, OT, aggressive and just plain over the top, they are the Spartacus Youth League of activism in my book, either people who have got a very banal and simplistic idea of what the struggle is and how to do it,, antagonistic to anyone they consider the enemy (other people who want a radical change, what used to be called leftists) or infiltrates. Either one will do, and with this person, I don’t know which is which. Either she or he is totally politically and tactically screwed up or this person is using this stance as a cover to gain entrance into good graces of those they think they can expose when the moment comes. The tactics are always the same, “denouncement” the Tazibao of the modern day, the internet forum, and the stalking behaviour and the irate outbursts are just one part of it.

    Khalid’s paper is important, he makes outstanding points from top to bottom.

  29. Asiswhen says:

    @Mary Rizzo – wow, thx for the background on those whackos. when people start talking nonsense like her, i just scroll down.. actually, that’s a good point re: the PR for the One State movement. any infiltrator feigning the rhetoric will only be advancing it.

  30. Khalid.. Salam… don’t you think it is time for Abbas-Fayyad to hand over the keys of managing the Jewish Occupation back to Netnyahu-Lieberman? Don’t you think that the Palestinian Authority is nothing more than a management company for the Jewish Occupation, relieving Israeli of all of its legal and financial responsibilities for the people under Occupation? The Palestinian Authority without any power to stop settlements, or remove one single dirt security check or power over an Israeli private, or power to prevent the demolition of a single house is so powerless giving the world the wrong impression that it is negotiating peace and providing direct service to Israel and the Jewish Occupation. I think it is time for all of us to demand the total disbanding of the Palestinian Authority as the civil manager for the Occupation, and the disbanding of the PLO as representative of the Palestinian people. Hamas and Fatah do not represent the more than 6 millions Palestinians in the Diaspora. Time to think out of the box and to put the one state solution as the only thing on the table. I also think we need to take our anti-Zionist message to America since the American Jewish Zionists are the true source of evil and they are the one who are standing in the way of a peaceful solution. I think we as a community have some very serious issues that we need to work out first. Your thoughts.

  31. fatima says:

    sami Jamil Jaddallah

    I have always wondered about the One state solution and to be honest i never supported it , for the simple reason that israeli officialswill always be horrible and oppressors to the palestinians , so when they will be in one country , the discrimination will continue and get worse, the palestinians will have no other rights except become manual labourers and they will lack services , and their situation will be worse than the Ethiopian community s situation . i simply do not trust Israel to treat the palestinians better than how it treats them Now . My dream is to see the palestinians Free , free to have their own country and own government , laws and all the settlers OUT of the westbank , and then Israel can build the TALLEST thoughest wall on Israeli soil , I will support that very much . Utopia ?may be but i hope it wil happen one day . After all Algeria was a French republic for Decades . i have a stamp that said so .

  32. amos zukerman says:

    For a while now I feel that for Palestine sake it will be better if we drop the shoah connection. Zionism and zionist can be condemned for all eternity on the merits of their acts alone.
    There was never a point in time when Zionism was benign as far as the palestinians were concerned. When Hitler was a confused and shell shocked corporal, the zionists were already in the proses of taking Palestine away from its rightful owners.
    Zionism, anti semitism, nazism, WW1,WW2, the holocaust, these are all European issues. The rape of Palestine should be seen as part of the atrocious legacy of European colonialist past. The jewish / zionist story require a lengthy deconstruction process before a meaningful discussion is possible. Palestinians cannot wait, languishing under the heavy boot of zionist tyranny, for jews to figure out who they really are, where religion stops and race begins, what is mythology and what are historical realities, and that just for starters.
    A fair minded study of history must conclude that zionism would have been assigned to the wast bin of history if it wasn’t for the “HOLOCAUST”. The zionist offered the “powers” a perfect way out of a nagging problem, at zero cost!!. “Give them Palestine”. World Jewry, stunned by the recently revealed horrors, bereft with survivors guilt for not doing enough to save their kin, have turned into a zionist instrument, until that point in history, zionism was marginal, at best, outside east Europe. Once the zionists succeeded in convincing the “powers” that Israel is the solution to the “jewish problem,” the palestinian fate was sealed. Never mind the glaring injustice of the U.N partition decision, by rejecting it, as they surly had to,{ just examine the relevant numbers}, they were now fighting the poor survivors of the European ghettos. The zionists played the shoah card brilliantly, it must be said. When it comes to internal jewish debate, the zionist narrative was aggressively enforced. All the while the state of Israel is getting away with murder, and the Palestinian issue is getting obscured. After the 67 war a new phenomena, American made jewish nazis. Today a supporter of rabbi kahana is Israel’s foreign minister.
    As a palestinian of jewish / European origin, who knows the day to day reality first hand I understand the need to refer to the holocaust, no other example of dehumanizing, demonizing, and consequently “eradicating” the “other” is readily available. When I watch the news, that what I muter, “F****g nazis”. It helps my blood pressure. Dose it bring forward the fall of zionism by one day?
    After GAZA 2009 we can forget all that. No need for comparing the zionist to anything. They have set new low of bestiality all of their own, and I fear we have seen nothing yet.
    The zionist evil should be shown for what it is. It is not nazism, it is not apartheid, yet it bears all the hallmarks of a fascist racist regime. So how do we describe zionism? Who cares? There’s no time for academic debate, people are being robbed of their lives right now! Crimes are being committed — the perpetrators should be prosecuted, international law is violated — it should be enforced, and long term? Well, what is the problem, we have a precedent, one person, one vote. If it’s so simple, why is it not happening???

  33. asiswhen says:

    Fatima, I don’t think all Israelis are beyond hope. They appear to be poisoned by zionism, but need the Palestinian antidote. This topic was discussed in depth at the One State conference in Boston, and those videos should be online in a week or two, along with the papers of each speaker. The thing that kept coming up was: how could a two-state solution provide equality for Palestinians inside zionist israel? ..or for justice to Palestinian refugees. Omar Barghouti pointed out that Palestinians are the majority, and should set the agenda. Like Sami said, with Fatah and the PA splitting everyone and validating zionism, it’s not effective. Also, re: the PLO and contradictions in international law vs. the One State: the PLO endorsed the One State in 1969.. and I think they still hold a seat at the UN. It was offered that the the PLO could be reclaimed via civil society…

  34. atheo says:

    amos zukerman makes a good point that I will try to expand on. The focus on Nazi crimes and “The Holocaust” is a clever Zionist ploy to elevate Nazism’s victims above the other victims of history. Indigenous victims are evidently secondary. Obviously once one accepts this frame, Palestinian suffering will never equate. Khalid may want to give this some consideration.

    Recently I have begun using the Algeria comparison as a frame through which to view Palestine (will the settlers miss the historic opportunity of a one state solution and wind up exiles?). This frame puts Israelis in the proper light, European settlers rather than perpetual victims.

  35. David says:

    Good commentary. Take heart. Day by day, it is becoming more obvious that the zionist enterprise in Palestine is in its death throes. It could only be thus. While its Jewish citizens emigrate en masse and immigration is virtually non-existent, Israel is now a pariah state despised everywhere, including, at an increasing rate, the U.S., its only “friend” and benefactor. The handwriting is on the wall. To quote Toynbee: “Israel is an historical anachronism.” Inevitably, as De Gaulle predicted following its June, 1967 invasion and occupation of the last 22% of Palestine (as well as Egypt’s Sinai, Syria’s Golan Heights and Lebanon’s Shebaa Farms), “Israel will drown in a sea of Arabs.” Palestinians already outnumber Jews between the Jordan River and the Med. Sea. Israel is America’s number one geopolitical liability – it sucks its money ($10 million each and everyday), creates enemies of people who want to be its friends and serves no purpose whatsoever. In short, a big piece of you know what on America’s shoe that will Inevitably be scraped off.

  36. David says:

    As Israel continues its descent into fascism, an update on the Russian thug, Avigdor Lieberman, its new foreign minister.

    The Electronic Intifada lists “Some of Avigdor Lieberman’s infamous

    # In 1998, Lieberman called for the flooding of Egypt by bombing the Aswan Dam in retaliation for Egyptian support for Yasser Arafat.

    # In 2001, as Minister of National Infrastructure, Lieberman proposed that the West Bank be divided into four cantons, with no central Palestinian government and no possibility for Palestinians to travel between the cantons.

    # In 2002, the Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth quoted Lieberman in a Cabinet
    meeting saying that the Palestinians should be given an ultimatum that “At 8am we’ll bomb all the commercial centers … at noon we’ll bomb their gas stations … at two we’ll bomb their banks …”

    # In 2003, the Israeli daily Haaretz reported that Lieberman called for
    thousands of Palestinian prisoners held by Israel to be drowned in the Dead Sea and offered to provide the buses to take them there.

    # In May 2004, Lieberman proposed a plan that called for the transfer of Israeli territory with Palestinian populations to the Palestinian Authority. Likewise, Israel would annex the major Jewish settlement blocs on the Palestinian West Bank. If applied, his plan would strip roughly one-third of Israel’s Palestinian citizens of their citizenship. A “loyalty test” would be applied to those who desired to remain in Israel. This plan to trade territory with the Palestinian Authority is a revision of Lieberman’s earlier calls for the forcible transfer of Palestinian citizens of Israel from their land. Lieberman stated in April
    2002 that there was “nothing undemocratic about transfer.”

    # Also in May 2004, he said that 90 percent of Israel’s 1.2 million Palestinian citizens would “have to find a new Arab entity” in which to live beyond Israel’s borders. “They have no place here. They can take their bundles and get lost,” he said.

    # In May 2006, Lieberman called for the killing of Arab members of Knesset who meet with members of the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority.’


  37. ginosz says:


    you are a pretender. playing around with words. you are not mature but forgotten. you are drying up of ideas. that is why you responded twice. just like netanyahu got elected twice. desperate. desperate like the state of israel. ohh…No 10 ticked you real well.

  38. bozh says:

    one state is best option, the one that existed for possibly 7-10T yrs. but without ashk’m voelken. they wld probably leave anyhow as most of them have a second passport.

    it can be assumed that one day US and europe will lose interest for israel. it is quite probabble that US will establish permament bases in afpak and iraq which wld make israel superfluous. with no more arms or money coming in, euros wld leave israel. or we hope so! tnx

  39. bozh says:

    @amos zukerman
    it wld better to call ‘zionism’ a specific land robbery. left on their own, the euro-asians with the judaic cult wld have not obtained palestine.

    and ?all christians may have known that by assiting these cultists in crimes, a people wld be robbed of their land; just ?all christians knew they were robbing redpeople of their land and obtaining last inch of it.

    thus, the land robbers, commonly known as zionists have not fooled anyone in the leadership of christian churches or lands/empires.
    it may yet turn out that christians have fooled ‘zionists’.
    to iterate, ‘jews’, most of who have no connection to zion or shemitic-canaanitic peoples, cld not have achieved anything.

    and facts on the ground proves it. they still do not have a country! and why? i say because US and europe do not allow it and not because 97% of all of the ‘jews’ don’t want it and have means to do it!
    expect the fourth shoah or one state solution.

  40. Fatima, freedom, liberation needs imagination, hope and vision. Yes, no one ever thought that South Africa will ever shed its “Apartheid” but it did and now we have a state where Blacks and White do live, at least as far as the laws are concerned, as equal. I think Jews and Palestinians do need to have imagination, hope and vision and the right to dream and work for a one state solution, where Jews and Arabs can live as equals in a state that is home to both people. I think Israelis are afflicted with a disease or a virus called “Zionism”, and I think we and the world can help them get a cure for this cancer. As for the leadership, the Palestinians leaders are far more corrupt and incompetent than Israeli leaders. The late Rabin was forced to resign because his wife left open a bank account in Washington with a balance of $ 1,800. Olmert was forced to resign because he was taking envelops stuffed with dollars. There are literally tens of thousands of Palestinians officials who stole tens of billions of the people money and none ever faced trial or were forced to resign. Perhaps someone likes to explain to me how key Palestinians leaders became mutli- millionaires, of course while leading and succeeding in our liberation. Yes, why not a Jew as the first president of the new Palestinian state.. Nothing wrong with that.

  41. @Michael
    It’s pathetic to see the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem being dragged in once again by his straggling grey hairs. If we’re going to cite his attempts to curry favour with the Germans, then we must also remember Yitzhak Shamir, the terrorist who later became Israeli Prime Minister, who went to Berlin to chat up the Nazis and offer the services of Zionist terror gangs in the war against Britain. Then, no doubt, someone else on the other side can be cited. None of this gets us anywhere: the fact is that Zionists occupied and ethnically cleansed Palestinian territories and for 60 years have been slowly but surely – and with the collusion of the West – been building up a quasi-fascist racial state. The rapist and the rapist’s victim also have two narratives, but the rapist is the criminal.

  42. […] her own name on the site. You can see the type of hatred she spouts out in the comment section at THIS link. In the section ‘About’, you can see what a confused individual she is. The email […]

  43. […] her own name on the site. You can see the type of hatred she spouts out in the comment section at THIS link. In the section ‘About’, you can see what a confused individual she is. The email that was […]

  44. […] her own name on the site. You can see the type of hatred she spouts out in the comment section at THIS link. In the section ‘About’, you can see what a confused individual she is. The email that was […]